Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last weekend of summer holidays!

This weekend I read the book, `A Long Way Gone', which I really enjoyed (if you can call it that). It is a memoir of a child soldier in Sierra Leone and it was a little more meaningful in the sense that our school has built a school in Sierra Leone and continues a relationship with that school (one of teachers will be teaching there this year too!).
I went to a garage sale this morning and bought Kai an Imaginarium train table, including the track and trains for just $30. He LOVES it.
I'm not sure if we want to start finishing our basement or just make it a functional unfinished basement that kids can play in. All I know is I want a playroom where kids can go play that is not on our main floor!
Here is a picture from today, so, almost 21 weeks. I feel really good. I would say that my pelvis problems have subsided but my back is already feeling like I'm 32 weeks along. I have a gift certificate from Christmas still, for Spa Utopia so i may use it for a fancy pregnancy massage:) I'm really trying to make an effort not to pick Kai up as he's a big boy. Talking about his weight, whenever we pass the digital gas price display on 72nd, he always yells out `31lbs!!!' because it looks like the scale display when he stands on it. Funny guy.
Well, time to head to the beach for the Chapman birthday celebrations...I'll prob. post pics from that later.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The sex of our baby is....

UNDETERMINED. Grrr...I'm so frustrated. They were unable to tell if it was male or female due to the baby's position in my uterus. I had only asked the technician towards the end of our session if he had checked the sex and he said he hadn't and that I was supposed to ask for it earlier. I thought you weren't supposed to bug them and that they checked anyway! He quickly checked but I guess it wasn't good enough.

I wonder if I am just not supposed to know. At this point, halfway through, I'm okay not knowing but in a few more months, I think it will drive me crazy. I guess you just come up with a name for both sexes that you absolutely love. Maybe you buy some girl onesies just in case. I was just excited to decorate the nursery a little more boyish or girlish depending on what it is. I also was looking forward to buying some girl clothes. I also felt that it would help me bond with the little one.

Maybe this is the one time in my life I can just be surprised? I don't know if I can do that. I might `have' to go for one of those 4D ultrasounds that cost too much money:) I'll have to discuss it with Gary and see what he says.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Tonight Kai was running around the house with a pillow on his back. He just kept saying `Turtle back' and I was a little confused. He then explained, `Kai have a shell like Frankwin!' Today Kai was back at his regular daycare and he seemed to have a good time. I can't stand the fact that he has a cold already...once daycare starts, it never ends!

I really feel like Kai has grown in the past week...I haven't measured him but he just looks bigger. Talking about bigger, my belly is starting to grow a bit bigger. I've tried to get Gary to feel the baby kicking but he really does not have patience for that. I can't believe I'm over half way. I'm nervous because a crying baby drives me nuts. It never bothered me before having a kid so I hope that when our own baby cries, I will be okay with it. I'll just feed it all the time. That made Kai happier as he was a big pig. Talking about calling Kai names, today Gary said, `Okay Bumbles, get into your carseat' and Kai said, `No Bumbles Daddy, Kai precious!'. (note: Gary always has random, weird names for both Kai and I).

I thought this was a cool picture showing what is happening to my abdomen and internal organs at 20 weeks along...look how squishy it is for the digestive and urinary systems at 40 weeks! (below)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to school!

On Monday, we went back to work. We just have 3 days of meetings/prep so its a good way to ease back into it. The only thing I'm having a hard time with is leaving Kai in a million different places. He was at my sister-in-laws overnight for Jackie and Tyler's wedding, he was at grandma's house from Monday-Tuesday, and tomorrow, he goes to daycare. For him, this is very tiring AND he now has a pretty bad cold and cough.
Because we had Monday night free (Kai at grandma's), Gary and I went to Bellis Fair. We bought him a couple pairs of pants, we ate Chinese food, and we had Edaleen Dairy icecream. We could even hold hands when walking around because we didn't have Kai with us. It was a very relaxing evening!
I am looking forward to work. I feel bad that I will only be there until Christmas holidays but there's nothing I can do about that! I am teaching the same courses as last year (Science 9, Biology 11) and am still part time at 60%.
Last night, I could see the baby kicking after several weeks of just feeling it. It is such an eerie feeling and sight. To be honest, it kind of freaks me out and although I think it is absolutely amazing, it's kind of weird that there is something alive and moving inside of me. I now have no idea if it is a boy or girl and will be shocked and crying when I find out in the next week:)
Kai seems so old to me now. Today Kai said, `Mommy, how you doing?'. I love how he is putting all these thoughts/concerns/questions together. `Mommy, what daddy doing?', `Mommy, where daddy going?'. He seriously makes me smile and laugh each and every day. He has actually gotten a bit more particular about food. He does not like cheese anymore and rarely drinks his milk. It happened when I took him off of homo so maybe we will go back to it. He loves fruits and veggies, especially from the garden. He loves it when I kiss his owies and he thought it was hilarious when he told me that he had an owie on his bum and he wanted me to kiss it.
Gary and I had a good summer and it felt like it was maybe too busy. However, we are very appreciative of the fact that we get so much time off. We were able to take a lot of photos and it has been an interesting process working together on our GC Photography business. Our goal, when we started last year, was to do one photo shoot per month. We have reached this goal and tried not to surpass it. We really want to make sure that we keep it a hobby. We def. have defined our roles in the whole preparation, shooting, editing, and developing process. I would say that the one area we disagree is in the editing of maybe 5% of the photos where Gary tends to go a bit too far/artsy on me. I love that we go through this process together as it would be too stressful for us to enjoy doing it by ourselves. I could never imagine doing photography full time as we love teaching, but it sure is fun as a hobby/side job!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jackie and Tyler's Wedding

