Monday, February 27, 2006

Our new home!

Okay, so I can't update the pictures right now as our internet is not yet hooked up...however...thanks to all those that helped us move. We are very happy to be in our new home!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our current chaos!

Three things that really cause me to exercise patience are;
computers that don't work (or me not knowing how to work it), losing something, and moving large items!!! So, I'm def. not looking forward to the moving ahead but, I am looking forward to being there! I know this picture doesn't show much but its the area between our bedroom and bathroom--we can't really move inside of our place right now!

Week 17

For those of you who don't know, Gary and I are expecting a mini Chapman on August 7th! So far, Gary has called me loving names like `Fatty Patty' (my real first name is Patricia), `Fatsicle' and `Fatasaurus'...apparently these names are meant to be cute. Joking aside, we are super pumped!

2 weeks old....

Annika loves it when we sing...she may be the only person:) So far, I just sing `Baby Beluga' over and over and over again. We had a baby shower for her (and Maria) today...she got tons of cute baby clothes, books, jolly jumper and a jogging stroller. Fun times.

Opa and Annika

Eskimo kisses:)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

One more week!

Next Friday, we'll be able to show you pictures from inside of our brand new home! I'm not so crazy about the green stripe action but it is unique:) Let's hope its NOT snowing next Friday/Saturday when we move....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Gary and Basketball...

This weekend, Gary's basketball team (Senior boys) are in their last tournament of the year at West Point Grey. I had to add something Gary-ish here because I don't want our blog to be too `girly'! It's been an interesting year for them as in a short amount of time, they really had to work hard to learn the game well. They've definitely improved and I have to say I've enjoyed watching a bunch of their games. (My sister Jantina is a bigger fan for some reason and made me go to a lot of the games). It's fun to see students you teach in a different environment and also, it's a great experience for me to see my husband in such a vocal leadership position! Gary is def. passionate about basketball...I wish I could see him play one day. I was going to see his Alumni game but then he went and broke his foot the day before it...Gary wants me to say that `Louise thinks I'm hot when I'm coaching'.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Trips I'd Recommend

West Coast Trail...75km from Port Renfrew to Bamfield. This hike takes about 5-6 days and strong knees. This was my third time doing it and every time, its like I'm seeing the beauty of this diverse creation for the first time. I don't think I'd recommend taking a bunch of friends on your honeymoon, but it was a blast. Just kidding:) (wasn't really our honeymoon)
Tofino..nothing like Long Beach and attempting to surf while laughing at your friends attempting to surf:)
Cape Scott Trail..north end of Vancouver Island. Beautiful and easy 3 day trip where there are very few people and tons of beautiful beaches. It's super cheap and you're guaranteed to see wild life.

Gary would probably also make me put a picture of Stein Valley in here but I have to admit it wasn't my favourite...a 7 day hike amongst bear country while only seeing a person after 3 days AND ending in Lytton with 45+ C with a 50lb backpack and no water was not the best memory for me.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lynette and I back in the day...

This is a picture of my best bud Lynette. Although I'd like to say this way taken last week, it was taken 1 1/2 years ago when we were doing adventure races. This particular one was called Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race (MOMAR) and took place in Duncan. We've done lots of adventurous things like; Baker, West Coast Trail, Kilimanjaro, 4 adventure races, kayak racing, Powell River chain....Unfortunately, due to injuries we haven't done much this past year but I think it's def. something we want to get back into!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

School for Nyima

Update: our school has currently raised $28,000 which not only pays for the school but now helps contribute to teacher salaries, desks, and tuition fees!!
Fraser Valley Christian High (the school Gary and I work at) is currently trying to raise $25,000 to build an elementary school in Sierra Leone. This is in a village that our principal, Dennis Degroot visited a year ago. So far, students have raised $16,000 by having a penny drive and asking neighbours and friends, or, even using their own money. We're hoping to raise the last $9,000 in this next week! If anyone is interested in donating, you can get a tax reciept for gifts more than $25. Cheques are payable to Fraser Valley Christian High-African school project. It's always awkward asking for money, but, there is money out there to be given and it is for a wonderful cause. I know first hand how much education is valued in Africa, and, what a difference it can make! If you want more info, you can check our school website at

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Annika Margaret Thompson

Welcome to the family...this is the first child for Maria and Kris and I don't think our family could be any happier!
Auntie Louise and Uncle Gary...I think I was kind of hogging Annika at the hospital but I think everyone did get at least one turn!

Oma and Opa Dekens

Proud opa....he said all along it would be a girl and he's been calling her `Gracie' for months already...
Oma and Opa with Annika `Gracie' got to be there for the birth as dad waited patiently in the waiting room.

Auntie Louise!

I was totally crying when I saw her...and I keep crying. She's just so beautiful!

Go Team's a girl!

Annika Margaret Thompson was born at 2:27 am after 28 hours of labour. She is a healthy 7 lbs 11 oz. The name Margaret comes from both our mom (Greta) and Kris' (Marjorie). I got to be there for 3 hours of it...from the 3cm to the 8cm part so I feel quite educated:) All are doing well (and extremely tired).