Tuesday, December 30, 2008

C-section...and a dress!

I just went for my pre-op meeting at the hospital. So strange to have a baby this way! The one thing that I found very interesting (and if we have a 3rd, I will be soooo pumped for) is that in February they are going to start allowing the mom to recover on the maternity ward with the baby immediately. With Kai, I was apart from him for 2 hours and it was tough (because of all the drugs I was on). This time, it should just be one hour but if I can wiggle my feet, they will let me go as early as 30 minutes. I'm gonna try to move my feet as hard as I possibly can, although, will power can only do so much. I think that is the hardest part...the initial separation. Maybe I can attach a string to my toe and pull it or something:) Gary doesn't really understand it because he gets to be with the baby. I have the first surgery of the day so it will be an early morning. I'm currently praying for good night sleeps leading up to the day and that my cold will be completely gone. Last night I slept for 4 hours straight!!! Woohoo!!

This morning, while heading to brunch with friends, I slipped on our back sidewalk walking to the garage. So scary. I ended up in the snow and did not fall down but still, all the food I had in my hand went flying (and broke dishes) and my loose ligaments did not enjoy the slip and slide. I'm so thankful I didn't hit the ground.

Finally, I went shopping and got a bridesmaid dress for my friend Maria's wedding in March! I really like it and will be able to wear it again...cute black dress that was 50% off:) I couldn't try it on obviously but I'm sure it will fit just fine!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Last date for a while!

Today Gary and I went on a date. Maria watched Kai for 2 hours and Gary and I went shopping. It was nice to get out of the house without Kai, that way we could even hold hands:) We didn't buy anything but it was still nice to look!
Gary took Kai grocery shopping last night and I fell asleep in the recliner. I have been SO tired due to never sleeping more than an hour in a row (needing to rotate the hip I'm lying on or sitting up for a while because my hips feel like they are broken). Kai said he wanted to buy something for the baby so he picked out this `little monkey' shirt.
Kai loving his tool set...
(Here he is cutting Peanut Butter's (the monkey's) hair with a saw)
Gary's newest hair cut. I almost gave him a mullet in a moment of baby brain...good thing Gary doesn't care. I usually cut it when there's still a week left of holidays so that it can grow out and sort of fix itself before school starts again! It has been nice having Gary around. I've allowed myself to become completely lazy in order to get rid of this cold and be as rested as I can before Friday. Gary's had to do a lot but good thing he is willing and able! Kai has been a good boy lately, I think because his cold is gone. I'm sad that I will be away from him for 3 days while in the hospital but at least he will be able to visit. I asked him how he liked Sunday school yesterday and he said `We sang `Deep and Wide' and `My God is So Big'!'. He also said that they heard a story about baby Jesus. It's just so cool that he can tell me what he's been doing and how he feels about it. I will admit that a lot of what he says sounds a lot like me...he corrects Gary when Gary pronounces something funny on purpose or he'll say stuff like `Daddy, we need to clean up. It's important to have a clean house!'.
Tomorrow I'm having brunch with friends, going bridesmaid dress shopping and then going to the hospital to register and talk about Friday!!!!!
PS I don't think the baby is coming early anymore. Besides the Braxton Hicks (my uterus must be SO strong because it is constantly working out!!!) and the drop in my belly, no other signs.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taking a break...

*I know I've been updating too much but I have time now....*
I'm taking a break from editing as we did our LAST photo shoot for a while today. The weather was not ideal and driving around our house causes me to almost go in labour, however, we managed to get some good pics so that's good! Our neighbourhood snow is crazy and I always end up attempting to drive us out while Gary pushes the van and its all very stressful. I may have let out a few choice words...again. Already the puddles are oceans and I'm nervous about what it will look like in a few days from now. Gary thinks I overreact when he's driving in these conditions but I think its something inside me that is saying `Protect this baby at all costs!!!' and ` I cannot go into labour right now!!
(Thank you uncle Todd and auntie Karen...perfect gift for our little letter and puzzle lover!!!)

