Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Not sure why, but he thought this flower was pretty funny
Woohoo! You're letting me hold it?!
This flower tastes way grosser than it looks!

The thinker... deep in thought

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day

(By the way, the title is one of Gary's favourite songs)

Kai and Auntie Jackie playing in our front `yard'.

So sunny!

Playing in the backyard. He then proceeded to eat this flower....of course.

Out for a walk. The park nearest our house is being worked on as we speak, they are putting in a playground! Woohoo!

Kai has been kissing his teddy bears for a week now (with the `mmmmm' sound included!) and finally, he kissed me twice today!! Woohoo!

Gary taught him how to `High Five'! I love it!

It's been hard to get smiles out of him today as that top tooth is coming in slowly but surely. Have to say that when comparing homeopathic teething tablets to Tylenol, the Tylenol works best for him.
Also, I know I'm posting lots but it seems like every day he is now doing something new. I'm the kind of person who loves to look back at where I was exactly a year ago, a month ago etc. so I love to document stuff:)
On a side note, last night I played on Gary's softball team because they were short a girl. I was their catcher and I got one person out and when up to bat, I actually got to first. However, when I was on second, I leaned to peak at who was up to bat (because I couldn't see around the pitcher and I wanted to know what was going on) and I got called out for `leading off'! I was so embarrassed! I don't think softball is my game!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Walking...with a little help

I need to get a better picture of his `duck' face but he scrunches it all up because of his top tooth coming in. I know, its fuzzy and not the most attractive look but you know, must document everything:)

So hard to get a picture of just one little tooth:)

Today he walked by himself using this walker toy (thanks Maria). He just goes back and forth in our small computer room until he hits a wall and then I turn him around. The room is only about 8 feet wide so it's a perfect practice space!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Gary!

Today we had a bunch of friends and family over to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. It was nice to hang out and pig out and now, I'm exhausted. This picture doesn't really show how much food there was, but boy, we had a lot of variety. Kai did really well amongst the chaos and was visited by 4 other babies! All the neices and nephews on the Chapman side did a play entitled `Gary's nightmare'. It was cute and had to do with our wedding and Kai (who was played by a stuffed monkey) being born. Thanks to those who came to help us celebrate because as my dad would say, `It's important to celebrate the little things'. Well, I think that's what he says. I also made coffee for my first time ever. It was not successful because it was weak and who knew that when it stayed in the coffee pot, it got cold?! I thought that the burner stayed on and kept it warm! Live and learn. Have a great week!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Last night we had the Relay for Life at L.S.S. (7pm-7am) My sister Maria put together a team of 8 and at least one person from the team had to be on the track at all times. They had a very honouring first lap done by all of the survivors. It was extremely emotional as everyone lined the track and clapped for them. There will little boys, moms, husbands and wives, grandma's etc. Wow. I cried for happiness for them and sadness for me. At 10:30, they lit all the candles lining the track in memory of people who have died and those who have recovered and it was beautiful and honouring.

Our teams name was `Pretty in Pink' and between the 8 of us, we raised about $1800.00. Thank you to all of those that supported us!

We ended up wrapping the boas around our waists, much easier to run. We left feathers all over the place. This picture is me and Maria (my sis) running the first couple laps together. Thanks to Maria VT for coming out and walking with me from 10-11pm!
I have to admit that I did not stay all night as I had to get up at 6am because of my little guy and then I had to sideline a football game and then QB two games!! Long day but guess what?! We won (by more than a few points) against the 2nd and 3rd place teams! I think that they were shocked that we did so well, as were we:) What a fabulous day. There is nothing like throwing the perfect pass or running in a TD. Now, its time to spend some time with the family.
Gary was gone for 3 days (gr. 8 camp) and while he was gone, I had the urge to eat junk food! So strange, but I guess usually we keep eachother accountable. I ate a hotdog and drank pop. I also ate past 8pm (95% of the time we don't). I was wild. Oh ya, I stayed up late too.
Reading `The Time Traveller's Wife' and really enjoying it!
Have a great Saturday night all!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

70lbs of cuteness

I have a cousin from the Dekens side getting married next weekend and so there will be a lot of family out. One cousin came today with his wife and baby girl so it was fun to have the kiddies hang out. These are the 3 great grandkids on the Dekens side. Annika gave Kai a hug, and Nora gave him a kiss. He tried to put his hand in their mouths.

