Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween everyone...love, our cute little teddy bear (who'd rather eat his costume than any candy out there)!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Chapman Family Photos

Today we headed to Gardner Park in Abbotsford to get some family photos with all the Chapmans.

Just our family

Gramma and Grampa and all the grandkids.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Little Thumb Sucker

Kai likes sucking on his whole fist or any finger that may be available. I have yet to get a nice picture of me and Kai...*cough cough*(does Gary get that hint?). He's always super adorable when I'm holding him and I tried the other day to get a picture in the mirror but that was a disaster...one day...


Okay, so I have a problem! When I was pregnant, I barely ate any chocolate or sweets. Now, I crave it like crazy and I'm not sure why. My hypothesis is that it's because I'm expending a lot of energy feeding the little guy, my blood sugar must get low and I just need a quick `pick me up'. Whatever the reason, it's really bothering me. Today I said that I would try to stop eating chocolate. Why? Well, it's a pretty bad habit, those last 7 pounds are not coming off, and, I'm supposed to be off all dairy and caffiene so that our little guy is less irritable.
So how did it go? At 7:52 am, I had my first craving and I resisted...until 10:05 when I had half of a nanaimo bar. Failure. Then, at 11am, I had the other half of the nanaimo bar. I then felt chilly and realized what would be better in front of the fire place than a hot chocolate? I had one telling myself it wasn't really chocolate. What's better than a hot chocolate on a blustery day?
I come from a family that has a great love for chocolate, and good chocolate too. I worked at Purdy's choc. for 4 years so I can appreciate the good stuff. My chocolate of choice would be a milk chocolate with hazelnuts in it. My mom loved burnt almond dark chocolate bars. My dad...anything...but pref. a snickers or mars. I remember that he once bought 100 5th Avenue chocolate bars because it was 4 for $1. Were they even good? My dad usually has a stash of mocha melties from Purdy's and if we ever have a huge craving, we know where to go.
Don't get me wrong, we are a pretty healthy family with everyone walking/running 5km's and up every day.
I try moderation. Gary loves chocolate too so I'm not gonna let him eat it while I just watch. He likes Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Oh well....
On a totally separate note: our little guy is doing sooooo well!!! I'll post a picture when he wakes up:)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Colours

I'm loving all the beautiful leaves that have changed to the vibrant colours of fall...Gary caught some cute pictures of Kai in these leaves.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Trip to the Island

Early Wed. morning, me, Kai, Maria, Jackie and Annika headed out to Port Alberni to visit with Oma Pater and Uncle Al for a few hours. Here's Annika enjoying her reflection on the ferry. Jackie was a great help with the kids...thanks Jack.

Here's oma holding Kai who was wiggling around quite a bit. He did manage to give oma some smiles but of course I didn't catch them on the camera. I guess it's great-oma and not just oma for him! Kai is totally giving the look like `mom, you take too many pictures of me!'

Maria also got some smiles out of Kai.

Jackie showed him what the arcade is all about. Like father, like son. I was in the backseat the entire trip wedged between two carseats....the two little monkeys behaved rather well which was wonderful. Guess I could handle another one:)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The King of Queens

Gary and I love watching this show together. I don't know if its so funny because we're married or what. I find that Gary can really be a Doug sometimes OR we have ridiculous arguments like they may have. Also, maybe my dad isn't too far off from Arthur Spooner (that's a compliment dad..you are unique!!!).
On another note; our football team won today which was good. I was slightly ridiculous as a receiver by only catching half of the passes made to me...oh well, keep me humble or something:) Gary just made yummy burgers for dinner and now its time for dessert. I made a pecan pie, hopefully it turned out okay! Ever since Kai was born, all I crave are sweets...I could eat dessert for every meal. Don't worry, I have some self control..some...
By the way, to those of you that are saying `hahaha' about Gary's photo as a kid, you're jealous cuz he's so cute there and I bet your kid pictures are not! Maybe I'll post one of me as a kid...let's see..
Here's one of me and my sister Maria. I have my mushroom cut so I think I'm 5 years old. My mom always made a yummy sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream every Sunday after church. I miss that yummy cake and I miss my mom. I'm the one with the spoon in my mouth.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blast from the Past

Here's Gary's family when he was growing up. Gary is the littlest guy with the red hair and cute smile up in the front:)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dekens Thanksgiving and some Bball

So today we had the Dekens dinner. Gary made an awesome turkey (what a great husband he is). He also made stuffing which contained some hidden sausage which somehow ended up on the vegetarian's plate (uh oh). After dinner, we went to the park and played some basketball. I decided I don't like playing man to man when Gary's got me; I never got the ball. It was fun because my dad played for the first time since elementary school PE probably... he can now do a left handed lay up:)

Dress Up Time at Chapman Thanksgiving

It's always entertaining at Grandma Chapmans house because there are tons of things to get dressed up in! Crazy hat picture with all the kids.

Theo aka 70's Spiderman!

Jayden and Kieryn showing off the new dress up clothes that Gary picked out at the last Swap Meet we went to.

The `hat'

Okay, try to find this funny. Whenever I'm sitting on the couch and Gary is in the kitchen cooking (yes, my husband does the majority of cooking), he sometimes positions himself directly behind the island's light and it looks like he's wearing a hat. It always makes me giggle:)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Family Photo

Our little sweetie Kai (say it like `sweetie pie':)) was so good tonight!! He smiled while I danced for him and daddy watched football with him...so we decided to get a family shot while he was being fun.

Kimchi Palace

My four sisters and I all had today off and so had all you can eat sushi and chinese food. Unfortunately, there was no way I could wait til 1pm to eat so I had a mini lunch at 11:30am which kind of put me behind in the amount I could eat. It was so fun to just hang out and have girl talk. Annika entertained us with her new facial expressions and sounds. Go team:)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Two months old!

Yesterday Kai had his shots (if you don't know, they get 4 needles; one in each appendage) and I think I might have shed a tear or two as well. Anyway, he has maintained his 97th percentile and is a healthy 14lbs 9oz and 25 inches long. He is also getting to be so much more fun as I think he spends more time smiling than crying now. Okay, maybe not more time smiling but def. equal amounts! Woohoo!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Back in the Swing

Here's Kai smiling in the swing and also just staring at the teddy bears that are above it. It's fun that he can focus on stuff now AND def. a joy that he smiles a whole lot more!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Run For the Cure

Me and my four sisters (L-R): Jackie, me, Jan, Maria, Nutty (trisha). Of our group, Trisha ended up coming first with Liam, and, Jackie and Jan quickly followed. Congrats to Jan who has had the greatest improvement on her running this year. Good job to me and Maria for pushing strollers the whole way? It's so fun when you can be active with your whole family.

Every year for the past 5 years, we have done this run. This year was different in that my mom was not physically with us. Last year, she walked the 1km with Maria and Kris. It's still really hard for all of us but we have such a wonderful family which is such a blessing..I love having 4 sisters. Mom was always jealous of us because she just had brothers and always wanted a sister:) Another difference is that we had the addition of 2 kids and several boyfriends and friends. Notice Gary is hugging Tyler for encouragement (Jackie's boyfriend). Kai (who is hidden behind me in the jogging stroller) did so well and slept the whole time. I was able to run the whole thing EXCEPT for 2 hills so not bad. My 5km time was the worst ever but it was under 40 minutes:) Good job team...I'll be cheering you on at the finish line next year!