Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thankful Thursday: A Pandemic Summer

Thankful Thursday

Hi friends! It has been a while since I have spent some solid time on here and I want to thank you for checking it out. Well, this has been a unique summer! I went through all the feelings, like many of you did, from "What are we allowed to do?" "What is a proper bubble?" "Will we have school in person?" "Will we have sports camps?" and "WHAT ARE THE RULES EXACTLY?" (in caps because I am a rule follower). I have been able to practice gratitude throughout the time and I recognize my privilege of having a home, steady income, healthy family members, medical coverage etc which has made life a lot easier. Also, the fact that Gary and I are both teachers and able to stay home this summer has been huge. We have truly used this time to restore our bodies by getting ample fresh air, enough sleep, healthy home cooked meals AND Gary and I have been able to work out almost every single day. Besides resting and trying to figure out the rules, here are some things we have been up to this summer that I am grateful for:

Parenting During a Pandemic as a Perfectionist


"Do we have to wear masks in the classroom?" "Will we have cross country races?" "Will there be running club?"  "How will Halloween work this year?" "When will we have sports?" "Can I hug my friends at school?" Those are just a few of the sample questions that I get asked daily that I do not have answers to. I recently read this article "Your 'Surge Capacity' is Depleted–It's Why You Feel Awful" and it touched on so much of how I am feeling. 

"It’s harder for high achievers,” she says. “The more accustomed you are to solving problems, to getting things done, to having a routine, the harder it will be on you because none of that is possible right now. You get feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, and those aren’t good.”