Saturday, June 30, 2007

Question for all bloggers

Hopefully there is a simple solution. Whenever I comment on someone's blog it automatically saves as LouiseandGary. This is fine. However, if someone clicks on this, they do not go to our blogspot. I'm nervous about messing around with templates etc. as I don't want to erase our blog by accident. Please help if you can!

My Dad

Please check out the link on the side of my blog, `My Dad's Adventure', if you wish to see the progress on his month long seadoo trip from Vancouver to Alaska and back!

This is a picture of my dad with Kai and Annika back in December so that you can picture him while you read it.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lindeman Lake

Gary and I attended the FVC grad last night and again, it was great to see so many wonderful grads. It's always hard to believe that the kids I taught in grade 9 and 11 are all graduating. I remember the grad of my first year teaching, I almost cried because I thought I would miss the grade 12's so much! I didn't get to talk to as many people as I would've liked but it was good to see so many people. Because it was a long evening out (3-10pm), Kai stayed at gramma's house. We decided that because they live 30 minutes away, that Kai would spend the night. He did really well, although, he did wake up (and stay up) at 5am for gramma...oops!

Gary and I decided that it would be really nice to go for a short hike this morning before we picked up our little monkey. We went out to Chilliwack Lake and did the Lindeman/Greendrop Lake hike. We just went to the first lake (Lindeman), and it was fabulous! We got up at 7am and were out of the house by 7:05am. The hike was supposed to take 3 hours but just took 1 1/2 hours. Not sure if I've been scenery deprived lately but it seemed so beautiful to me. Gary and I are both biologists and not botanists in any way, but boy, did we love all the lichen, fungi, and moss. I have never seen so many varieties in such a short hike, a few are below (I may have named them incorrectly but this is what they may be):

`Devil's Matchstick' lichen?

`Tar Jelly' lichen?
I could not believe the concentration of sporangium in this patch of moss.
Walking across a fun bridge. The hike was pretty much 10 minutes easy walking and then 30 minutes that were somewhat steep. I would def. like to do this one again and go to the next lake when we have more time. It's just fun to go somewhere that you have never been. Gary spent a large portion of his childhood in Chilliwack and he had never been out there, so it was good for both of us to head on out there. On the way home, Gary showed me his childhood home and schools as we took the back roads `short cut' back to the highway.
What a beautiful way to start the day! When we went to gramma's (Gary's mom) to get Kai, I wasn't sure if he would be excited to see me or not, and he wasn't!!!! It could be that he was tired? Just wanted to keep playing? Either way, it was a strange feeling. He would be okay without us, this is comforting yet also somewhat sad. Overall, it was very, very nice for Gary and I to go hiking just the two of us. We could concentrate on our surroundings, talk about a lot of things besides Kai, and we could go on our own schedule and speed. I felt like we were dating again or something:) I hope we are able to do at least one hike a week this summer.
Finally, I have been very suprised about all the people I have run into that say they read our blog. Wow. It's so strange because when I talk to one of these people, they already know exactly what's going on in our lives. Thank you for reading and caring about what goes on in our ordinary lives!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Daddy Dressed Me!

`Looks like I'm ready to run the 100m race in the Olympics due to my spandex outfit! Daddy dressed me for our fun day of hanging out together again!' I think this outfit is meant for the pool/beach but maybe it is also meant for some speedy walking around the furniture?!

Kai loves books. He has just mastered using his two thumbs to open to a particular page. It takes a lot of skill if you ask me (I know, something we don't ever think about)!

One of his favourite books is a book on opposites with DOGGIES (uhgi he says) on every page. He loves to just sit in my lap and listen to stories, although, sometimes he wants to turn the pages which aren't always in order and he will usually take us back to the beginning again. I hope he will continue to love books forever!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Power Out=Marriage Booster