From left to right: Annika at 16 months, Nora at 13 months, Kai at 10 months.
I think they all have Dekens eyes...big and blue.

Family dinners are getting bigger and bigger. Good thing my dad has a huge table!


Yay!!! I just handed in my last two papers so I'm done my 2 month online course through TWU. Now, it's time to start reading for fun again! Just read `The Book Thief', not my favourite but interesting enough. Maybe 6.5/10.
Also, I'm so sad that The Office and LOST (2 of my 3 fav. shows) are all done now for the season. I had to watch LOST without Gary last night which makes it a little less exciting. I got goosebumps when Charlie saw Penny on the screen while Desmond was in the other room, just before Charlie drowned. By the way, couldn't Charlie swim out of that porthole once water filled up that room? He didn't try. Maybe it was too small. I don't think he had to die. Couldn't he have shut the door from the outside before it filled with water? Looking forward to next season!
Its so super sunny today, excited for the walk to Extra foods when Kai wakes up.
Friday I have the Relay For Life in Langley with 3 of my 4 sisters and then double header football games again on Saturday. On Monday, Gary and I celebrate 2 years of marriage.
Have a great Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My favourite place

By `my' I mean Kai's. He loves his high chair with a little bread and cheese in front of him! Sometimes (like in this picture), the food is somewhere in his fist and he has to put his whole hand in his mouth to get it:)
I do have to say that I really enjoy each step in which he becomes a little more independent. I loved it when he started sleeping in his own room, sitting up, and now, feeding himself non slippery items:) I know people say to enjoy each stage, and I do, but I love each stage more than the previous and do not miss the early days one bit! I can't think of one thing that he did/didn't do in the first 2 months that I would want back again...maybe being able to sleep in his stroller? Falling asleep in my arms (after 45 minutes of standing up rocking back and forth)? Please don't think I'm a mean mom, I'm just being honest about what it was like for me.

Gary came back from grocery shopping last night (he likes to go once in a while to get himself some treat items that I would never buy because of the cost...things like a big block of real parmesan cheese) with an outfit for Kai. Gary does not buy clothes by himself ever. I thought it was really sweet. So what if Kai is almost 10 months old and its a size 6-9 months? So what if that colour green is not my favourite:) Gary pointed out that its great because its got cookie monster playing basketball, it was half price, AND its the old Hartford Whalers colours. Well, in that case, its a keeper?! Gary also said that I tend to have him in blue and khaki all the time...could be true:)

Here he is in the outfit that daddy picked out for him!
Finally, I'm getting nervous as summer is approaching because that means it will soon be back to school. I will be going back part time which is the great that it worked out but still, I am really nervous about how it will be to leave him for a full day at a time. I've left him for the entire day on several Saturdays due to football, but then he's always with Gary. I know he will be fine/safe/happy but I just feel like I will miss him and I hope I don't miss any fun developmental stuff. I'll have to try to get him walking before September! I have really loved being at home and enjoyed a slower, more relaxed pace of life. When someone asks what I am doing on a Saturday, I no longer have a list with at least 10 things on it, its more like `We'll see...not sure yet'. So calm. So much slower. I love it! I hope I can maintain that attitude when I return to work and with the hopeful addition of future children (not any time soon!). I love being able to go on walks during the day, bake cookies, watch a tv show, read a book, visit with friends or family...I know that these are the benefits of just having one kid and I hope the relaxing fun will continue if we have a second!

Monday, May 21, 2007

May Day Parade

Went to the parade in Fort Langley today...have to say its a little more fun when you have a kid:) Grumpy pants (Kai, not Gary) was awake before 6am today but we just ignored him for a while...can't believe he has so many more teeth to come in!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wild Weekend

Not sure if you can see the tooth, I'll have to get a better picture but there it is! He's been up pretty late every night. Last night we (all 3 of us) sat on our front steps wrapped in a blanket and watched all the people and cars going by, he loves that. Sometimes a doggy even walks by which of course is the best thing ever!

Here is our patio set. I don't think you'll understand my excitement at getting it but I have been religiously checking flyers for over a year now to find one that is under $150.00, has an umbrella, and looks like it will, here it is! Gary was not as excited because he likes to point out that why would we get a patio set if we don't even have a patio...kind of makes sense. I think he's just mad that we had to move his bbq:) Haven't been able to use the patio set yet because of the rain but in my mind I have! I'm envisioning fun dinners outside on a nice summers eve.