How am I feeling? Well, not ideal, but, not at the point of tears yet. I just know that this baby is ready. It's like I can feel it saying `Let me out!!!!' Six more sleeps folks, six more sleeps!!! My belly is so low now. It rests on the couch between my legs. I feel like a sumo wrestler. What am I looking forward to? Meeting and falling in love with our baby (obviously) and then selfishly, I'm also look forward to buying some new clothes and attempting to get in shape. I have all these dreams that I'll be a marathon runner, but honestly, I know I'll prob. just be a 5km runner for the rest of my life...nothing wrong with that:)
(He said `Mommy, look! I'm a princess!')
Okay, I should get back to the editing...Big thanks to auntie Nut for watching Kai while we went and did the shoot!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pics from the last 3 days

The fun started on the 23rd when we went bowling for my sister Jackie's birthday. Kai had a BLAST.

(Niece B-belle who is one)

(Dekens family picture..it's tradition)

(My sister nut/Trisha and her man Steve)

(Ani providing emotional support to Kai while he bowls with Gary. Gary let him bowl every single ball of every single round. Wow, patience!!!)
On the 24th we went across the street to my dad's. Fortunately we didn't have to drive anywhere because we couldn't. The snow here is insane.
Kai's first chocolate letter...a great dutch tradition!!!

(Kai's new coat from auntie Jan)

He also got a bowling set and a power tools set. He LOVES it.
I thought yesterday, the 25th, was the day (baby day). We were packing to go to Gary's family's for the day and I made him pack all of our hospital stuff as well. We couldn't make it more than 10 feet down the road. Very dissapointing to miss the Chapman brunch yesterday. I also felt some stress because what if i did go into labour, how would we get there? I am doing everything I can NOT to go into labour (if i can help it, can I?). The reason why is because I am quite congested and I'm having a hard time coughing due to the current location of my diaphragm and lungs. I worry that if i had a C-section right now, it would be waaaaay to painful to cough and I would end up with pneumonia or something. The doctor said if I start spotting that I should call them and we'll figure out where to go from there (because they don't want me to really go into full out labour before hand). Both doctors have suggested that it would not be worth it to try at this point and I 100% agree. It's kind of hard because I'm waiting for real contractions to start (still have strong Braxton hicks every day all day) as a sure indicator.
(Kai eating soup with his power tool goggles...I love it, he looks like a scientist!! He's currently watching `Sid the Science Kid'...woohoo!)
That is the only picture we have from Christmas day. We were very dissapointed we didn't make it out to his family's and it was a very boring day here. We couldn't go to church or leave the house and it didn't feel very Christmassy. We opened our few presents from eachother. Gary got me a pair of chocolate brown boots which I ended up wearing the entire day because I couldn't get them off (couldn't bend over). I bought him a pair of pants and a shirt. We are going to get out of the house today no matter what it takes.

(Here Gary is digging out our car in case we can't get our van down the alley....AGAIN. I'm assuming we have about 50cm of snow.)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Braxton Hicks

*I'm sorry if I sound like a grumpy pants...I'm just being honest*
I just need to post that I am extremely tired and annoyed by these contractions. This was day 4 I believe? It was way worse today. Anytime I'm walking or standing or eating, they come on and are uncomfortable. I'm feeling irritable (ask Gary!) and Kai is being extra wild due to being trapped in a house and the abundance of holiday fun. I just feel a little grumpy because its not comfortable eating the yummy food placed in front of me. I feel crampish and yucky. I feel like crying. I am so thankful for the baby to come. I'm just frustrated with how little I can do right now and how uncomfortable I am. Sitting hurts because the baby gets squashed, standing causes contractions, lying down causes my hips to become numb. Maybe I need to just lie in a pool. I think we will go to the pool on Boxing day. Tomorrow we have the Chapman Christmas part 2 in the morning (if we can get the van out of the garage and all the way to Aldergrove) and then I am going to sit in the recliner and read all afternoon. I hope.
PS We had a really wonderful Dekens Christmas Celebration tonight and we will post pictures later. Kai got a Home Depot Power Tool Workshop from my family and he is PUMPED.