Yup, if there's going to be a power outage in the lower mainland, it will def. hit our house. On Sunday night, Gary and I sat in front on the fireplace and talked. Usually if I ask him some questions about his childhood or something, he will give me ridiculous answers, but this time, only half the answers were ridiculous so that was nice! We found out some things about each other, for example, Gary doesn't like cantaloupe. I thought Gary would eat anything but his top 5 worst foods are: olives (also in my 5 worst foods), cucumber, pickles, cantaloupe, and watermelon. We also talked about what our current selves would tell our 15 year old selves if we had the chance (I thought that was a pretty good question) and we also talked about our childhood memories of birthday parties, childhood chores etc.
Something exciting is that before the power outage, we purchased plane tickets to MEXICO!!! We will be going in December with a group of friends so we'll see how Kai does on a plane! We got a pretty good deal on seats and after paying for it, I realized it was pretty much the same as a couple visits to the dentist (for Gary...Mr. Root Canal-Crown-Filling King). This is def. going to be a much better way to spend the money than going to the dentist!!! Gary and I have never flown anywhere together as we drove to Alaska for our honeymoon (he had gone to Bolivia the year before and I had just gotten back from Kenya so we were okay without doing the overseas travel on our honeymoon!).

Kai loves running his hands through daddy's hair, it always elicits a giggle or two. The other day, Kai and I took turns making high pitched squeals and then we were both giggling like crazy in between, it was very cute.

Talking about `little guy', Kai is now seen as small! Whenever we go to the park (well, every day), we run into other kids that are his age and they all are much bigger! Maybe Cloverdale just has big babies? For the first 6 months of his life, he was a giant and now, he's kinda small?! People say, `Oh, he's a little guy!' What?! My Kai is little? There's nothing wrong with that, but it just seems strange as he was always the Super Size baby. Gary was jokingly (but maybe a little seriously) worried that I would bring all the short genes into the marriage and not give our kids a chance at some good basketball dunking skills so we'll have to see how Kai grows. Also, not all of Gary's family is super tall so he could be carrying that short gene too!.
Kai and daddy at the window to wave bye to mommy who was going to work today! I was home by 12:30pm and it was so great to come home to the two of them. Finally, Kai has taken about 3 steps in a row (by himself) when walking from daddy to mommy. It is so cute seeing his little body moving like that! Also, instead of just taking things apart, he has started to put things into bigger containers, secret compartments etc. which is fun to see. He has also started making new sounds like ug (I think for dog?) and ah and uh to add to his mama dada repitoire.
Have a great day in the sun!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Kai waving (looks a little star trekish) and wearing his new outfit from gramma, thanks Gramma! Hopefully the sun comes out so it makes sense to wear shorts right now!

Okay, I'm kinda nervous to ask (because I dont' know if anyone will respond), but I just feel like I'd like to know who reads our blog! Apparently, 144 people checked out our blog yesterday. Do I even know that many people?! I would really appreciate it if you left a comment (and name) so I know who checks out our blog...don't be embarrassed, I read a lot of blogs too and sometimes of people that I don't even know. I'm expecting 144 comments:)

Enjoy not having to water your lawns and gardens this weekend!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Went with my dad to a tournament today. It was nice to hang out and there was good food (and prizes!!!) afterwards, but boy, golfing is not my thing! It's not because I'm terrible, because I don't think I'm the worst, but I just don't get excited about it like some people. I haven't been in 2 years and I think it's okay if I don't go for another 2 years. It just seems like every hole is the same, each drive and putt is the same...maybe I should do some mini golf, at least then the scenery changes a bit? I did win a $25.00 gift certificate to Safeway so that's awesome. I do have to say that I was impressed with my dad's putting, although, I realized towards the end that the 2 guys would just watch our putts (me and another girl) and then they could see which way the ball was rolling and then adjust accordingly. So ya, if I ever get the urge to golf again anytime soon, remind me, it's not my favourite thing! Off to Gary's softball game now....

Friday, June 22, 2007


(picture from earlier this week in case you don't like to read posts)

Don't have too much to say about facebook, but just a few comments:

1. Facebook is better/faster at uploading pics than blogger
2. Facebook is amazing at connecting with many, many people
3. Do we want to connect with many, many people? I really appreciate Gary's perspective on it. He refuses to join. Why? He feels that if he doesn't even invest enough time and energy into the friendships that matter most to him, why would he `waste' time/energy trying to make new friendships or try to be connected to even more people.
4. Is facebook trying to give people a sense of belonging?
5. I went out for dinner last night with a couple of friends that I re-connected with. I could've found them through other means, but it was very, very convenient. By the way, it was really great to catch up and reflect on the past few years.
6. I don't think I spend too much time on facebook, so that's good. Maybe 15 minutes a day...I'll just check if there are new uploaded pics and see if there are any comments or birthdays, and then I'm good.
7. Blogging is better!!! If you want to stay caught up with people who live far and wide (or just down the street), it is such great insight into their day to day and I have really grown to appreciate and love it.