A couple weeks ago, I found a bedroom set at a garage sale. This was perfect for our spare room (Kai's future room). The drawers were a strange blue so we sanded them and painted them navy blue. By we, I mean Gary:) So, here's Kai on his captain bed...

and playing at his new desk.

Okay, so as for the title, it wasn't wild at all. Sorry if you were looking forward to some crazy fun stuff! Friday night I had my residence advisor reunion out at UBC. I was an advisor there for 3 years and it was a whole lotta reminiscing as I was driving in. My 5 years at UBC were fantastic and probably the most fun I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, life is good now, but a different kind of fun with perhaps more depth to it if that makes sense. Wow, the memories though. Living with all of your friends, having food made for you, the sports, parties, fun classes, cute lab partners, and wow, it was great. Besides, UBC campus is beautiful. I would def. recommend to everyone to live on campus to get the full experience.

Saturday, Gary and I were def. wild as we aerated our lawn and planted some flowers. We also went out for dinner to Red Robins and I had a fantastic dinner; Bruschetta Chicken Burger...mmm it had pesto on a ciabatta bun and was oh so yummy. Kai was fantastic as long as we just kept shoving food in his mouth. He was also quite fascinated by his surroundings and all the fun stuff on the table, we def. don't go out for dinner with him very much! We finished off the night eating frozen yogurt and watching `The Prestige' which we both enjoyed.

Sunday, we went to church and then I finished my last paper for the course I'm taking. I'm not going to hand it in yet as I want to take a break and edit it later but it feels so good! Oh ya, we also got screens for 7 windows in our house! I know that seems kind of cheap not to get screens for all the windows, but, if we don't open a certain window all year, why would I get a screen for it?

That's about it! Have a great holiday Monday!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Monkey

Can't see the tooth in this picture but its there on the bottom just poking through. His poor gums are all red and bloody looking. The top one is also coming through.

He loves sticking out his tongue! I think it feels good on his gums.

He loves stretching out until he almost touches the ground and then pulls himself back up as fast as he can.

`Mommy, I'm gonna walk to you!' is what he's thinking but he's got a ways to go!
On a sidenote, there are so many cute little sundresses and pink hats out there, where's all the cute boy stuff?!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Finally!!! His first tooth is visible! Everytime he's been cranky over the past 5 months we've thought that maybe a tooth was coming. Finally, we can see why he has been up til 10pm every night this week! Only one corner of the tooth has broken through so hopefully the rest comes through and I'll get a picture of it:)
Also, he is now able to pull himself up at the toybox and he can move from the toybox to the chair and can stand without holding anything (for about one second:)). I think he will skip the crawling stage, he really does not like to be down on his belly as it sometimes makes him vomit. I don't like laying on a full belly either. Talking about his belly, its def. growing. He is now 22lbs.
I know I've been blogging a lot lately...I should be writing my final paper but I have no motivation. This is very unlike me as I usually get things done as soon as possible. True, its not due for 2 more weeks but once I finish it, it's done!!!!
Enjoy the sunshine all!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Crescent Beach

Tonight we celebrated Mothers Day with an annual trip to Crescent Beach with the Chapmans.

Our future phycologist (one who studies seaweed). He played with it and tried to eat it...mmmm, could be a sushi lover!

Kai was watching all his cousins running around and I think he really can't wait to get out there and join them without mommy having to hold his hand!

Kai with grandpa and grandma Chapman

Mommy, can we bring this stuff home? It feels cool!

Happy Mother's Day?

My reason for celebrating...

I was nervous about how I would feel today and I really didn't want to go to church where I knew they would celebrate it and everyone would say `Happy Mother's Day' etc but so far, so good. My sisters actually make fun of me for being the biggest crier in the family but I actually cry more from seeing beautiful things than sad things. So, I was actually teary eyed in church but it was from looking around at all the kids and thinking about what joy they have brought to their families. Talking about crying when seeing beautiful things, last weekend we went for lunch at Crescent Beach for the one year anniversary of my mom's passing and there was a suprise party next to us for a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. It was so precious to see them surprised and to know that they had a love that lasted 50 years! My sister Jantina started laughing that I was crying but I saw tears in her eyes too:)
So, to all those that struggle with Mother's day, whether you've lost a mother, a child, or are unable to have children, I hope that you will find something to celebrate on this day, whether it be someone or some memories.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Here are some pictures from our game on Saturday. We play in the Vancouver Women's Flag Football League and I've been playing on this team for 5 seasons (missed one because I was pregnant) and its just a lot of fun. It's great because I drive in with the Langley girls (friends from work) and we get a chance to catch up on the way to practice or a game. Then, once there I can catch up with Vancouver friends that I know from UBC (and others that have joined our team). I guess its also nice because its just pure `Louise time' where I don't have to worry about taking care of our little guy and I know he's super happy at home with daddy. Oh ya, an extra 4 hours of exercise per week is good too!

