Friday, April 30, 2010

Hazel Eyes

Koen is off of his antibiotics and I never want to put him on them ever again!!! We have a chiropractor appointment on Monday and I'm hopeful that with a few visits, we'll be able to help prevent future ear infections.
(I love my boys' hazel eyes!!)
I have continued giving him a lot of probiotics (powder placed in his milk) and things are looking much better today (way fewer diapers)!! Phew. He still isn't eating but at least he'll drink his milk.
(More grumpy face)
I took the boys to Campbell Valley Park this morning to run around outside. Well, Koen just wanted to be held which is so unlike him. Why did we go to south Langley? I picked up an Ergo carrier off of craigslist! I was going to wait until we had baby #3 but we might as well use it now on Kokies. He was too heavy for the bjorn so this is perfect. We came home and went to the park with Ani and Izzy so that I was able to try out the Ergo. I carried him in the front on the way there and on my back when we returned. I have to say that it was super comfy and I'm sure Koen will love it (he was pretty tired by that point). The one downfall is that it is way harder to do up and maneuver than the bjorn.
(Just so I remember what the back of his little head looked like:)
We have three weeks off this summer and are planning on a lot of hiking and camping so I think that will be a great option for carrying Koen.
We are photographing 5 weddings in May and the first one is tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about the weather forecast for tomorrow but it should be fun. It's always nice going to new churches and locations so we're looking forward to it! The kids are pumped to go to gramma and grandpa's house and fortunately Koen is doing so much better today, I won't have to feel guilty the whole time we're apart!
Kai was able to go to his preschool party day (phew!) which he loved. Kai has been stuck at home all week with a sick Koen so it's nice to finally get out and about!
I'm getting my hair highlighted tonight. I splurged (like I try to do once a year) and bought spa utopia gift certificates at Costco. You get $100.00 worth for $80.00. So, tonight I will have 2 hours to myself and hopefully a scalp massage in there somewhere.

I finished reading `The Book of Negroes' and it was really good/sad. I didn't want it to end. Again, I would recommend it.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Love, Louise

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poor Kokies

He is so sick and I think the antibiotics have made it worse. He's on Clavulin (antibiotics) because he was on amoxicillin 5 weeks ago. It is way stronger and a larger dose so it has just destroyed his digestive system. I have never seen anything like it in my life. He also threw up all over our bed this morning...any ideas what to do for our mattress? We didn't have a mattress protector on it. I had given him some probiotic powder that I had picked up at the nutrition store to help restore his good bacteria so I don't know if that's what made him vomit or if it's the antibiotics. I'm calling the doctor this morning to see if I should take him off the antibiotics. Sorry if it's too much info, but 15-20 extreme (and I mean extreme) diarrhea diapers in a day is just not okay. I have to cancel the chiropractor appt for today because I'm thinking that he wouldn't want Koen there:) It makes me cry because kids should not be allowed to get sick. My poor little monkey.

PS They say breastfed babies don't get as sick...well this kid has been sick so many times (thankfully mostly just colds) since day one. I even breastfed him for 13 months. Maybe he would have been sick more often had I not breastfed him?
PPS Kai has his party day today at preschool and will probably have to miss it. He missed it last month because of a sick Kokies too.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Don't have time to write much as I'm pretty much taking care of Koen all day but here goes:
1. Koen has his second ear infection in a month. He's on antibiotics again. He is miserable. I can hold him for about 1 minute and then he throws back his head and cries and whines. He doesn't want to be held, but then he does etc. Even his favourite things (like going outside) are not working. Besides, someone let their dog do their diarrhea business on our front lawn so the kids can't play out there. I was sooo mad when we discovered it by Kai walking straight through it and into the car in his new shoes. I was a madwomen digging up sections of my lawn after that. Long story short, poor Koen is not happy. Fortunately he is sleeping well at night (dare I say that?!).

2. Reading `Book of Negroes' and it is so good. Read it.

3. Going to book a chiropractic app't for Koen to help with his ears. Anyone have any experience with this?

4. We went for our medical checks yesterday for the adoption process. We still have to get our $40 TB skin test and our blood tests done. At least I got to see that Gary's blood pressure is totally normal:) He never lets me check it. It's a little stressful seeing all our savings slowly go but I know that it's worth it and what were we saving for anyway?!:)

5. Bought a french manicure/pedicure set from Costco and it's fabulous. I have learned though that although Gary can paint homes, he cannot paint nails. I tried to get him to help with my right hand. I asked him if he tried his best. He said yes.