Finally, not anything to do with facebook, but...I'm starting to work next week. I'll be a support worker in a preschool for 5 weeks. When you are on maternity leave, you can only make a certain amount and this worked out perfectly! So, 3 days a week, in the morning, I'll be out working. Gary and Kai will get some good bonding time in and hopefully we'll utilize our long weekends to do fun stuff!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Phone call

This is how life has changed:

Me (called home from the cell phone and before I could say hi...)

Gary (speaking of Kai): He's in bed. He wasn't fussy. He pooped once. He ate shepherd's pie and banana for dinner.

Me: What time did he go to sleep?

Gary: 7:30.

Me: Well, that's actually not while I called. I wanted to ask, I mean tell you I love you?

Gary: NO you didn't, what do you want?

Me: Um, is `So you think you can dance' on yet?

Gary: No

Me: Okay, see you in half an hour.

What has happened to our conversations? Ahhhhh!!!! Don't worry, we really do have good conversations but we have to watch ourselves that we don't talk too much about Kai or tv:)

I think that there should be pre-baby classes. I mean, I know there are prenatal classes that talk about pregnancy and labour and delivery but what about the first year of life?! I really learned a lot about Gary in our premarital classes and would recommend it to everyone. You know, people warn you about planning a wedding and not planning your lives together BUT what about a baby?! There should be courses for everyone and people should talk truthfully about what it's all about. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it but WOW, total life adjustment. I'm not the Louise who can do whatever SHE wants, I'm the Louise who can do what she wants as long as it works for Kai's eating/sleeping/pooping/drinking/temp level/noise level and as long as it doesn't cost too much money AND as long as Gary has biked so I have the car:)

I wish someone had interviewed me before having Kai. I wish they asked me, `What do you think your day will look like?' `Will you and Gary get out together? If so, who will watch Kai?' `When do you think you will sleep 8 hours straight?' `What do you think a baby's schedule is like?' `Do you think you will talk about Kai's b.m's every day with Gary in regards to frequency and consistency?' (so gross i know but you gotta watch out for these things). Honestly, I had no idea what I thought about a newborn. I thought about what kind of mom I wanted to be to a 5 year old, but to a baby?! Didn't think about it much. I wish I could look back and laugh about what I thought.

On a completely different note, well, it does have to do with babies so maybe not a completely different of the coolest books I've ever read is called `Taking Charge of Your Fertility'. It was recommended by a friend and I have recommended it to many others since then. It discusses natural family planning and how to get, or not get, pregnant. I just found it very educational to learn more about what's going on in the female body at different times. I'm not saying this method is for everyone but def. an interesting, and easy, read. Although I have a biology background and knew the basics such as the anatomy and the endocrine (hormonal) system, there is so much more!

I want to write about facebook but will do so on a different post. Bon nuit! La la salama!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sleep in

Kai `reading' to his doggy

All I have to say is that one hour makes such a difference. For the past 2 days, Gary has gotten up with Kai at 6:30 (Kai had been up since 5:30am) and fed him, changed him etc. so that I could sleep til 7:30. Kai has been a bit of a pain in the butt this past week as that top tooth has just broken through. He is also so ready to run but still needs to hold someone's hand and it gets very tiring being bent over all day long (okay, I don't do it all day long, but you know what I mean). I still think he's a fabulous boy but I will be SO excited when Gary is home for 2 months and I can run out of the house whenever I want!!! Oh ya, the new park 3 blocks from our house is complete. There really isn't that much to do, especially since there is just one baby swing and we live in a neighbourhood of 10 million babies. It's funny as yesterday I was one block away and saw 2 other strollers approaching the park, I def. sped up by tried to act casual...let's just say Kai got to use the swing first:)

On our way to the park:)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

These are all the boys on the Chapman side. We celebrated Father's day there today. The kids look really excited to be in this photo:)

