Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm back!

I feel so good. I'd say I'm at 85% of normal Louise. I have baking in the oven, I started a load of laundry (the first laundry that I have done in 6 weeks, Gary has been doing it), and I have plans to make a wonderful salmon dinner (I think I made maybe 2 dinners from scratch in the past month). I am so, so, so, so thankful. I can carry full laundry baskets from upstairs down the basement while breathing normally!! Woohoo!! Last night, while praying with Kai, we finally prayed, `Thank you that mommy is feeling better' and Kai was so pumped. He was like `You're better? You're not sick anymore?'. The doctor warned me that there would be good and bad days but I'm not on my beta blockers anymore (as of last night)!!! I'm still on the other one which has a side effect of the metallic taste in my mouth, but yes, I'm feeling great.

(Kai putting his favourite's out of Koen's reach)
I feel very bad for my body. It has been so stressed for so long and it feels week and fragile. I need to make sure I take it easy but more than ever, I want to fuel my body with healthy foods. Last night I made a creamy spinach soup full of pureed veggies. Sure, I'll still eat my homemade cookies but I really want to make sure I'm eating tons of fruits and veggies. I'm also going to start eating less meat, other than salmon. So yes, I'm working on rebuilding my body back to 100% health and I just hope my thyroid continues to cooperate!

(Koen's pretend whiny face....pick me up! pick me up!)
I've realized that everyone thinks Koen is so young because he is so bald! Kai was too, at least they are boys, I think that's easier! Koen is maybe starting to work on his first teeth, but they won't be making an appearance anytime soon. I'm thankful. I've never actually breastfed a baby with teeth and I know tons of people do it but I'll admit that it freaks me out:)

(Koen's favourite thing to do; stand and clap. He claps all day long as if he's really proud of himself).
I'm really evaluating my priorities in life right now. I'm trying to decide how to have the most balanced life with minimal amounts of stress and anxiety. I think I'm getting worked up about returning to work in just 1.5 months. I feel that it's a lot harder getting 2 kids out of the house by 7:30am for daycare, especially since Koen normally sleeps til almost 8am.

After preschool, Kai is so tired and just wants to sleep but I don't want him to nap because then he won't sleep at night. It's so strange to hear him crying `But I just want to go to bed!'.

(Koen is going to develop some serious stability. Kai always `accidentally' walks by and tried to knock him over)
I really wanted to make it to the pumpkin patch to get our yearly pictures there but it's raining. Like crazy. I'm not sure that it will stop before the 31st. We may have to venture out there with umbrella's and rainboots:(

Koen feeding himself a bottle. I was on my way out so I saw him taking the bottle which I never get to see because the only reason he gets one is if I'm not there! I've got tons of milk in the freezer which I may give him when I go back to work. Haven't tried formula since the puking incident months ago.
I'm currently in the basement with Kai. I don't know why I didn't think of bringing the laptop down here before! Kai loves to just have me around while he plays, this worked perfectly:)
At lastly, Shaw sucks. Seriously. They shut off our modem yesterday because we owed them money. What? We owed them money? Thanks for the letting me know! We got the notice that we owed them money AFTER they did it. So mad. Why did we owe them money? We pay on our mastercard and Gary renewed his mastercard with a new expiry date so they stopped accepting it WITHOUT LETTING US KNOW.
Oh yes, one more thing, we should get our new and improved van back tonight!!! Woohoo!! Let's see what $5,000 added to van can do! It better last us another 10 years:)
*Note: van will be back tomorrow night...apparently we needed a new water pump too? Basically a whole new van it seems.*


  1. Yippee! I'm so glad for you!

    And... great photos!

  2. Sorry about Shaw... we've had some hair pulling moments with them, too (I still think its better than Telus though). And sorry about the emerging teeth. Piper got two bottom teeth at 4.5 months (not cool) and I've only been bitten once. And it wasn't so bad. On the bottom, her tongue is always out anyways:) Good luck.

  3. I love that last picture of Gary and Koen. So sweet!

    And since Johnny works for Telus, I will always recommend them over Shaw.

  4. I also recommend Telus over shaw :o) Izzy got her first teeth around 4 months and had I think 12 by the time she finally let me quit feeding her at 11 months.

  5. Is it possible to look at Koen's "pick me up" face and not just hold him all day? Adorable! :)

  6. Lou, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I hope it keeps up. I'll email you two soup recipes we loved (veggie, although we added ham to the one). So good to see you this past weekend.

  7. Awesome news, Louise!! PTL And I think that you have adorable children!!!

  8. SOOO glad you're feeling better and that you had such a good experience with the endocrinologists. Awesome pics, as usual. Love the updates.

  9. SOOO glad you're feeling better!
    based on my experiences, I would stick with Shaw over Telus...but i guess it's really about choosing the lesser of two evils :) (though we have had great experiences with shaw!).
    i hear you about not wanting Kai to nap after preschool. we don't have that situation here (Taeya has quiet time, but 99% of the time doesn't sleep), but if we put her in preschool next year, we may be dealing with that too. either they whine for it in the afternoon and sleep great at night, or you get some peace in the afternoon and a VERY chatty kiddo into the late night hours :)