Monday, October 19, 2009


That's how Kai introduces everything and it's so cute! Okay, I'm just gonna update on our family:

-his behaviour has really improved recently, the only thing that has gotten worse is that he will cry when I leave now. So strange.
-Kai was on the couch last night and he clenched up fists and shook them. I asked him what he was doing and he said, `My hands are shaking, I'm sick like you mommy!'.
-He likes to tell me what to say. The other day he said, `Mommy, say `you're so smart Kai!''. So I did and he said, `Really? I am? Thank you!'.
-Kai is getting to be a bit pickier with his eating. He doesn't like cheese or whipping cream.
-Kai and Koen are getting along much better, I'm LOVING it.
-Kai loves having Curious George read to him, especially `Curious George and the Dump Truck'.
-He is currently playing outside with the sand and water table...I said `Don't get dirty!'. Ya, right.

-I am so in love with this guy!
-He sleeps from 7pm-8am every night. He was pretty sick this week so he did get up at 11pm sometimes with a coughing fit and I fed him to settle him down. Poor little guy. He even vomited up mucus and it was a lot. Gross.
-He is absolutely comatose around other people. He doesn't move, doesn't make a sound. As soon as it's just us in the house `dada aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh mama buh buh mama'. And crawling, climbing, walking, wrestling away he goes. Silly guy. This guys does not perform for others, that's for sure!

(Walking at Mundy Park with friends. Yes, I wore rubber boots:)

(Just editing pictures from our shoot in Langley, aren't these guys cute and apparently much taller than I?!)

(Up at Grouse Mountain for a wedding last month)
-was on a hike in Manning Park for 4 days last week. Yes, I did it on my own! Go me!
-he was supposed to be sending me `ok' messages from his GPS and he thought he sent about 12 but I received none. I wasn't concerned. I assumed he had no reception or he didn't know how to work it and um, I was right:)
-he is a busy guy with work, photos, and life.
-he is now carpooling as our van is still in the shop:)
-he can get the best Koen giggles ever.

LOUISE (Yup, my turn!)

-went to the endocrinologist today and they were with me for 1.5 hours! First, the resident did a full physical exam which was very cool. Various tests for my muscle strength, reflexes, palpitations, etc I enjoyed talking with them (both resident and endocrinologist were females) and they made me feel so comfortable.
-my heart rate, which as been lower the past 3 days (by low, I mean about 88bpm), decided to go down to 60?! I was like `Please believe me, it hasn't been this low in 6 weeks!'. She believed me. At least I have other symptoms that she could look at (trembling hands, sweaty, weight loss, hair falling out, easy bruising).
-So, likely I have Post Partum Thryoiditis. It is possible that I have Graves (life long hyperthyroidism) but they are not testing because I would need to stop breastfeeding. I would've stopped if necessary but the dr said there was no need to do the test because the treatment is the same and she said it was better for me to continue breastfeeding. Nice lady.
-so, when will I be better?? Well, I have been steadily getting better. Likely, if PPT, by 3 months (January), I will be better. It will take one complete year to be `normal'. If I have another child, which I really would like, there is a 50% chance this will happen again. I guess the positive side of it happening again is that I will get it treated immediately AND I would lose that baby weight:)
-walking is all I should be doing now and I am okay being patient with that now.
-finally, one major concern (for me) with the thyroid, is depression. I have been super conscious of my mental state and have done okay so far. The doctor was like, `Some people even cry during commercials!'. Uh, I do that anyways:)

Okay, better play with my Kai bear.


  1. I am a commercial crier as well. Thank you for posting picture again! I love them (even when I don't comment).
    Even though the circumstances suck, it must be interesting to learn so much about your body. It is wonderful that they took so much time to do a thorough assessment (and that they were both women!). Glad to hear that things are starting to improve a bit. I'll be praying that you remain depression-free.
    And finally, I can't wait to see the pictures you took of Kim and Tyler!

  2. 1) That photo of Gary is epic.
    2) Kai doesn't like either cheese or whipped cream?!? Poor guy (good for his heart I guess) is straying from the good life.
    3) Lovely smile Louise
    4) Have I been hanging around the Dekens so long that I can no longer put together a complete paragraph but insteads post bullet points?

  3. that last picture of you is gorgeous!!

  4. THAT is a gorgeous photo of you :)

  5. 1. Tyler, lovin' the bullet points.
    2. Weezer - nice last photo - did a certain sister take it? ;)
    3. Cute kids!

  6. thanks for the update!! I'm so glad your visit was positive (my other friend with PPT had an endocrinologist, who she waited 3 months to see, tell her (incorrectly) that she 'just' had an anxiety disorder and was WASTING HIS TIME....aren't people awesome?), and thorough, and that they were nice. And supportive! Awesome!!

    Nice pics.


  7. as ever, great photos. that pic of you ROCKS!!! you look great :)

  8. Great pics Louise (yes, I am one of those frequent reader-no comments, I really do think your kids are super cute!!!). It's great to hear that things are starting to get better for you health-wise. Hang in there!!

  9. Ashley4:50 PM

    Louise - you look so beautiful in your last picture. And I also cry at commercials frequently!