Baby update

Gary and I took my dad's super awesome truck to the doctor this morning as there is a TON of snow. The worst area is around our house. BIG THANKS to my dad and Trisha for watching Kai while we went! So, everything looks good. Baby's HR was 150bpm. I asked the doctor what he thought about the heart rate myth and he said that the HR depends more on my sugar levels, caffiene, rest etc. which kinda makes sense because I have been eating so many Christmas cookies:) He wasn't going to check if I was dilated but when he saw the shape of my uterus/belly when I was standing up, he said that it looked like I was ready to go:) I'm measuring 39 weeks. I'm only 1.5cm dilated but my cervix is very soft. The head has not engaged. I'm not sure that I will make it til January 2nd but I'm really hoping that I don't go into labour until at least boxing day!! He said if I go into labour, make sure I finish eating my Christmas dinner:) (When you have a C-section, you have to wait quite a while before you can eat which is going to be hard for me!).
PS Went bowling last night. I tried to do it once and I couldn't stop with the momentum and I fell on my knees. Kai LOVED it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Goofballs

Kai loves `playing clips' as he calls it. Here they have put them in their hair and on piggy's ears. Kai's energy has reached a new level, I don't know where it comes from but boy, that boy can go, go, go!

Tonight we are celebrating my sister Jackie's 24th bday with the traditional dinner and bowling afterwards. Kai is very excited to go to a real bowling alley. Lynette (my best bud) came by today which was nice, we def. do not get together enough! I do have a picture but its on the other camera so I'm not going to upload that one too.
I have a doctors appt tomorrow. I think I will get him to see if I've dilated at all. More out of curiousity because I have had steady Braxton Hicks for 3 days now. By steady I mean that I have a contraction anywhere from 1-10 times per hour. It will be my last doctor appt before the big day!!! I hope it doesn't snow too much because its the last possible day that I can see my doctor due to holidays etc.

Gary and Kai are still sick with a cold. At least its just a cold, although, I want everyone to be super healthy by the 2nd!!! I would like to make a comment on how men turn into babies when they are sick but that would probably not be appropriate or encouraging to my husband:).

The best $5.99 we ever spent (Toys R Us). It's a great way for him to learn the `little' letters and his numbers. He wondered why there weren't lower case numbers too:) I saw it as a suggestion in a parenting magazine for keeping a kid busy while you make dinner, and its true, he loves it! He prob. plays with it for about one hour a day which is a long time for a 2 year old! I have cute video footage of him playing with it, but alas, too much work to put on here.
SEe ya!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Pictures at 37 Weeks

We took some family photos with the white background which is a totally different feel from the black one...it's less `romantic' and more fun. Kai was good for 2 seconds but whatever, here are a few pictures!

Soooooo cold!

I think the only thing that is bad about being so pregnant in this weather is that I don't feel safe playing outside in it. Also, I don't have a jacket that fits at this point which makes it more difficult. Basically, I am a very boring mommy these days:( I had contractions again from 3:30-5:30am, is this normal? I just had to take these pictures from the safety of the indoors so I didn't get Kai making his snow angel which he has been practicing indoors the past few days:) Blogger is being VERY slow at uploading (could be our internet connection) so I'll just leave it at 3 pics...
(Helping daddy shovel)
(Wearing his `new' snowpants from his cousin!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Last night I had a dream I was in the operating room and waiting for the doctors to do the C-section. They kept trying to put me under (you don't really go under) and I kept letting them know I was wide awake. Kai was running around the operating room with scalpels and whatever else he could find. I told Gary that he had to get Kai out of there and Gary got mad at me and said that he would stay out too. I woke up mad at Gary. I guess I can't be mad at him for what he did in my dream.

I've been having Braxton Hicks all evening (I think that's what it is!!). It's so weird because I never had it with Kai. The first hour, it was every 5 minutes but has since slowed down. I've def. hit the highest weight of my life at this point and my stretch marked belly is pure evidence of it. I really CANNOT wait to have this baby in my arms. I CANNOT believe that I will soon:) I am sooooooo excited. Last time I was nervous for labour and my life changing forever and this time, I don't feel so worried about it. I am so happy!