6. Kai has started a new difficult stage in regards to the toilet. He has been a dream so far up until about a week ago. He refuses to go to the bathroom without the toilet seat for kids. I'm sorry but I'm not dragging that thing around with me everywhere we go! He was doing totally fine without it. I don't know what happened and he can't explain it but he says the big toilet is too scary. I can't think of anything traumatic that has happened. When he went up to Green lake with my dad, he didn't have his seat so he just peed outside. Maybe we'll work on peeing standing up today. He held his pee all through preschool so he was so super wiggly and we barely made it home and then he had to pee outside on the front sidewalk. No idea where this is coming from and I wish we could have a better conversation about it but he doesn't even want to talk about it.

7. Doctor pointed out why Koen's eczema is so bad on his shins. It's his rubber boots that he wears all the time (so easy to put on). How could I NOT have noticed this? I'm a relatively smart person and did not put it together. So, no more rubber boots unless I tuck his pants in.

8. I love having homemade pesto in the fridge (and sun dried tomatoes). About once a month I make a bunch and then we have `pesto week'. Pasta, pizza, even tuna with pesto. I love pesto. I guess it's on my mind because we just had pesto week:)

9. Hope you are having a fabulous week!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Green Lake Trip

Okay, so from my last post...these were my goals for our trip to Green Lake with my whole family:
Mountain biking with Gary (Check!! So awesome)
Hike with my sisters (Check!! Walking with sisters)
Watching Kai on the quad and I guess trying it out myself! (Check!! Loved it!!)
Safe travels (Check!! Although, we need to bring our van in because it completely shut off twice on Friday while we were driving)
Laughter with family (Check!! Laughing at my sister Jantina for saying that Sami was already crawling...Sami is 1 month old)
Kai roasting marshmallows and hot dog wieners for the first time (Nope...too windy and cold)
A decent nights sleep for all of us (Nope...terrible, terrible, terrible sleeps..I'll talk about it below)
Family walk to the little's about 5km round trip. Perfect.
This is how kids play golf...
Jackie and Tyler joined us on the walk to the little lake.
Gary and I got to go out on our mountain bikes!! We haven't been out together in years. It was fabulous going on the quad trails...a few roots and downhill and we were good! We didn't go for too long though because we had a sick little Koen back at the house.
The first night, all was going well until 11:30pm when Koen starting puking. He puked 4 different times before 1:30am. It's stressful enough at home, but when you are in a house with 5 other families and a limited number of clothes, it was tough. We slept from 1:30am-4:30am when he puked again. So ya, not the best night sleep. He had a fever throughout the day and we just kept him cool with advil and a bath. Poor Koen. It was a terrible time for him. No one played with him or held him because he was sick (besides Gary and I). Last night was slightly better but still, not a good nights sleep. Oh Kokies. I have no idea what's wrong with him but I'm thinking it has to do with another ear infection. The one good thing was that my dad installed a washer and dryer in the cabin/house just yesterday so we could clean things up a bit. Yuck.
My sister Maria is 20 weeks pregnant with her 3rd....
Okay, so how have I never been on a quad before?! Well, my dad just got one so maybe that's why. It was so awesome. I used to ride our dirt bike around a `track' in our backyard when I was a teenager. This totally brought me back. They are so easy to operate, just a little tough to turn. I loved it! I have no idea whose coat I'm wearing here but I'm not really 300lbs! We just took a couple short trips out on it as I didn't want to leave Koen for too long. I won't tell you how Gary held on to me when I was the one driving.
Kai LOVED the quad. Of course. He could start it all by himself and I think Opi needs to buy a kids size one:) When Kai went up with Opi the day before we went, they took it out for a good ride and had a picnic.
Koen and Izzy colouring. Koen was naked most of yesterday to keep him a little cooler.
Gary and I went on a walk after the kids were in bed....looking at these three pictures, I guess I like fences!