Hmmmm...two fathers that I will celebrate today will be Gary and my dad.
If you don't know my dad, you should meet him. He is very friendly. He can have a conversation with anyone about anything. People feel comfortable with him and I've seen people touch his arm a lot (waitresses, cashiers etc) because they just feel at ease with him. He is good with the email (I appreciate a quick responder) and loves family get togethers. He loves his little grand kids and always offers to babysit...kind long as they don't cry, need a diaper change, or need to be fed (which means he has only babysat once). He loves a deal and good food. He loves Purdy's mocha melties, as do I. He eats oranges when he goes on a walk. If he buys something expensive, he always justifies it by saying `At least I don't smoke, that would've been 20 packs worth'. He was a lot of fun growing up as he would wrestle with us and joke with us. He always cared about our report card comments more than our grades. He loves to say things that will drive me crazy and he is very good at it. He worked very hard growing up so that we could have a nice home, go to a good school, and go on fun camping trips all over North America. He is a quirky guy who loves to laugh and doesn't like shaking hands (due to germs, he's not rude). So dad, if you've read this, I appreciate you and thanks for always making us roll our eyes with a smile.

Now for Gary. Wow Gary, you're a dad! I remember the first time I met your family, I saw you playing with your nieces and nephews and I thought, `Wow, Gary will make a fabulous dad' and I decided then that I wanted to marry you and have kids with you. You are good at being goofy and letting Kai take risks. You listen to all the newest stuff that I tell you about his routine and you follow it very nicely. You go on family walks with us. You call Kai crazy names like Zabooboo. You're okay with not having a lot of down time when you get home and just waiting until 7:30pm to relax. You taught Kai how to high five. You tell me that Kai looks a bit like me which makes me really happy. I really look forward to seeing your relationship with Kai grow and develop and I know you will be a great example for him. Great work dada!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Football is done for the season. We finished off 2nd in our division which I'm happy with. It was a long day of football and we played pretty well, I just wish I could re-play the 2nd half of the last game:) Gary and Kai came to the first game so that was nice to have them see me do my thing. I really want to play ball hockey now but am unaware of any women's leagues, if anyone has any info, please pass it on! Have a good night all...I'll have to do a Father's Day post tomorrow.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Everyone loves mochas

Opie showing Kai what to do...that better be an empty cup! Kai's fourth tooth (top right) is pushing through, boy, who knew your gums could stretch out so far?! It kind of looks like a mini volcano.

On a completely different note, I have lost my husband to Starcraft, Warcraft and Age of Empires (computer games). He's says its my fault because I made him get rid of cable. Maybe I need to give him a nice `To Do' list to keep him busy, or perhaps, I should give him a few days of guilty indulgences because he finished his school year. He did bring home some chocolates (Purdy's!!!! Love it!!!!) so I think I'll be nice.

Tomorrow is our last football game(s) so I'm a little saddened and also quite nervous because I think we'll have some fans out. I know Gary is coming which always makes me want to play a bit better:) Hopefully the rain holds out so we can enjoy it sans slipping and sliding.

Finally, I decided to sell my mountain biking armour on Craigslist and it sold in one day. Now, I feel like selling everything we have because its so effective! We're going to be cleaning out the basement this summer so that we can try to start finishing it and I bet we'll find some good stuff to sell online...otherwise, we'll have a garage sale. Fun times. That's the only reason I'll be glad for football to be done, so I can garage sale.
Last year at this time. This is my niece Annika (4 1/2 months at the time) with my 7 1/2 month belly (right after my belly button popped out)
Boy, that belly was big already.
Wonder where we'll be at and what we'll be doing next year at this time?!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let's go camping!

We got a bunch of fun running/hiking/camping clothes today at the VIP Helly Hansen sale. Wow. We could've gone crazy but we tried to maintain our cool. Gary kept saying `Get it, get it! We'll never find a deal like this again!' for everything, what a bad influence. Good thing we've cancelled our cable and will now save about $50.00/month which will pay off our purchases in 3 months:)

Here I'm wearing my new shorts and two shirts (one warm and one cool one). Gary bought the same pair of shorts (different colour), bike shorts, and we both got the same Lifa pants. When we got home, we discovered that Gary had bought women's XL pants...he's kinda bummed out as that was a purchase he was very excited about. I encouraged him to try them on, perhaps they would fit...he didn't think that was a very good idea.
We bought Kai a rain jacket for the fall and next year. I think it was our most expensive item but we really don't buy him new clothes ever and in Vancouver, a good rain jacket is important!

Here's our little monkey in the toy box. We actually do have his stuffed animals like that all the time so he can walk by and kiss them.