This morning I got together with 2 friends from high school, one is currently a midwife in India. Very fascinating stories. Then, I went out for lunch with my sisters and my dad's girlfriend...I had soup. Yum. I feel like all I want it soup. It's just so comforting. This weather is too cold. The snow is fine, but the cold. Nope, not nice.

We went to the new Price Smart by our house today and maybe it was due to my hormones but I was unimpressed. I may have bordered on rude at one point....I just really struggle with people being inefficient. My problem. I know.

By the way, not really sure what the voting (on the sidebar for boy vs girl) should be because my sister Jantina admitted today that she has been using various computers to vote for a girl. She said she voted 20 times. So now I'm thinking there have been a whole lot more votes for a boy!

I'm interested to see what develops from this blizzard and snow storm warning. Hopefully we aren't homebound for too long!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Break Begins!!

I have Gary at home for 2 weeks!!! Two weeks folks!!! Woohoo!!

1. Got to go to Gary's game last night. Loved it. The guys played so well and they won. I only got to stay til the 3rd but I took some pictures for Gary with the 50mm which was kinda fun. I got to go by myself!!!! Trisha came over while Kai slept....so nice to get out!!

2. Today Gary and I got to go to a wedding. Just attend, not take pictures! It was a great day together and I'm really glad that we were invited and able to go! The wedding was for a friend of ours who was actually a student of mine in our first year teaching. I'm very happy for them and boy, they make me feel old! Congratulations Stewart and Charisa!!

3. Kai was at gramma's today and did not nap. He's also fighting this ridiculous cold that has Gary and I ready to go to bed right now (6pm). He is being ridiculous. He just got a time out for hitting Gary.

4. Kai spoke with an accent yesterday. So funny. There is a show called `Odd Jobbers' where they have English (?) accent so he said `Awd Jawbah's' and started giggling. He did a very good impersonation. Silly monkey.

5. Yesterday he was drawing by himself and said `Mommy, M! O!' so I went to see what he had drawn. Check this out! I think it is a complete fluke that he did this as he probably just scribbled and somehow a couple letters were formed.
6. I have this weird feeling that the baby is really ready to come out now. There is nothing really happening but I think the baby has dropped and I feel different. I am def. in some discomfort as there is more pressure and strange jabs on the cervix/pelvic region. It seriously feels like an arm is making its way out while I'm walking. I know, too much info. But, its the truth!
7. Gary and I have been watching the first couple seasons of `How I Met You Mother' and I'm looking forward to watching a few episodes this evening. I'm hoping these next few weeks are as restful as they can be, considering all the family stuff that is going on in the next week.
8. We are supposed to have a photo shoot in Mission on Sunday afternoon but the weather could be pretty dicey so we will see!
9. I love our van. Love it.
10. I love fudge. Love it.
11. I learned something new about Gary today! He did not make the soccer team in grade 11. I did not make the volleyball team in grade 9. I think that it was good for us to fail at something. I did not deal with it well, I never played volleyball again. We also both failed our drivers tests. I didn't deal with that well either.
12. Thanks for the recommendation for `Fibre 1 Honey Oats' or whatever its called, very yummy and 50% of your daily recommended fibre!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two weeks and two days...

1. Our car had a broken water pump. $284.00. That's less than $300.00 which is a good thing I guess? I had a few tears about it yesterday but as Gary pointed out, once your car is 10 years old, you have to start putting money into it. Also, I'm very thankful that we can afford it (even though I'm on mat. leave, we put $300 into it a few weeks ago, and our house insurance is due in one month....:). I wish there was a coupon or something for car repairs so I could feel like I was getting a good deal. Even a $10.00 off coupon would make me happy...