This morning we snuck in a family picture before brunch. The sun was way too bright so it's not a fabulous photo but you get the idea. Dad, next time put your arm around someone:) The family continues to grow, grow, grow!
We tried a picture with the grandkids but they weren't so into it.
Overall it was a great trip. If Koen had not been puking that whole first night, it would have been a whole lot more restful and fun. Poor bubba. He seems a lot better today so hopefully he's on the mend! Thankfully no one else got sick. We're going to the doctor on Tuesday so I'll get him to check out Kokies ears.

Our tired and exhausted family on the dock.
Well, it was great to get away for the weekend. Great to see Kai having so much fun. Great for Gary and I to ride bikes and the quad together. Great to always go back to the place we got married at...would've been awesome to have had the quad then...just ride off on it:)
Hope you all had a fun weekend and that you didn't have any puking kids!
Love, Louise

Friday, April 23, 2010

Road Trip!

Yesterday my dad took Kai up to Green Lake and as soon as Gary gets off of work, we'll be heading up too! It was so weird skyping with Kai, man does his voice sound high pitched. Koen and I have missed Kai bear so much, our house is so quiet and calm. Although, it was nice heading to the park this morning at 8:30am without having to spend 20 minutes `encouraging' Kai to get dressed (underwear always inside out and backwards) and go to the bathroom.

This is what Kai said on skype last night (imagine it very high pitched):
MOMMY, I'M UP AT GREEN LAKE!!! WHERE'S KOEN? (so sweet that he wanted to know where his brother was...he really loves spending time with Koen). WE WENT FOR A RIDE ON THE QUAD AND MY HANDS ARE FREEZING! OKAY, I HAVE TO GO DO DETECTIVE STUFF. And off he went to do detective stuff?!

Later I got an email from my dad: `Please bring up the toilet seat with you, Kai didn't want to sit on the big scary toilet so he peed outside.'. Oh Kai bear, he sits on normal toilet seats all the time but he loves his little comfy insert so much. Who wouldn't, I guess.
Looking in the back of the van excites me so much!!! I haven't been mountain biking in years and I think that this weekend we should for sure get a chance to. Also, I'm just excited that there's still room in the back for our luggage with our two bikes! We do need to get a trailer hitch bike rack though if we will continue to take our bikes along...
I love Kokies fluffy hair...I always love it when boys have fluffy curly hair so I'm hoping that's how his comes in. It's looking like a beautiful auburn/strawberry blond type colour.
So, hopefully the weekend I have planned in my head comes to fruition:
Mountain biking with Gary
Hike with my sisters
Watching Kai on the quad and I guess trying it out myself!
Safe travels
Laughter with family
Kai roasting marshmallows and hot dog wieners for the first time
A decent nights sleep for all of us

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Love, Louise

PS Please note there is a free mini session available...check it out here!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What To Say When Someone Dies

This is not very well thought out but I do want to just put out a little post on this. As you may or may not know, my mom passed away 4 years ago, on May 7th. She had breast cancer that spread to her bones. No cure. Painful. Yet, time to process and mourn. She was 52 and I was 6 months pregnant with Kai. She said she would be there for his birth but missed it by 3 months. I did tell her what his name would be, just in case she didn't make it. I made her let me tell her that I was having a boy and I was so glad I did. My mom was amazing and I'm so thankful that I had her in my life. I'll be honest that it has gotten easier over time. I think it helps that I have my own kiddos to love with all my heart and also that I have 4 sisters who are able to support and encourage me when I need it. I guess I should point out that my dad and Joanne aren't bad either:)

When you have a friend that has lost someone, what do you do? I'll tell you what I appreciated and if anyone else has experience with loss, please add to it! I'm not doing this to tell people that they did it wrong, I just want to let you know what I learned from it. If you ever have a friend that loses someone they love, maybe this will come in handy....

1. Say something. Anything. You might be too scared to say the wrong thing or just too nervous that you'll make the person cry but just acknowledge it. `I'm so sorry, it must be so hard', `I can't even imagine how you must be feeling', `I'm praying for you' (my dad doesn't like this one, but I do), `Your________ was an amazing person' `I remember your ________ did____________'. You don't even have to say it verbally, you can email it. Then, if they talk...just listen. Listen. Listen. Listen.