I haven't even begun to look through our 1200 pictures of their wedding but here's one I thought was cute:) It was a great day. We did their photos before the ceremony which I have decided makes the day so much more relaxing for everyone! The weather was perfect, the bride and groom had a blast, and I'm very excited to welcome Tyler into our family. Kai slept over at my sister-in-laws so Gary and I were able to sleep in until 8:38am this morning! Woohoo! Congratulations Jackie and Tyler.
Comments by Kai today:
(I was kissing him because I was so happy to see him after his sleepover)
Kai: Mommy, too much kisses. That's enough.
(Gary was asking him a billion questions in a row)
Kai: Daddy, stop talking

Friday, August 22, 2008


Okay folks, I am asking for your advice on two things!
1. I wanted to keep my car forever as it is so reliable but unfortunately it will be unable to have 2 car seats in the back due to Gary's 6'3" stature. I know my car is not `cool' but it has been so reliable and I will be sad to see it go. Okay, now to the advice. We want to buy a new vehicle. Well, not new. I want to buy a used vehicle. I'm thinking minivan and Gary wants to be cooler with an SUV or something:) Our priorities are; seats 5-7, safe, reliable, lotsa trunk space, and good on gas. Oh ya, I want to spend under $10,000. My question is; what vehicle (aka type of minivan) would you recommend or NOT recommend?

2. We need a new double stroller. We do not need a jogging one as we have our bike trailer/jogger. I need a stroller that I can use every single day when I take the kids for a walk. It needs to have good storage underneath. I need a front wheel(s) that rotates. I would like one that is not too heavy and that's easy to maneuver as I will be post C-section (likely). I don't want to spend big bucks so I will be buying second hand. I do like the idea of clipping in the baby car seat so that the sleeping baby can be easily transferred to the house. I am leaning towards a sit and stand and we currently have the opportunity to buy one. What do you think of the sit and stand? What would you recommend for a newborn and 2.5 year old?

Two other notes
1. Kai said, `I'm tired', walked upstairs, closed his door, and went to bed. What a big boy. He has had quite the injuries lately. He burnt his arm on a hot pot (don't ask) and fell down my dad's 3 backyard cement stairs twice yesterday (due to being exhausted). He didn't have a good enough nap and when that happens, he is not steady on his feet. He walks around like he is drunk.
2. My sister Jackie is getting married tomorrow. So far, I feel less stressed than I did for Jan's but who knows what the day will bring! I have only a few responsibilities for tomorrow; pictures, jackie's makeup, and breakfast for the bridal party. No decorating, no coordinating, no running around.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ultrasound Results

The reason the doctor called me yesterday, and I found out today, is because there was something that showed up on the ultrasound. Our baby has one Choroid Plexus Cyst (CPC). This is common in about 5% of ultrasounds and the cyst usually disappears in a few more weeks. The cyst itself does not cause any damage to the developing brain (located in the middle of the brain where cerebral spinal fluid is made) but it is a `soft marker' meaning it can indicate a chromosomal abnormality like Trisomy 21 or 18. I am not concerned about this (at this point!) because there were no other anomalies. He did just sent me for the Triple Marker Test so we will know in a couple more weeks what that indicates. That test is not diagnostic, it just indicates probabilities which is prob. not good for an anxious person like me:)

Everything else about the baby was looking good and it was measuring at 18weeks and 2 days last Friday. If that is the true age of the baby, then I think its a boy due to the date we conceived (too much info?!). However, ultrasound dates aren't that accurate if you ask me. Talking about the sex of the baby, we don't know!!!!!! The baby's gender is only released from the ultrasound clinic when the mother reaches 20 weeks, that means, it will not be released until Wed. and hopefully my doctor gets it Thursday because his office is not open on Friday. I'm okay with not knowing right now...

