Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Roller Coaster

Today was my favouritist (pretend it's a word) weather of all...a beautiful, windy, sunny, fall day. I wish the weather was like this every day of the year!

I was doing so well last week that I thought I was all better. Nope. There are still bad days. I don't know if there's anything I can do to control it, I think it just happens. I just need to make sure I stay with my regular does of medicine, regardless of how I feel.
(We took pictures at the fall carnival at our church this year...they didn't turn out the best but oh well, it was fun to do. It was a western theme, hence, the plaid.).

I think I fluctuate from about 65%-85% health. I honestly forget what it's like to be 100% but I really hope and pray that I will be back there one day. I used to be sad that I couldn't run anymore and I don't really think about it now because it seems like an impossible feat. I can't imagine myself being at 100% ever again. Oh well, enough of the `woe is me' attitude:) If you saw me, you would think I was normal, but, pretending to be normal takes it's toll on me. I'm a bit of a disaster inside. Appreciate your thryoid, people!

Koen is getting his first tooth and he's having a rough go of it. Fever, irritability, chewing on his hand etc. It's still about a week away from popping up but it's coming! Poor little guy. It seems to get worse from 4pm onwards. He is a walking machine. He generally walks instead of crawling now. Often he will walk along the wall but he can take 10+ steps on his own! It's so strange to see my baby walking. I guess that means he's a toddler now?!

Kai is really growing up these days. He's growing out of his size 3 clothes and is a lot more rational. He is having fewer meltdowns and he always seems to be throwing out lines to me about knowing the rules and showing good behaviour etc. He says he wants to be a daddy when he's older, but, he doesn't want any kids. He wants to be a daddy because daddy's fix things:)

Looking back, this is such a boring post but too bad, it's all I've got:) Bon nuit.


  1. cute family picture :)

    sorry to hear koen's having a hard time teething...familiar struggle here too.

    hope your health starts staying closer to the 85% range, but that you don't feel discouraged on the harder days!

  2. Continuing to pray for you Louise. I definitely relate to the health challenges from my struggle with Crohn's over the years. I pray that when you look back you'll be able to see all the good things the Lord has done in you through it all- I'm amazed at how it's changed me in good ways! I was remembering your poll here about vacinnating kids for H1N1. I can't speak to that specifically, but thought I'd pass on what Dr friends of ours in BC said. One works in an ER, the other in a family practice. Though neither of them have seen severe cases yet, they both said that people with even mild cases, are REALLY sick. They said swine flu begins where the worst regular flu you can imagine ends. They also said it's more contagious than the regular flu and usually takes longer to get over. Neither of these guys are prone to exagerration so it was enough to convince me!

  3. That's a fun family picture! I can't imagine how hard it has been for you to be so sick and still taking care of 2 little ones. I pray you are better soon.
    Yay for Koen's mobility! What a boy!
    Kai makes me smile.

  4. that's a great family picture!! sorry you're still not feeling 100% :(