Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kai bear

Noticed that Kai's eyes looked nice in this green shirt so took a few pictures while he goofed around in the kitchen:) The bottom left picture is his new closed mouth smile...he just started doing it this week and I'm totally not used to it.

He wanted his hair to look like his friend Andre from preschool. Andre has a mohawk. I'm hoping he doesn't want to dress like Andre because every one of his outfits is $100.00+:)

Kai is at a funny stage where he will get into an awkard position (like laying on the ground and pulling one foot to his face) and say, `Mommy, look at my trick!'. Good trick, Kai. Good trick.

Today Kai asked, `Who was babysitting me when you and daddy got married?'. This kid has seen a few babysitters while we go to weddings:)

Okay, time to get ready for preschool. This guy LOVES preschool. Oh, one last thing. Kai made our lunches today! He made toast and put butter and ham on it. What a good little helper!

1 comment:

  1. Wow - does he ever look like "wugs" in those pictures!! Too cute.
    Glad the acupuncture thing went well.