Saturday, July 13, 2024

Ten Books I Loved This Year

 I love reading. When our neighbourhood built a community center with a library within walking distance, I shed a tear; I probably walk there two times a week. I try to always have an audiobook, for my walks, and a paper book on my night stand. Although I have read some lighter reads over the years, I really appreciate solid writing with inspiring and informative plots. You can follow me on Goodreads; I generally only read books if they have a rating over 4/5 there. Here are ten books that I really enjoyed in the past year. That said, I do love a memoir and didn't include any on this list. The last one I read was "Here After" and it's incredibly sad about the sudden loss of a spouse, if you're in the mood for immersing yourself in learning about grief. A "must read" memoir would be Educated by Tara Westover. 

*I highly recommend getting books from your public library or buying off Marketplace but if you want to buy them, I have included the Amazon links for each one--I am an affiliate so would make a small percentage*

Me in all my book attire from socks to shirt to earrings!

Okay, ten books I enjoyed this year? Here we go:

Monday, July 08, 2024

Tips For Parenting Teens

All right, I am not an expert in parenting but I am a mother of two teenage boys and a preteen girl AND I have been teaching teenagers since 2001. I did write earlier on parenting tweens but haven't talked about the teen years. There seems to be an endless supply of parenting advice for newborns and toddlers but what about the wild ages of 13-18? What to expect when you're...a parent of teens?  This is what I would say:

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Graduation Speech

Our oldest has graduated from high school. I'm so glad we were able to process this over time with a last basketball, volleyball and ultimate game. Prom. Last day of school. Exams. There were many, many "goodbyes". On the big day, I had the privilege of giving the parent speech at grad. Here are a few things that I said to them. I took out the personal parts/names--just trust me when I say I made it more personal and funny than this.

This is terrifying. But, in the wise words of grade 12 students of 2024, “Don’t worry. I’m locked in.”