Well, time to rest up for my sisters wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight. Let the fun times begin!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Tomorrow we find out if we are having a boy or girl. I feel like this is HUGE. This will determine our family dynamic and I feel like I will grow so much more connected to this little baby once I know its gender. Whatever the doctor says will excite me. Gary thinks its a boy. I think its a girl. I was wrong last time because I thought Kai was a girl. Overall, I hope that the doctor's report of the ultrasound shows that all is well. The doctor's office called and left a message asking me to call. They have never done this before so it makes me slightly the time i got the message the office was closed so I'll just talk to them when I go in tomorrow. Overall, I am just so excited to get to know this baby more. It is def. a mover, way more so than Kai was at this point. I've been around 2 really cute, content babies over the past 2 days and it makes me feel like I'm ready! Obviously this baby is nowhere near ready but I feel like I'm getting there. I'm really hoping and praying that this baby is a little more laid back than Kai was. I am really excited to experience a newborn while not dealing with the death of my mom, I wonder how different it will be? Obviously I still mourn the lack of a mom in my life, but it is def. a lot easier. Watch the doctor say that they never received the letter indicating the sex of our baby or that the ultrasound reports aren't in yet....oh boy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One more week!

(I bought Kai new runners and he thinks he needs to run when wearing them because that's what daddy does:)

So, in less than a week and we will be back to work. Wow. Gary and I are trying to do minimal stuff today and tomorrow because once Thursday hits, its go, go, go (my other sis is getting married and then back to work!). Today we went to Tynehead Park and we also picked blackberries. Picking blackberries brings me back to my childhood as my mom loved to make blackberry jam and pies. I made some blackberry muffins and have to say, they were pretty tasty! I think we'll pick more and freeze them so i can continue to make yummy muffins!
(eating blackberries)

Physically I am feeling good. I have more energy and my breathing doesn't get as heavy when walking. However, my poor pelvis. I'm sure it doesn't help that I went biking yesterday but still, wow. It feels like it is breaking apart and I guess in a way, it is. It is so tender and feels so bruised. I don't remember this feeling starting so early last time. I feel it when I walk and when I sit. Lying on my side is good. I'm excited to talk to our doctor on Thursday about the ultrasound results.

I am still trying to figure out what to do birth wise. I am really leaning towards a planned C-section as last time I ended up with an emergency one. This is a very difficult decision, and really, it all comes down to what I think. My doctor will let me try a natural birth, although he really feels that it would end the same way. There are tons of pros and cons for each and I just feel that if I did try, and ended up with a C-section again, it would be a really rough, exhausting start to having a newborn (AGAIN). A C-section is not the easy way out. The recovery is not fun, mostly because your abdominal muscles are useless for about 6 weeks. I do recognize that some natural births end up in a much longer recovery as well. In no way do I want to try a natural birth again just to have the experience of pushing a baby out (frankly, it freaks me out), it would be more to decrease my recovery time. Last time, I got to experience a lot of what is involved in a natural birth (contractions, water breaking, being 10cm dilated FOREVER, pushing...and I really felt it all without an epidural!) except for the delivery which I recognize is a huge part of it. The reason I ended up with a C-section with Kai is because it was determined that Kai's head could not fit through my pelvis. This was decided when the doctor stuck her whole hand into my uterus and rotated Kai. Ya. In the end, it is all about bringing a healthy baby home, however, I'd like to be in the best possible condition to do so! I wish they could xray my pelvis and ultrasound the babies head and measure if it could work pre-labour:) In the end, I am just very thankful for our hospitals and all the care and options that we can recieve there.
And now for exciting stuff! I'm only posting this last because I wrote the first part of this post this morning:) This afternoon we got to visit the Voses and their newest addition! I was so excited to meet Riley. He was born on my birthday at a whopping 10lbs 2oz. His mom, Melissa, was able to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) and I'm so proud of her for pushing for 3.5 hours! I was hoping Kai would be very interested in the baby but after holding the baby's hand and wondering if the baby wanted a car to play with, he said he was ready to go:) Riley is doing really well and allowing his parents a pretty good nights sleep so that is awesome! He is so cute and cuddly and I got to hold him for a bit to refresh myself on how to hold a newborn. I'm really hoping that baby Chapman will be a more content baby:)
Tonight we talked details on photos with Jackie and Tyler. I'm very excited for them as their wedding is in 5 days! The weather looks a little sketchy but if anyone can be fine with a little rain on their wedding day, it's these guys. Well, better head off to bed. Bon nuit!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My sweetheart

Kai (knocking on my bedroom door as I'm trying to have some peace and quiet while getting dressed): Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
Me: Yes Kai?
Kai: Mommy, open a (the) door!
Me (opening door): What's up?
Kai: I wuv you mommy! I wuv you!