2. Doctor appt today went fine. Had the dreaded strep B swab. If you don't know what it is, just you wait:) It's really not that bad, just awkward. Baby is fine. Apparently I'm still measuring 38 weeks along (I'm 36.5). Weight gain: 31lbs (and that is with the nice scale). Baby HR: 147bpm. Baby is currently posterior (as was Kai). I'm not surprised as I sit in the recliner so much. I tried many different positions/things to rotate Kai but it did not happen...I'm not concerned about it now!

3. Kai loves the song `My Bonnie lives over the ocean'. Yesterday he was filling in different words like `My van/Bubi/garage lives over the ocean' and then he would do this hilarious fake/real laugh. We were taking turns making up lines and then he said `We are so funny mommy!'. He always asks what letter words start with. Today he asked me what `triangles' started with. I said `Tuh, tuh, tuh, what letter is that?' and he got it! He also got that ball started with B based on the `Buh' sound. He has started recognizing/taking an interest in numbers up to 10 although I'd say he's only got about half of them down. I asked him his favourite things to do with mommy and daddy. He said that with mommy he likes to spell/play boggle (we just use the boggle pieces to spell words) and with daddy he likes to play basketball and fix things. I don't sound like a very fun mom! The other day he said that he wants to be a basketball coach...so cute:)

4. Kai and I got bundled up and shoveled the sidewalk. Halfway through, I decided that wasn't a very good idea as I didn't want to pull something so we left the rest for daddy-o. It sure seems to be snowing a lot in our area...at least the roads were good for us this morning! Yay for the van!

5. In 2 weeks and 2 days I will be holding my baby. I can't believe it. I feel so, so, so blessed to be adding to our family and I def. do not take it for granted. Tears. I physically feel WAY better than I did with Kai. Could be due to the cool weather (no swelling and sweating!!!!) or maybe its just a smaller baby. I can't wait to see if he/she looks like Kai, Gary or myself. I secretly hope that it looks like me. I just think it would be amazing to look at a baby and see a resemblance. Two weeks and two days!!!! Maybe it will have red hair (Gary was an EXTREME redhead until he was about 16). Two weeks and two days!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1. Our car is having problems AGAIN. Totally different problem...the radiator is severely leaking or something. Grrrr. Thankfully we have the van, but still, now we are down to one vehicle AND we have to pay to get it fixed. Please, please, please let it cost less than $300.00. Thankfully Gary only has 3 more nights of basketball before the holidays.
2. My throat hurts. Three days now. Thankfully it hasn't really progressed into my lungs because its hard to cough with a stretched belly. I just feel the kind of tired you feel when you are fighting something. I took a Halls yesterday. I think/hope that's okay. I didn't even eat chocolate when I was pregnant with Kai (due to the caffeine in it, I was hard core)...this time, I'm way more um, relaxed? I def. need to be healthy for the C-section because I can't imagine coughing with that kind of abdominal surgery. We're down to about 17 sleeps!!!! Baby is squashed in there and having a harder time moving, that's for sure! I'm starting to feel some guilt about not allowing things to occur naturally and letting the baby experience the benefits of contractions/labour so I'm secretly hoping that I go into labour on the 1st and that I go to about 7cm's and then have a C-section. I know. It increases chances of infection and if I'm going to go to 7cm's, I might as well try all the way. I'm just remembering that last time, I felt `okay' until 7cm's. What if breast feeding doesn't go as well because I didn't experience any labour? I am confident in my decision to have a planned C-section, but, I am experiencing some guilt. Boy or girl??? I can't believe how cool I've been with it. My family and Gary never would've believed that I could've handled not knowing. I never would've believed it!
3. Isn't our son adorable? I know the middle picture is overexposed but when you have only 1 minute to take pictures, this is as good as it gets! Getting the shots cost me 3 jellybeans:) I don't know if he's physically adorable to others (i def. think so!) but his personality just makes him so cute to me! There is a piping bag of icing on our counter (from the disastrous gingerbread house fiasco) and I caught him sucking on it. He said `My tummy feels sick, I need this'. Ya right buddy, nice try.
4. Finally, does anyone have a favourite cereal that is extremely high in fibre? I'll leave it at that:)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chapman Christmas Part 1

We had a Christmas dinner with Gary's family last night. It was part 1 as one of his brothers (along with wife and 4 kids) will not be around here on Christmas day. Kai loves hanging out with his cousins and its so nice that he is at an age where I don't have to watch him (as much):)
The kids table
Kai and Kieryn. She is the closest Chapman cousin although she is about 3 years older than him.
All the Chapman kids. I think Kai looks most like Jayden, the boy right in front of him
Kai being goofy with the boys.
Kai got a gun from under the gramma tree. Every time they visit they get to pick up a present from under the gramma tree.

