Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honeymoon, Take Two!

I'm so excited. I booked a trip for our 5 year anniversary which is May 28th. It's a ways away BUT there was a deal on so we did it! We are going back to where we went for our first little honeymoon, The Kingfisher. This will be our first time away from the kids and we are going for 3 nights! They have some of the best food we've ever had there and awesome massages. It was a little pricey but is totally worth it...I have such a hard time spending money so I'm trying to relax on that a little more. Did I mention that fixing our van ended up costing $5440????!!!! Okay, won't mention it again. Maybe you're not supposed to talk about money on blogs. Oops. We'll be going a couple months before our anniversary when we have time off for Spring Break. Yippee!

(Kai wanted a mohowk for picture day so we tried it out)
Kai has his party day tomorrow, in his pumpkin costume! Should be adorable.

Koen is a bit of a grumpus but I would be too. Teething can't be fun.

(Both boys have Gary's eyes)
I feel about 75% today. In the back of my head, I have this fear that it is Graves Disease (80% of all cases of hyperthyroidism are Graves). The reason I don't want it to be Graves is because it is lifelong. My weight has been very consistent. My newest symptom is itchy palms. So annoying. I seem to have levelled off at 10lbs lower than when I started. I've really been craving veggies, I had three bowls of salad for lunch!

(I'm trying to get Kai interested in writing his name and this is what he does with the crayons)
And, in regards to vaccinations, I have finally come to a decision. Due to the fact that Gary and I are teachers, Kai is in preschool, and both kids will be in daycare, we are all getting vaccinated. It took me a long time to come to this decision but am finally comfortable with it.
The cheap baby gate option and teething bar? He's just looking longingly upstairs where Kai has run away from him. You should've seen Gary wrestling with the boys tonight. What almost 10 month old knows how to wrestle? This one apparently! Koen is a very wild and adventurous boy, he is going to keep me very busy!
Bon nuit.


  1. LOVE the mohawk. so cute

  2. yep - the mohawk is awesome :)

    glad you feel good about your decision to immunize. i was so sure i wasn' i'm up in the air, leaning towards immunizing the kids, but not us...ahhhh!

  3. we're getting vaccinated too; equally tough decision on my part...waffling...but I figured I would regret it more if they got really sick or died from the flu while unvaccinated than if they developed some complication or illness down the road that was difinitively or undefinitively linked to the immunizations.

    But def. a decision everyone needs to come to on their own, with no fear mongering or persuasiveness. There is tons of that out there, on both sides!