2. Do practical things. Make a meal and drop it off (thank you to all those that did!!). Take the kids to the park. Clean a bathroom. Help scan pictures for the memorial. Mow the lawn. Give a box of Kleenexes with a note attached (Ali, you did that and I loved it). Give them flowers to brighten up their home. I know it's so easy to say, `Let me know if I can do anything!'. I would say that most people would not ask for help, or even know what to ask for. If you know that person would ask you for something specific, then say that. If they are like me (for the most part), I don't like asking for help but I sure like getting it (I'm learning). Cookies, those are easy! Oh ya, I also really appreciated that friends came to my mom's memorial as support for me. I can still see their faces smiling at me as I was up front speaking and I will never forget that.

3. Remember and Acknowledge. Once the memorial is over, things get tough. You kind of get through the day but then reality sets in. It's important to remember that if the person lost their father, then Father's Day will be tough. The first Christmas will be tough. The first thanksgiving will be tough. Their birthday will be tough. A wedding in the family will be tough. The birth of a baby will be tough. Celebrations are just tough. They do get better (for me anyway) but just saying (via words or email), `thinking of you today!', it helps. Also, if you ever have any pictures or stories of the loved one that has passed away, please share it! I REALLY want information about my mother mothering us as kids. Breastfeeding, sleeping, feeding etc. I know I was breastfed but have no idea how long. No idea when I slept through the night. No idea when I walked. That's really one of the reasons why I record every single thing with my kids:) If they start talking about their loved ones, listen. It is so therapeutic for me to talk about my mom and my memories of keeps those memories alive.

4. Invite them out. This is a tricky one but I truly appreciated being `busy'. Going for walks and having conversation. Playing a sport. Just being active and conversing with others helps you to start being a little bit more normal. It would be easy to just sit at home and think and think and think. It's healthy to mourn and process but it's also healthy to get some fresh air, exercise and stay part of the real world.

5. Be sensitive. Whenever someone said the word `cancer', `mom', `death', or `grandma' I had a little dagger stab my heart..especially the first year. Imagine how I felt when I was in labour with Kai and just got off the phone with my sister and the doctor, who knew my mom had passed away, asked if I was talking to my mom and if she was coming. Time does make it better...I can see grandma's with their grandkids and the pain in my heart is present but very small. If someone lost their mom, please don't complain to them that your mom doesn't watch your kids enough. If you catch yourself saying something that might hurt the other person, acknowledge it. So awkward, but maybe say, `Wow, I'm sorry, that wasn't very sensitive'. I mean, obviously you have to use those words, but just be aware of the presence of pain with them.

Okay, it's time for bed but I did just want to get it out there. If you have any ideas of what to add, please do! I'm no expert and everyone is so different. Maybe you need to ask the person, `Would you like to talk about your ____? I would love to talk about _________ anytime you like. ___________ sounds like an amazing person'. And finally, if you have lost someone and I have sucked and not said anything, I'm sorry.

Love, Louise

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life and Snuggles

Okay, before I start I just need to tell you a quick cool story. So, I was warming up for football this week and noticed a girl on the other team who had amazing legs. You know, long, lean and very muscular. Maybe I'm weird for noticing these things but I appreciate fitness. Anyway, she was the rusher and so she was the one who kept coming at me (I was QB). She didn't sack me once (that I remember) and I even ran by her for a touchdown. She did manage to block one of my punts though. ANYWAY, found out afterwards that she is a 3 time Olympic athlete!! She runs the 1500m and even placed 4th in Atlanta. Cool that she's an olympian and cool that I ran in a touchdown past her:) I do have to say though that she is new to football so once she really gets it, then we'll be in trouble!

On Saturday I hosted my sister Jan's baby shower. Little Sami was a good little girl, she just loves being snuggled and there were lots of people to snuggle her!
Here are some of the treats I sisters brought the rest (and maybe some healthier options!)
Snuggles with Sami.
Mommy and daughter
Jan's best friend, Robyn, joined us via Skype. She hadn't seen Sami yet (except for pictures) so here Jan is introducing them. It was 4am Robyn's time but she joined us for an hour:)
Sleeping on auntie Jackie
...with `auntie' Rachelle
Kai was busy for about an hour adding and taking away things from this creation; his rocket ship.
I made tortillas because I needed some and we didn't have any in the house. I don't think I will ever buy them again because these were so easy and sooooooooooooooooo good. I replaced the shortening with oil. Find the recipe here. We ate them filled with guacamole, chicken, cheese, beans, mole yummy!!!
This picture was taken on my 30th birthday when I was 5 months pregnant with Koen. I keep thinking about where we are in regards to adopting baby #3. I don't feel `pregnant' yet...I feel like we are trying to get pregnant. You know that crazy feeling when you are trying for your first, `I'm so excited! I'm so nervous! I've always wanted this but it's kind of scary!'. You know, like that. Once we are done our home study in September, then I will feel `pregnant'. Now, whether it's a rabbit or an elephants gestational period, we'll have to see!