His cousins gave him two magnets and he said `This is all I need!'.

On the way home, he talked about how fun it was wrestling with his cousins (his first time REALLY participating) and said at the end, `What a lovely day'.

Too young for this much fun...

(He's thinking `Why won't mommy let me eat all the candy?')

I don't think you are supposed to decorate gingerbread houses with 2 year olds. Way too stressful for me. Candy all over the ground and all in Kai's belly. Maybe my hormones have made me less patient? I'm not sure. We quit half way. What am I supposed to do with him all day? We cannot go outside. Gary has the van. I cannot sit/lay on the ground to play with him. I feel like I gained another 10lbs overnight. I feel like I'm getting a cold. I accidentally ate almonds last night (I'm allergic to them...all night my ears and throat were soooooo itchy). Am I grumpy? Hmmm...sounds like it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star

Today Kai participated in his first Christmas program! I had no idea how he would do. The song they had to learn was tough (big words, no rhyming, not anything we'd heard before). Kai tried to make it a little more `fun' by always finishing it off with `In a manger filled with FLOWERS!' (instead of hay). Anyway, today was the big day. His teachers led the 2.5- 3 year olds to the front of the church. Kai is def. the youngest in the class and one of the smallest. They stood on the risers. They waved their stars and sang their song. Kai danced during the singing and then yelled out the last line louder than anyone WITH the right words. Phew. He was adorable. I wish we videotaped it but I didn't want to be the crazy family with the digital camera and the videocamera. Next time, I don't care. We'll do it!

(Kai's dancing...he only sang the last line)
(eagerly anticipating the last line..ready to yell it out!)
Last night we started making our gingerbread house although somehow this morning, our door had been eaten (Kai). Kai was soooo pumped that it snowed last night. He got to throw 2 snowballs at daddy which we had been anticipating for a whole month now. This afternoon we have the Chapman Christmas dinner...should be good times! The snow makes it seem more Christmas-ish.

Yesterday, Kai and I were able to go to one of Gary's bball games. Kai made it through a whole game! Kind of. He loves half time where he can go wild and throw the ball around. He hasn't seen Gary much this week so last night he said he wanted us all on the couch. Then, he just jumped up and down on the couch saying `We're all togever! We're all togever!'. Poor lil guy, we should be togever all the time...
(he tried cuddling in front of me but there was no room...its totally comfy if he just lays on my hip instead)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Let it snow!!!

1. Made Mullagatawny soup for dinner last night. Very good. This isn't the exact recipe but would work just as well. We put rice in our soup. I think next time I will add potatoes to it too. Two of my favourite things; soup and curry. Don't know why I've never had it before!
2. Kai said to Gary last night, `Daddy, can you teach me how to dribble?'. Wow, daddy's dream come true:)
3. I keep scraping my belly by walking into table and counter corners and it is very painful. My belly bleeds so easily because it is so tight. Ouch.
4. It's going to snow today! Woohoo!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

