Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!

Okay, so its not til Sunday, but still...woohoo! What a wonderful year it has been for us together. We've had a lot happen this year with my dad's heart attack, buying a house, being pregnant, and my mom passing away, but, through it all I have definitely realized how thankful I am for having Gary in my life and I know he is thankful for me too:) He has been so supportive and encouraging...I hope you all get to see that side of him! This picture was taken right after we got engaged on Jan. 21st of 2005 up at Green Lake.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rehman Team Photo

Sam and Torie Rehman had a healthy baby boy named Bennett on Wednesday. Gary and Sam (and Torie) have known eachother for years from the good ole day of TWU. Not sure if you recognize the jersey's from Gary and my `Twin day' pictures but we all have them...a wonderfully nerdy team:)

Where is Gary?

Gary is currently on the Wellness Trip. This is a 5 day trip with the gr.11's where they do the Powell River chain. It's 5 days of canoeing and portaging. The weather station in Powell river suggested the following gear for the past 3 days that they have been on it....I dont' think paddling with an umbrella really works:) Hope they are okay!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Our `hike'

Today me, Gary, Jackie, Tyler, Maria, Kris and Annika (I guess Bailey counts too..the dog) went for a walk to Lower Falls at Golden Ears. That's about the extent of my hiking right about now:) It was a nice way to start the long weekend.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Day of Restoration...

Today Gary and I went to Harrison Lake for a picnic. It was so nice to sit on the beach and just breathe (and eat:)). What a beautiful day to enjoy the sunshine, what a beautiful place we live in. In this picture I'm trying to act natural while not falling out of the tree. Gary also had to hoist me up...oh boy...

Mom's memorial

Yesterday was my mom's memorial service. I thought it was a wonderful time to laugh and cry over what my mom has meant to so many people. In this picture, my dad is speaking and saying something that is embarassing me and my 4 sisters. We all had an opportunity to say what my mom meant to each of us and I am so glad for that.

Monday, May 08, 2006

My mom

Yesterday, my mom passed away. She did so peacefully at home while surrounded by her husband, 5 daughters and her brother. All of us were holding her hands and feet and telling her how much we love her and how proud of her we are. In the past year, mom never said one negative thing about how she was feeling or how unfair it may seem. She did not want to waste energy on that, but to focus on what was important to her; her family, friends, and faith. This is one of my dad's favourite photos; my mom snug as a bug in her comfy sleeping bag on some adventerous trip with my him. I think my mom is probably now on a beautiful, brisk walk with her dad and brother...just laughing and smiling...Her memorial service will be on Friday at 2pm at Willoughby CRC.