Yesterday we mailed off our application (which Kai is holding) and our reference list. In one week we have our medical checks. I feel patient and I feel excited and I feel nervous (like the arrival of any baby right?) and I'm glad that it's not happening right now as I really want to enjoy Koen being little. Besides, once baby is here, Kai and Koen will have to share a room and they are sooooooo not ready for it (I'm keeping Koen in a crib as long as I can!!).

This morning I took the boys to Redwood Park as I had never been there. We loved it! I will post pictures tomorrow:) It feels so good to be healthy enough to take them out on my own. They are such explorers and it was so fun. Have a great week. Our family is off to Green Lake this weekend, should be fun to have a weekend of just family time!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Organ Donor Awareness Week

This week is organ and tissue awareness week and you're supposed to wear green to support it. It just takes a minute to verify that you want to be an organ donor, you just need a BC care card and you can click here to sign up.

If you're not sure if you are signed up, just punch in your care card number anyway. I found out that I registered on July 15, 2005:) When did you register??

My uncle received a cornea transplant, good family friend got a kidney...just waiting and waiting for George to get his lungs.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Exploring Queen's Park

First off, thanks to all those that commented on the butt grabbing picture. If only I knew earlier that those kind of things would get me more comments. Sorry there's only appropriate pictures below...don't want to make James uncomfortable again.

We have a wedding at Queen's Park in a couple of weeks so we took the kids there yesterday to run around while we checked it out. The kids were loving it on the playground. I forgot the cable to use the wireless remote so we had to do a family photo with the time. Next time. Traffic around Queen's Park is ridiculous at 6pm.

The picture above of Kai is just so him. Same with the one of Koen below and his, `I want that' face. Both boys could just run around outside all day long.
**Tyler, my brother in law, has just put out a `caption contest' for the picture of Koen below where he's pointing and has a crazy face, let's see what you can come up with!**

I can't believe it's the weekend already! I have football tomorrow morning and I'm so excited about it. I am just so incredibly thankful that my health is in a place now where I can be almost normal. I'll have to miss the next 3 weeks of football due to a family road trip (hello Green Lake!!) and two weddings in a row.

I'm hosting a baby shower for baby Sami tomorrow night and I've been baking up a storm of mini cupcakes, cake pops and peanut butter chocolate squares. I love baking!! Talking about food, last night on the Food Network Challenge, the winner made Steak Tacos Mole and I cannot wait to make it. I love mole. I love guacamole.

I can't believe it's summery out there again and we're all in shorts. I can't wait for the summer!! Kai can't wait to go to the beach and start a shell collection like his cousin Ani has.

Okay, I better get back to the kitchen. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Boys

I've got three very happy boys here. Let's go through each one:

1. Gary. He recently received a very exciting package in the mail. He got his radio poppers and remote trigger. I really cannot tell you the scope of these things yet (as I haven't had a chance to even look at them) but basically we can have remote flashes and we can also control our studio lights with the attachment on our camera. The most important part to me is the remote shutter release. HELLO FAMILY PICTURES THAT DON'T HAVE TO BE ON A TIMER!!!!!
So this is Gary being excited and taking pictures while I'm busy making dinner...
And yes Gary, I did post the picture of you grabbing my butt. That's what you get for taking those pictures.

2. Kai has discovered baseball. We started using a tee but decided to just pitch it to him and he hit the first 3 in a row. Out of our yard! Yes, we have the smallest yard ever. Time to practice at the park. Check out his eye on the ball...'s over the garage! Yes, he hits left. So we got to play again today. Can I tell you how much I detest being the pitcher? I'm absolutely petrified of the ball. Yes, it is a kids ball. Still afraid.