35.5 weeks

I know I have a lot of pregnancy updates but when I look back to the info I have on my pregnancy with Kai, it is quite minimal. I met with my surgeon today and she is able to do it! She is doing 3 C-sections in the morning and then heading to St. Marten in the evening so the post care will be done by her fill in. I'm currently measuring at 38 weeks....that's 2.5 weeks larger than I should be! That is insane to me. I'm getting new stretch marks every day that I'm really just trying to accept but I'm nervous about what it will look like on a deflated belly. Dr. said originally that she would like me to try labour if it happens before Jan. 2, but today she said that she would not `make' me try anymore. However, I will def. try if I go into labour early. I am curious how this labour would be different. I am thankful that I do not have to go to my due date as each laugh or sneeze seriously causes little blood vessels to burst on my expanding belly. I have two shirts that currently fit. So tempted to buy another one but I just have to last 22 more sleeps:) By the way, last night I slept from 11:30pm til 6am!!! Woohoo! I feel so alive. Oh ya, baby's heart rate was 155bpm..pretty high for this time in the pregnancy if you ask me!
This picture needs a flash but I like it anyway. Kai thought he was pretty cool. He has these purple circles under his eyes...not sure why. He's hydrated and well rested. Allergies? Last night we pigged out on red peppers and carrot sticks. He was so pumped about it. It's so funny to me:) I've tried explaining to him that I will be in the hospital with an owie when the baby is born so he will be at grammas. He is very excited to go to gramma's house (she has TONS of toys and TONS of food that I do not feed him). He said he would bring me a Diego bandaid to make me feel better:) Kai's latest contribution to the baby name is `Hamilton'. He thinks its hilarious.

Kai was an angel at going to bed. Now, it takes a little more work to get him to his nap (he wants to brush his teeth first...fine with me!) and at night, he has started crying when going to bed. He only cries for about 30 seconds but still, such a change! We had an incident last night. He was rocking my huge basket of folded laundry and I asked him to stop. He did not. He had made a mess of all his clothes the day before by taking them ALL out of the drawers and throwing them in the closet causing me to spend half an hour refolding. I yelled at him to stop. He did not. I went over to him and slapped the hand that was rocking it. He looked at me with the greatest sadness and fear and burst into tears. I felt so bad. I will NOT do that again. I was spanked growing up which was fine for me but I'm really trying to teach Kai to be gentle and that was not a good example. I explained that I was angry that he didn't listen but that I was sorry for hitting his hand. We had a big hug. Wow, I felt bad.
Gary will be home by 4:30 today and will stay until Kai is in bed. I am so excited!!!! Yesterday, I dropped Kai off at school so Gary could watch him for an hour and I could go to the pub for a friends birthday. Kai had SO much fun. He helped Gary get the water bottles ready and he played with basketballs and volleyballs. When I picked him up, he was sitting in a desk with the rest of the bball team in a team meeting. He said `Bye boys!' when we left. He loves hanging out with daddy and loves basketball.
OH YA: BIG WOOHOO FOR LOW GAS PRICES AND LOW INTEREST RATES ON OUR LINE OF CREDIT!!! WOOHOO!!!! Although, I did see that property taxes in Surrey were going up again:(

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec. 10th

Today would be my mom's 56th bday. I got an email from a friend the other day reminding me how lucky/blessed I am to have had the mother that I did and the relationship with her that I did. How true this is. I have said many times that I am so thankful for the foundation that my mother laid and the relationship that we had. It was amazing. My mom did not have any sisters growing up so I think she loved having 5 daughters to talk with:)
I have no pictures from the past couple days so I will just post the two scrapbook pages I made yesterday. They actually only take about 15 minutes each (now that I know photoshop a little more) so it's a fast and easy way to do it! I'm not very artsy/creative so this is as good as it gets:) I will admit that I've been fiddling with making various birth announcements so that all we have to do is insert some pictures and the correct weight etc. when the baby is born. I'm excited to get studio baby pictures of this baby as we never got to with Kai.

