Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Crazy Voice

This is a bit disjointed as I wrote it at random times throughout the day and don't have time to fix it.
First off, I'll start with the good news. My resting heart rate has been below 100 for 2 days now. I feel....relaxed-ish.

We have had more and more of these beautiful moments where they play nicely alongside each other. At one point, they were playing pass with a ball...sort of. More like, roll the ball and both crawl to it as fast as you can and then collide with each other. I am so happy to see them getting along better than before and I'm very thankful for Kai's patience with his little brother.

Koen is such a goofball. Maybe all kids are. He just makes me smile. Look at his goofy grin:)

Okay, I have gotten some really funny pictures of the kids with this magnifying glass.

Koen walking. Terrible picture but I never know when he's going to take more than the regular 3 steps. He has gotten up to 6 steps or so. My big little boy!

This is more of what I normally see throughout the day. Kai colliding with Koen and then Koen pulling his hair and jumping on him.

So, crazy voice. Maybe you've never had this but once in a while, the kids hear my `crazy voice'. I used to drive my mom nuts and then once in a while, she would yell at me with this low voice where each word was pronounced slowly and scarily. I found myself using this scary yell when Kai was about 2.5 and it usually shows up every couple months. Today, they heard it twice. `STOP. HEAD. BUTTING. YOUR. BROTHER.' `STOP. PUTTING. LEAVES. IN. MY. HAIR. AND. DON'T. TOUCH. THE. CAMERA. LENS!'. Eyes bulging, heart racing, body shaking. Not sure if it's my hormones or the fact that I am truly stressed about the van. My dad always said that `it's just money'. As long as we're all healthy-ish, then it's okay. I do agree...somewhat:)

Exibit B of playing nicely!!

Koen's favourite activity in the world. As soon as he hears my voice, coming to get him, he goes into high gear giggling away.

What is prettier than fall leaves? Maybe a beautiful sunset. Maybe. Love them.

Okay, so the van. Apparently everyone in the world (besides me) knows that a 10 year old minivan requires a new transmission. A good new Honda transmission costs $3450. Oh, and there are `suspension linkages' that go along with it for $151.00. Oh, and while we are at it, there are about $700-$800 more repairs needed like the timing belt which should have been replaced at 95,000km. So, we are looking at about $4,200.00 worth of repairs on our $7,300.00 van. Guess the guy knew what he was doing when he sold it at 9 years old. However, a total of $11, 500 is not bad for a Honda Odyssey. Better than $30,000 new. Right? Right? Right? The only other thing that could go, which shouldn't, is the motor. So, this should be it.

I guess you really shouldn't wear the same jeans you wore when you were 15-20lbs heavier!

Did I mention I love fall leaves? I walked to preschool to pick Kai up. It's a good 30 minute walk each way, with most of it being up hill on the way back. The kids did not love it which means that I did not love it either. I think I will sleep very well tonight because I was really exhausted from it. I have improved so much in 6 weeks. From not being able to walk a block to now being able to walk for 5km.

Gary and I were planning a little getaway for Spring Break, but now, I'm not so sure. I know we should, especially since it would be our first time away from the kids AND our 5 year anniversary. We will see. Just money Louise, nothing serious.
Finally, we somehow have to find time to go to the pumpkin patch. We go every year but somehow our October weekends are so jam packed. Maybe we'll go on a week night?

Guilty confession of the week
: we let Kai have a personal DVD player in his room so when he wakes up at 6:45am, he knows how to put in a DVD and watch it for 45 minutes so I get to sleep in a bit!
Bon nuit.


  1. money bites. always. sorry for all those expenses on your van :( hopefully putting this money in means that you won't have to do anything this expensive on it again!

    love the magnifying glass picture - hilarious!

    the fallen leaves - i love them too. i LOVE walking on them when they're all so crunchy!

    great progress with walking 5k now - how awesome!

    loose jeans are a happy thing :) i just tightened my belt one more hole today :)

  2. So sorry about your car!

  3. hehe.. I remember my mom's scary voice when she wanted us to clean up but but we were just goofing off. I haven't developed it yet but I'm sure I will!

  4. I have a couple versions of the crazy voice...