He's soooooo cute!

Earlier today he said `Mommy, (get) off the computer, I miss you!'

We find out on Thursday if he will be having a little sister or little brother, I cannot wait! Gary and I are going to attempt to keep it to ourselves again...I think:)

Rob and Mina's Wedding

Yesterday we were able to go to our friend Rob's wedding. I have known Rob for 10 years. We met when we took Genetics 334 together and then started working together as RA's at UBC. Gary actually got to know him better when Rob worked at our school for several years. Rob is such a good friend to me, he's one of those guys that you can talk to like a girl ya know? His is very sensitive, understanding and caring. Oh ya, he is also the funniest person that I know. I am very thankful for having him in my life. I am so happy for him and it was an absolutely beautiful wedding. Mina is a fabulous girl and they are a fantastic team. Her last name was already Kim, so she doesn't even have to change it! There were some great speeches which had me laughing A LOT! It was great to see old UBC friends and just celebrate such a wonderful occassion.
Between the wedding and reception, Gary and I drove out to West Van to go the Salmon House for lunch. I had a some salmon and Gary had tuna and it was YUMMY! It was to celebrate our birthdays this month, so it was nice to do so with food. I guess the proper names for our dishes where: Seared 'House Rubbed' BC Coho Salmon with scalloped yams, meyer lemon apricot glaze, and purple mustard vinaigrette. Gary's was Tograshi Chili Albacore Tuna Nicoise seared rare, with new potato, haricot vert, and olives.
Here's a picture of Kai proudly showing off his brother or sister. He def. understands that the baby has to stay in mommy's belly because its growing. He wants to play ball with the baby when its born:)
Here's Gary teaching Kai how a baby is born. Sort of. I love our son, he is absolutely amazing to me. Also, Gary is an amazing match for me. I have realized that we have been together way too much these past 2 months but if I have to be with anyone for 2 months straight, it would def. be him. I hope he'd say the same:) I think it may be healthy for our marriage to have more time apart. I don't know of another couple that is together as much as we are. It's not on purpose, its just that we work together and are both introverted.
Well, I'm going to have a nap! Our neighbours new basement suite renters were ridiculously loud OUTSIDE last night til 1:30am...grrr...the downfall of this neighbourhood!

Friday, August 15, 2008


**Warning: long post!!!!**
Wow, what a busy weekend. I'm going to blog now so that I don't' have 10 billion things to blog later. This weekend has; birthday celebrations (me), ultrasound (me), bridal shower (sister), wedding (rob and mina), engagement party (maria and mark). So, I'll just write now about what happened yesterday and today:)

Yesterday I came downstairs and Gary had 2 dozen roses and a jewelry box on the table for me. He had paid for these things with cash because I check our online banking daily so I would've noticed:) I do not like spending a lot of money (or any) on our birthdays because I don't like to buy things just because you are supposed to. I'd rather do it when there is a sincere need or want. Anyway, this may sound cheap (but I love it!), Gary got the jewelry box in the `As Is' section because it was broken and marked way down. He fixed it up, good as new, and left the price on just so I knew what a deal it was:) We went for a family walk before it got too hot and then we went to Red Robin's for lunch and Kai was an angel all day. Phew! Gary made my special birthday dinner which my mom made every year for my birthday growing up. They are called chicken rolls and its just a baked pastry with chicken, veggies, and curry in it and then you smother it with cheese sauce. I didn't have it the last couple of years because emotionally I didn't want too...I know its just a meal but it was all the memories of my mom making it especially for me. The picture does not do it justice!

In the evening, people started showing up. I had a feeling that Gary had invited family over for my birthday (because he was busy making cakes and tarts the whole night before) but I didn't realize he had planned it 2 weeks in advance AND invited friends as well.
People showed up bearing some strange and yummy gifts but i soon realized it was all of my favourite things (a lot due to pregnancy cravings), so I got things like; a can of coke, Kraft Dinner, choc. covered almonds, Purdy's etc. Gary had giving a list of stuff that was hopefully not pricey (and stuff I love!) because I do not like receiving expensive gifts from people. Gary had told people to leave by 8pm because its a busy weekend and I'm pregnant and not as young as a I used to be so it ended around 9pm which was great. I was most thankful to Gary for organizing something ahead of time and with thoughtfulness. I have no pictures but hopefully my sister will email me a few! I am very thankful to have such supportive and involved family, friends and in laws. I am quite an introvert and i like to have meaningful conversations one on one so its a bit busy/stressful in groups, especially when `hosting' but it was really great to see everyone in our sweaty little house!