This morning Kai and I got out of bed around 8am. Technically he had been up since 7am or so but he just talks and plays with Bubi in his bed until I get him. I feel guilty not getting him right away but he's not complaining so I'll do it while I can! I seem to be up from 4-5:30am each night. Guess its good practice:) Last night I was munching on Stone Wheat Crackers at 4:30am in bed...if Gary did that, I would've been sooooo mad!!!! The baby is moving less at night now which is nice but also a little worrisome at times because I will try to get it to move just to make sure everything is okay and it def. takes a lot longer! Tomorrow I meet with my surgeon lady to go over the details and I better think through if I have any questions. Oh ya, my appetite. Huge. Somehow I've started eating a lot more. There is no room in my belly. The stretch marks are expanding and getting redder:( Last time I was just very swollen everywhere due to the heat. This time, no swelling at all so far and my wedding rings still fit perfectly fine!
Kai wanted waffles this morning so I made some. We need to buy some whole wheat flour so I can make a healthier kind but this is the one I made this morning. Kai had 3 whole waffles and would've kept going but I cut him off. What a piglet. Then we went to Mark's Work Wearhouse to get free socks for Gary. They had a coupon on the flyers with no catch (go get them while supplies last...its in Langley!). Not bad, not bad! Then Kai and I walked around Costco for a bit (had to pick up pictures) and we picked up some hiking boots for auntie Trisha.
I did too much cleaning and laundry today but I can't stand a messy house. I'll have to work on my mindset a bit. I miss work a bit but I mentally and physically can't do it. How did I ever have time to take care of the house and work? I guess when you're not pregnant you have more energy?
We have our first babysitter ever coming this week. Well, Kai has been to 2 different daycares and has had every single family member babysit him so he has had many babysitters. However, we are actually paying someone we don't know to watch him. She was recommended by a friend from work so we will see how it goes! She lives just 2 blocks away which is a HUGE bonus.
I'm sure I'll post after the doctor visit tomorrow...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Down Time

I have to say that the decision on when to stop working was a big one for me. I've always been very driven and its hard for me to sit back and relax. I am getting way better. If I had been able to work just 2 weeks more, I probably could've gotten paid over the Christmas break and started mat leave in Janaury which would be a whole extra month of pay altogether. However, I am learning that my mental state is more important to me than money so I am taking these next 24 days to prepare and relax. If anyone has any tips of what I should be doing to prepare for my second baby, let me know! I think I've got everything ready and I've just got to make and freeze a bunch of meals.
(Gary and Kai picked up some flowers for me)
Gary and I had a huge discussion on Saturday night about basketball. Gary is number one on my support list so the fact that the next 3 months are his busiest is a bit stressful. I'm totally fine with him having bball now, but once a newborn comes into the picture.....He coaches senior basketball and does not have an assistant. Last week, he had an additional 12 hours of coaching on top of teaching which adds up. This does not include driving to and from games, washing uniforms, ordering uniforms, corresponding with coaches etc. Last year when he finished bball, I made it clear that he needed to find an assistant for this season. He did try. It's really hard to find people who can coach basketball. So, after discussing this for 30 minutes and getting nowhere, we tried to find a solution that included changing practice times to morning practices, figuring out that Gary could make meals on Sundays etc. Well, last night we got an email from one of Gary's old players who played at TWU for 4 years and he said he'll probably be able to be the assistant coach. Wow. Answer to prayer!!! Woohoo! I know this is not set in stone yet so I'm not getting too excited but I'm really thankful that Gary will have support now too!
(What Kai and I will be doing for fun on Saturday)
35 weeks. Still feeling okay. My back is still fine! Heartburn, not bad! Leg cramps, none! The only hard part is at night. If i need to get up to go to the bathroom, it takes me about 5 minutes to move less than 10 feet. My pelvis/hips get soooooo sore throughout the night. I've been starting to sleep in a sitting position to help that but its not the easiest sleeping position. My belly sticks out more this time which has given me more stretch marks. I'm trying not to be vain but I'm also thinking about what this will look like afterwards.....Everywhere I go, I think about what my plan of action is if my water breaks at that exact location. I never thought about it last time.
By the way, how do I think my life will change once I am the mommy of two? I know I will be exhausted. I know it will be harder to get dinner on the table. I know I will have less patience for Gary and Kai. My hope is that this baby will cry less (please, please, please!!!!) and that I will be able to maintain a routine. I hope that the baby will take a bottle so that I can pump and then go to football or wherever else I may want to go. I think that because I have already adapted to the role of being a mom, and I know what a newborn is like, the transition should be easier this time. WE will see!!!!