3. Okay, so not really new for Koen, but man, he loves his `hot-tee' (hockey). He just walks around all day holding his plastic golf club. He hits any ball he finds and says over and over, `Hot-tee! Hot-tee!' Even in the van, we make sure he is holding his hot-tee stick. Can I tell you that I find him so adorable?! Seriously, my heart smiles. He has yet to make me angry, upset or mad. I'm not looking forward to the day when he starts saying `no' to me!

Have a great evening!

Monday, April 12, 2010


My sister in law sent me this picture today. Three things stand out at me:
1. Gary looks 10 years younger (it was 3.5 years ago)
2. I look as tired as I felt. That was the longest night of my life.
3. That was when we became a family and it was oh so special. We had no idea what we were getting into. Seriously. No idea. I liked the idea of being a mom but didn't truly realize it was 24/7 for the rest of your life. Gary shed a tear on that day. That was the second time I've ever seen Gary cry and I haven't seen it since. He says that was the most beautiful I've ever been...when we had our kids. His eyes must've been blurry from the tears:)
I'm just off to football practice (in shorts!! I wore shorts all day, it was so nice!!) so this will be super brief. Football was awesome this weekend. I would say that I was functioning at about 75%..woohoo! I even ran in a TD.
(Just a picture of Kokes, he's so cute)
Kai has changed a bit in the last week. Besides talking like a robot and no longer into recycling, he has a bit more of an attitude. He says things like `Mommy, that wasn't good behavior' or `Mommy, you need to use your nice words or I'm going to send you to time out' etc. So, basically he is using my words on him.
Today at the park, he gave Koen a huge headlock after me reminding him to be polite over and over, so, we just went home. After only being there 10 minutes. He. Freaked. Out. Yup, he was `that kid'. Screaming. High pitched. `I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME. THAT'S NOT GOOD BEHAVIOUR MOMMY. I'M GOING TO SEND YOU TO TIME OUT.' Laying on the ground. The whole `freak out' act. It didn't bother me too much but why is he acting so nuts?

We put him to bed half an hour earlier last night but that didn't make a difference. He gets tons of fresh air and interaction with others. He's probably just going through an emotional/mental growth spurt and trying to figure out how to process everything but man, he can be a little ridiculous. Ah yes, always learning with these kiddos!
Okay, better go. Have a wonderful evening.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Two boys and a girl

These past two days, Gary and I have had nothing on the calendar and it's been dreamy:) It's been nice to just catch up on adoption paperwork and Gary, his school work. It's not that there's bad stuff on the calendar, it's just life. Fun but busy! I've got my first football game this weekend so we'll see how it goes. I'm interested in seeing what my body can do. I have to say that I'm feeling that it is the best it's been since Sept 09 so we will see!
Oh Koen. He still looks like a baby because he's so bald:) Both boys have their daddy's green/ hazel eyes.
Koen likes blowing on all of his food. He is still eating the same as or more than Kai.
And here he is, mid whine, stopping to say `cheese'. It's so cute! I have no idea where he got it from because Kai never says `cheese' for photos. He would start whining so I would pretend to take a picture and he would stop and say `cheese!'.
Kai is heavily into activity books. Stickers, patterns, colouring, math, tracing etc. He got a `Cars' activity book from Gramma and we got him the Preschool book from Coscto. He does it for at least 2 hours per day. It's awesome! It does require a bit of parent participation but it's fun to play teacher:) Kai has recently started counting things in his head. I have no idea how he learned how to do it but he does it very well! He loves math. He loves addition and we started working on subtraction a little more today. Kai says he wants to be a house painter when he's older. Not surprised as we recently bought paint for the interior of our house AND Gary let him help out a bit when he painted last.

I got a chance to go out to Mission to hang out with my newest niece. While Jan was showering I may have snuck in a few photos:)

She is so adorable and is eating nicely. She is also starting to struggle with a little gas. My boys also struggled with it, I feel so bad for them and their poor tummy's.
I knit that little `cocoon' and actually have a matching knit headband with a flower on it but she would not have anything on her head. She did love the cocoon part, that's for sure! I have since made a cute pink one that I wouldn't mind trying out on her:)
(Isn't that a cute quilt that Joanne made?)
Aw, sleeping baby! I got to carry her in the snugglie for a little walk. She was so light! I could've walked with her for hours, just glancing down every minute or so to take in some of her cuteness.

Well, Kokies is crying. He only naps about an hour a day. Enjoy the rest of your sunny, blustery day!