This next portion is about Kai. He's funny. The other day we were walking and he had stopped. Gary said, `Hey Kai, let's roll'. So, Kai laid on the ground ready to literally roll:) He loves pointing out letters that he knows EVERYWHERE. His favourite letters are D (for daddy), M (for mommy) and K for Kai. He sees it on anything (ingredient labels, street signs etc) and points it out excitedly. I have to admit that Gary and I failed. We tried potting training on Wednesday. We gave up on Thursday. Kai peed in the house 3 times which is totally fine with me (I won't tell you where in case you visit) and told us he had to poop about 12 times. Every time we put him on the toilet, he just couldn't do it. He told us all day he wanted to poop in his diaper. Finally, at bed time, we put his diaper on and 5 minutes later, he did it. I just don't think any of us are ready. I don't give up on stuff usually but I'm not convinced now is the time. Kai is very interested in the anatomical differences between males and females. He knows the proper words for everything and loves to announce to daddy how mommy is different. I'm nervous he's going to say something very embarrassing in public sometime soon! I have to say that as of yesterday, I was ready to go back to work. I need a day where I'm not mommy. Where I can just be teacher Louise.
Okay, so today! We had our ultrasound this afternoon and it went well. Well, I saw the arms, legs, head and beating heart so that's always good! We will get results (percentiles, gender) next week Thursday. Oh ya, it's just one! I asked the man twice, just to be sure:) Gary and my dad think its another boy and I think it's a girl. Regardless, so happy to see a baby in there! For one second, I was like `Aw, it looks just like Kai!'. As if, it looked nothing like Kai. We framed a picture of the ultrasound so Kai can have it in his bedroom to get to know his brother or sister a little better. He's pretty proud of the picture, showing people `mommy's baby' and pointing out the head and nose! Tonight he rubbed my belly and sang (a made up song) `Go to sleep, little baby' over and over, it was precious. I will post a pic of the ultrasound later, it has to be scanned etc. Oh ya, this morning, he said to me `I wuv you mommy!' without me saying anything first. And, when Gary went on his jog, Gary said `I miss you daddy!'. So cute!
This evening we had a wedding shower for my sister at our house. She got a lot of useful (and some fun) stuff and they are currently out with her all dressed up but I am at home, exhausted. Tomorrow morning we are off to a wedding in Vancouver so I hope I get a good nights sleep! I bought an air conditioner today. It is not a very efficient one but its the only one I could find that fit in our window. It was on sale and then i got $20 off for getting a Home Depot credit card so it only cost $56 with tax!!! Tried it out tonight and it worked decently. I've noticed that discomfort and heat=grumpy, grumpy Louise. Poor Gary. I also went to Walmart and bought a dress that I will wear all the time at home. It's that jersey material and is not attractive but I find anything with a waist extremely painful. Especially when sitting. So, please let me know before you stop by or you may get a glimpse of the clearance Walmart dress! I should post a picture just for memory sake:) Okay, I should prob. apologize to Gary for being grumpy and then head to bed. Bon nuit!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

30 years old

I am excited and ready to turn 30 (on Thursday). I feel like my 20's were so jam packed and full of wonderful (and some not so wonderful) experiences and can't imagine trying to fit anything else in. My hope is that my 30's are filled with ample experiences of growth as well. In the past 10 years, I had a lot of fun at UBC and then graduated, started teaching, got married, had a kid, travelled a lot (Mexico twice, California 3 times, across Canada, Alaska, Kenya and Tanzania), hiked a great deal, adventure raced, ran many races, and played a lot of sports. I have experienced pain and dissapointment through break ups, illnesses and death. I have grown spiritually and have grown closer to my family. My close friendships have grown deeper and my heart has grown fuller. I am so thankful for all that I have, I know I am so blessed. I look forward to these next 10 years and hope that I will continue to experience many new things and to maintain an appreciation for the world and those around me.

Here are some pics from the day (nothing exciting but pictures sometimes make it better?)