Half time talk with our coach Robbie

Love playing in the sun!

Leah is our center and her spirals are always perfect for me!

Here I'm looking for Liz, she got 2 TD's and a convert in this game. We've got a double header this weekend and the weather is supposed to be pretty warm so we'll see how it goes! I have a feeling that I won't be able to play football much longer as it just gets harder to get out to Vancouver with Gary having softball on the same day and us having a kid and just one car. Maybe I'll have to join Gary in softball?! Oh boy...bad memories of a Dekens' family reunion where my mom was up to bat and hit a fly ball and I couldn't see properly with the sun in my face and it hit me in the neck. I'm scared of those baseballs.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Annie and Kaisie

Nothing like a good book...Kai has now started looking through books a little more instead of just eating them.

`Wrestling' with Opi...give em a few years and they'll really be good at it!

Daddy getting his daily workout in

Kai is thinking `Mommy, Opi is silly!'
Annie is thinking `Hey crazy Opi, look at me!'
By the way, having two exersaucers is awesome when babysitting the two of them. If I need to deal with one, the other is nicely contained and I know where they are. Nope, we're not rich, both are borrowed:)

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Mom, I miss you. Tomorrow it will be one year since you left us here and I think of you every day. I think you would be proud of us in regards to how strong we've been and how we've all stuck together, but that doesn't mean we don't miss you. I wish that you were across the street so that Kai and I could visit. I wish that I could show you how cute he is because, he really, really is. I wish that I could hear you laugh one more time, you know the laugh where you hold nothing back. I wish that we could go on walks together and talk about how overpriced all these houses are. I wish that you could tell me what I was like as a baby. I wish that I could see you in the kitchen making some yummy muffins. I wish that you and I could take Kai for a walk. I really wish you met him mom, he's such a happy little boy. I wish I could give you one more super hug. I wish that I could hear you cleaning the bathrooms and singing away. I wish that we could have more tea times.
I thank you for the homemade recipe book you made us, whenever I use it, I feel like you. I thank you for teaching us how important it is to be nice and to smile:) I thank you for all those years of taking care of us (and 5 of us at that!!!) when we were young and for encouraging and supporting us as we got older. I thank you for a life time of amazing memories.
I miss you when I'm feeding Kai in the highchair because I think of all those years of you fed us. I miss you when people talk about being with their moms. I miss you when the family is all together. I miss you when I walk around the neighbourhood because I'm now doing the walk that you and dad used to do. I miss you when I find a good deal and I know you'd be proud. I miss you when Kai's being a pain in the butt and I wish you could take him for an hour. I miss you when Kai was sick because I wanted to call you. I miss you when I see a lady with your hair. I miss you when I see a lady with your petite figure. I miss you when I hear about Crescent beach. I miss you when I know that you'd be the perfect one to edit my papers. I miss you when I see the cherry blossoms filling your yard. I miss you when I see dad. I miss you when I see your recliner or your coffee mug. I miss you a lot.
I know you would've loved to have stayed for a bit longer, and I hope that somehow you still know what's going on here. Sometimes I dream about you and it's like you are really here. I miss you mom...we all do. You would've loved seeing Annika's first steps. YOu would've loved celebrating Jan's bday in her basement suite or hearing about her latest fiasco (you always loved her story telling, you'd always laugh so hard). You would've loved being there when Kai was born (I don't know how you did 5 natural births) and seen how big he was! You would've loved seeing Jackie and Tyler so happy together and guess what? She's going to Africa:) What about Trisha's job, you def. would've been proud of her.
Mom, I picture you in heaven just smiling and singing. No more cancer, no more pain. Pure happiness. I'll see you again.