Gary installing the motion detector light. He has been asking for one for 2 years. He finally found one he liked that was less than $50 so he didn't `have' to tell me about it. There have been a lot of break ins in detached garages lately so maybe this will help? Gary and I got to go out on a double date last night!!! We went to see `The Dark Knight' with Maria and Mark and it was a really good movie. We need to get out more often!

My 18 week picture. This was taken in the morning so i'm always a little smaller in the morning. I am feeling great. The cramps have alleviated and usually only occur when i'm rotating sides at night. I am nervous to start back at work in a few weeks as it will exhaust me like crazy, I'm sure of it! It will be a strange start to the year, knowing that I won't be there all year. Exercise wise, I'm only walking about 30 minutes a day. Nothing else. I would like to bike but my tailbone is not in the mood for it. I think I will sign up for some prenatal yoga in september just to get out of the house since I'm not playing football anymore:(

Kai lying on the rug...telling me something silly. Each day, we walk around the neighbourhood checking out all the diggers and tractors. He loves it. I would have to say that of all transitions, I am nervous about potty training. There are too many methods and I really don't know when he's really going to be ready. I think that we started too soon. Back in June, there were about 2 weeks when he went poop on the toilet. I should not have introduced that option so early. Now, it is not exciting. Underwear does not excite him. He will say to me, `Mommy, Kai pooping again!' before he has to go. I ask him to go to the toilet and he says, `No, Kai gonna poop in his diaper'. I ask him why and he says he likes it. Gross. If I put him on the toilet, he will make some great pushing sounds but will not go. As soon as the diaper is back on, away he goes! Why am I in a rush? I'm not. I am just sick and tired of changing dirty diapers when he knows that he has to go. I do not want two kids in diapers. I would like Gary and I to do it together (we are home for 2 more weeks) so its easier. The reason I don't want to do it is that if he goes to daycare in a few weeks, they will have a harder time always having to ask him if he has to go. Whatever, maybe we'll wait a few more months. Other than that, he has adjusted well to his new room. We have also introduced a rule that his blanket (Bubbi) stays upstairs. We are struggling with this one but if we let him have it downstairs, he spends half of his day sucking his thumb with his blanket. When Gary was taking it back upstairs yesterday, Kai said `Daddy, don't take Bubbi upstairs, Kai needs it!'...his sentences (okay, maybe thats two sentences?) are getting so long!!

Well, time to do some work while Kai naps. Ultrasound on excited!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

You Look Nice

Yesterday I went with my dad and sister Jackie to the island for my cousin's wedding. It was a long day but boy oh boy, traveling without a child is wonderful!!! I could be so selfish. I could eat and drink when I wanted. Sit when I wanted. Talk when I wanted. Wow. Gary and I have never gone anywhere (besides a wedding or something) without Kai. I think we may have to travel without him one day.

I have been feeling quite uncomfortable when going from a sitting to standing position. I get tons of cramps for about 30 seconds. I'm not sure if its just that my uterus or ligaments are stretching or the baby moves when I stand but I def. did not have this with Kai. It's just been happening the past 3 days so we'll see if it gets better. Baby is def. moving a lot more now and I notice it at night when my belly is full and I'm lying down:) I'm still so excited for my ultrasound...just 5 days away!

My cousin that got married is on my mom's side so we spent the whole day with my mom's family. It was nice to catch up and always good to see my oma and uncle Al who has been sick recently. My oma made a simple comment that almost brought me to tears. She said `Louise, you look very nice'. She doesn't make comments like this so it was nice, but also, that's what my mom would always say. My parents didn't compliment our physical beauty very often, it was more `I'm proud of you for...' etc. However, maybe once every few weeks my mom would look at me and say that I looked nice. I know she really felt that I was beautiful. There is something about a mom that no one else can provide. The way that she listened, loved, and thought I was wonderful is different than what anyone else can provide. I know Gary loves me and thinks I'm beautiful but its different than my mom's awe, appreciation and dedication for us kids. I have it in my memories but I sometimes wish I had it now.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Kai's birthday part deux

Thursday night, my family all came over to celebrate Kai's birthday. It was a very low key event although Ani and Kai were extremely hyper. They just ran around in the upstairs bedrooms making a mess and LOVING it.
Instead of making cake, I just made some cupcakes and a pear and hazelnut dessert.

Kai getting a kiss from the big bear
Reading Kai's new biking book (all about bike safety:))
Auntie Jan and Uncle Doug got Kai a package of 10 different trucks (cement, dump truck etc) which he LOVES.
The little piggies (below) could not be coaxed downstairs for anything, not even cake! After he got a bit upset, we let him know he could run around upstairs after opening presents and eating cake and he was okay with it. I love that we can work through stuff with him.

Kai and Ani playing hide and go seek

This morning, we had a photo shoot at Derby Reach and the weather was great (cloudy)! We dropped Kai off at his daycare for a couple hours and he had a great time. I think it was a great idea because 2 months away from daycare could create quite an adjustment come September. We had to get up at 7am and shower, have breakfast, get kai ready to was just like we were working again. I def. am enjoying my summer and laying in bed til 7:30am and coming downstairs in my p.j's. We are very happy with our summers (remind me of this when I'm sitting at a staff meeting til 10pm on a MOnday!). Anyway, very excited for the pics we took at Derby Reach, they were such a fun family to take pictures of!
Gary is at the BC Lions game tonight. I'm glad he got a chance to go out with the guys. It's weird being home with Kai by myself again! Tomorrow morning I'm off to the island for a wedding and Gary will be with Kai all day...wonder what they'll get up to! Bon nuit.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Coffee With Opi

My dad took Kai out for coffee today. This was a welcome break for Gary and I as Kai was up at 4:30am ready to go for the day. Is it because he's in a new bedroom? I'm not sure but all I can say is I'm exhuasted. The reason I didn't leave him in bed is because he was crying and I don't think he's woken up crying in at least 6 months. Opi took him from 10am-11:30am and during that time, I just laid in bed (unable to sleep..grrrr...). I asked my dad to take pictures of their time together so I can see what really goes on:)
Picking his own snack. Little did he know that the `big one' was actually a bran muffin...not his favourite!
Serious coffee drinker (its cranberry juice that I sent with him otherwise, who knows what Opi would have him drinking!). Joanne (my dad's girlfriend) gave Kai this cup especially for going out for coffee with my dad.
Afterwards, they stopped to dig in the dirt with the diggers....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tony! Tony!

Last night while watching the news, Kai said `Tony! Tony! Gook at Kai's golf cubs'. At least now he knows Tony Parsons is not Opi:) Kai has successfully slept in his big boy room for two nights, although, he has prob. slept about 1/2 hour shorter than normal. This heat is a little crazy (I feel for you Melissa!). Last night I went for a walk with Maria around 8:30pm and it felt so good to walk while it was cool out!
Gary, Kai and I went to Campbell Valley Park to check out a possible new wedding photo location yesterday. Kai loved it there. There were a ton of frogs in that pond, and lots of fish too.
He's very good at smelling the flowers instead of destroying them. If you ask them what they smell like, he will say `mommy'. Daddy taught him that.
Kai loves his rocks and leaves. Especially his rocks. We are in the process of learning where you can and cannot throw them.
I had my first baby dream two night ago. Our baby was born 13lbs 7oz (What? is that big or something?). It was a boy in my dream but in real life, I'm positive it's a girl. Anyway, I remember thinking that it was the easiest birth ever (must have been a miraculous one because I had no pain anywhere) and I wanted to go for a run! I was following the nurse around because she was trying to find the perfect place to feed him a bottle. I told her I wanted to breastfeed and she still proceeded to take me all over the hotel/hospital to find the right place. Our baby was born with all his teeth. At one point, I was holding Kai and the new baby and someone asked how old they were and I couldn't tell them apart because they were the exact same size.
Yesteday, Kai got to go out for coffee with Opi (kai got orange juice). Opi bought him a cookie and Kai asked for another. Opi brought him to the counter so he could pick one and all he said was `The big one!' which was the one right in front. What a piggie. Opi has a hard time saying no to Kai for anything. At one point, Kai (Opi) called me on the phone. It was really cute to talk to him on the phone. He sounded so grown up.
Well, Kai found a thing of bubbles so we better go out and play with them.

Monday, August 04, 2008

17 weeks

I don't feel that I've grown in the past few weeks but I def. gained back those 4lbs I lost:) I did feel some movement a couple days ago and am anticipating the huge, belly rattling kicks in a few months from now. Kai's femurs were over the 100th percentile so I think he was kicking pretty hard to make some room:) I'm already getting up twice a night to go to the least I can still get back to sleep right away and don't have a crying newborn to take care of!!! I've noticed another difference in this pregnancy, my skin. No pregnancy glow here folks, just some big zits that won't go away. Yup, two big ones that have been around for a week or two and aren't going anywhere. I feel like I'm back in grade 10:) I know its not a big deal but when I already look like I'm exhuasted, I feel like my skin isn't helping me out. Oh well.

Today is Gary's 33rd birthday. We had a blueberry cake at my dad's where Kai was excited to participate in blowing out the candles again. We also may have indulged in our basketball cake:) Kai and I made Gary a card and this may sound lame but our present to eachother for our birthdays is our fancy dinner out in a couple of weeks. I asked Gary if he wanted to do anything special for his birthday like a day hike, but he was very content staying home and relaxing. He is currently playing his football game in the basement, you know, Madden football or whatever it is called. He plays every summer:)

Kai is currently sleeping in his big boy room for the first time. We took a long time transitioning him from crib-->toddler bed-->big boy room (in the toddler bed). We had the toddler bed next to his crib for about a month before he requested sleeping in it. He has been sleeping in his car bed (which he LOVES) for the past 3 months or so. Today, we moved that car bed into the `big boy room'. I guess the problem with having a very structured and routine life is that transitioning may take a bit longer:) Kai learned today that you cannot throw your buzz light year gun in the pool. Gary got it kind of working again. Kai said `Way to go, daddy!'.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Kai!

Today is Kai's 2nd birthday. Wow. I love this age. So far. I find him so funny and intelligent. Don't get me wrong, if I have play `Mommy, where's Kai?' (where he hides under his blanket and i have to make silly guesses about where he is), I might go crazy! Yesterday, we were driving and Kai said, `Daddy, go faster! Make car pop a wheelie!' (which Gary does when Kai's in the stroller). Silly kid.

His stats are:

Height= 34 3/4 inches

When I was his age (I just found my stats while my dad was cleaning out his house)...

Height=34 inches

I have no idea what Gary was, but, I'm assuming a lot bigger.

For his birthday, we took him to gramma's house in Aldergrove yesterday. He loves going to visit `Mama' and `Papa'. We also picked up a coupon from them to go to the zoo (saved $18..woohoo!). We walked around for 2 hours seeing all the animals and Kai LOVED it. I had some mixed feelings about seeing these animals in captivity. I know some animals are really only left in zoos and there are no more in the wild, but others, I just think might have wanted a bit more freedom. I've never seen a jaguar or a cheetah before so that was cool. Kai seemed to love the zebras, male lion, and the ducks the best. He also enjoyed watching the man shovel giraffe poop into a giant bucket:) It was cool to see chinchilla's and marmoset's as Kai has learned about these guys from Diego. He was pretty pumped about that and wanted to go home and watch it as soon as we left.
Today we gave him his gift from us and gramma and grandpa; a wagon. He loved it. He spent an hour putting stuff in it, doing the buckles up and pulling it around the house. We went outside for a walk and he refused to get in it, he wanted to pull it! That was frustrating for me because my hope is that I can pull it to Extra Foods and the park. I think I will just say after his nap that we are walking to Extra Foods and he has to sit in the wagon to help me hold the groceries. Hopefully that works! Here he got tired of pulling it and wanted to hold his newest sports interest; badminton rackets.

I was going to make a 3-D basketball cake but the pans were all sold out at Michael's so I just made a plain basketball and softball. Kai loved it and couldn't wait to eat it so that's good. We plan on celebrating with my family on Thursday and then with Gary's family later on when we can combine all the August/Sept. Chapman bdays, there are just too many of us:)

I'll try to think of Kai's highlights of the year:

1. Going to subway and getting to order his own sandwich. We have always just given him some of our food when we go out (and we really never go out) so he was seriously pumped to have his own.
2. Going to Disneyland with the cousins (and family) AND getting his buzz light year gun there
3. Going to Mexico
4. Picking peas (and eating them) from the garden
5. Watering anything
6. Watching Diego
7. Watching diggers
8. Petting dogs
9. Playing with Ani (especially in their backyard)
10. Moving into his toddler bed (car bed)
11. Going up and down stairs by himself
12. Eating any and every type of berry
13. Playing with guns (dart guns/nerf guns etc) and gramma's house
14. Wrestling with daddy, playing `super mommy' with mommy (running around with capes)
This afternoon, 3 of my sisters (and 2 bro in laws) showed up here so we did an impromptu `Happy Birthday' with candles. He just stared at everyone as they were singing. Stunned. I believe he had a similar response last year. He did request that we all sing again. So we did. Three times. He tried blowing out the candles but his technique needs a little touching up. He requested the softball cake so it looks like the basketball cake is for daddy's birthday tomorrow:)

He is currently watching Diego, the Chinchilla episode of course! Kaisie, mommy and daddy love you so much. We love seeing you discover this amazing world and we are so thankful for you. You are so special to us and you make us smile each and every day. Our prayer for you is that you will continue to discover this world with curiosity and that you will continue to giggle, laugh, love, and remain healthy. We pray that you will enjoy your new role as a big brother as we know you are a very good helper. We love you bubba!