I wanted to take fun pictures but he wouldn't smile for me until I gave him the phone. I'll have to try again later. We got our passport pictures taken yesterday and he did very well with the straight stare, no hint of a smile. He's been a bit off with lotsa yucky diarrhea (I'll spare you the details) and he will only eat half his food (this is VERY unlike him). On a positive note, he is now a solid 23lbs:)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Daddy's almost done!

Kai at the ground breaking ceremony at FVC

Kai and daddy snuggling. Kai isn't much of a snuggler so this must mean he was pretty tired (he decided to get up at 5am today, ya, I'm tired). Now added to his repitoire of high fives, kisses, and clapping, we have added `dancing' which means bouncing up and down and shaking his head.
Gary will be done teaching tomorrow. I remember this time last year and how excited I was to be done. He still has exams but then, he's home for the summer! We're both trying to find some extra jobs to do this summer to make a little cash as we would like to start finishing our basement and hopefully join a group of friends in Mexico over Christmas. So, if you know anyone who needs a painter or a science tutor, you know where to look! Don't worry, we're not working a lot this summer, we've got a lot of fun stuff planned too. We plan on doing some camping, hiking, relaxing at Green Lake, and maybe we'll even do an overnight trip without Kai for the first time..I know, we're wild.
Football playoffs are this Saturday and then we're done til, if you're looking for something to do on Saturday....oh boy, I'm nervous already!

Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm it!

I got tagged by here I go (Gotta write 4 facts and 4 habits)

1. Noises drive me crazy!! Crunching, slurping, nails being clipped, forks scraping plates etc. This is the worst when in a quiet setting like class or when watching a movie. How about when I'm trying to go sleep and Gary starts clipping his nails! Grrrrr....

2. I love school. I love learning, teaching, studying, and taking tests. This started early with my passion for mad minutes in math and excitement over an impending spelling test.

3. I love reading. When I was young, my mom would take us to the library and I was allowed to get up to 13 books. I would read almost a book per day. We could stay up as late as we wanted as long as we were reading. Back then (gr. 5-7) I loved Nancy Drew, Babysitter's Club, and Sleepover Friends. Now, I'm reading maybe 1 book/week and I love it!!!! That was one of the main things I wanted to do on my mat. leave. My favourite book this month was `The Time Traveller's Wife'. 8.5/10.

4. I'm petrified of bears when camping. Gary and I hiked Stein Valley which is basically Grizzly territory and i think I sang the entire time because I didn't want to see one. He was disappointed because he did want to see one and fortunately, I think we are the only ones to ever do that hike and NOT see a bear. I think it didn't help that I read the book `When Grizzlies Attack' or something along those lines, before we went:)

1. I always brush my teeth before breakfast, I think you're supposed to do it after but having any plaque on my teeth drives me crazy so I always have to do it right away.

2. I always get up right when my alarm goes off. I have never pressed snooze in my life. I shouldn't say never just in case I did once but I really don't think I have!

3. I always ask Gary to lock the doors before going to bed (he goes to bed 20 minutes after me so I can try to get to sleep before his snoring starts), but then I go and do it anyway.

4. I feel the need to check the mail every day.

Melissa then asked that I share four things that were new to me and then four things I want to try in the next four years.

1. Marriage: woohoo! First year was fun and carefree! Second year was educational and we developed a deeper friendship.

2. Being pregnant and having a baby: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tougher than I thought. Having 35 lbs attached to my belly in 30+C weather was not fun. Contractions were way more painful than I thought (back labour). C-section was so nice for me (not the first 2 weeks after but just the relief that he was finally out!!!!).

3. Death: it doesn't really surprise me anymore. It's not that I expect bad things to happen but they don't surprise me. I'm not angry at it, I'm just saddened. I feel like my mom missed out, but really, she's way happier so she didn't miss out, so, I'm just missing out on what i could've seen her do. Make sense? I could rewrite it but too tired.

4. Kenya: wow. So beautiful. I have always wanted to go to Africa and it was amazing. To live in a village and get to know the community, share meals with them daily, teach the I think about it daily. Why was I born in Canada? What am I supposed to be doing to help? We worked, for just a few days, in the orphanage too, and I think about them often when I am with Kai.

1. Buy a minivan. Probably inevitable. I want to see how long we can go with our 4 door cavalier. I want to drive it til it goes no more!

2. Baby #2 and 3?

3. Live with less. Spend less.

4. Scared to say it but I want to run another half marathon. I've done 3 but haven't done one in the past 3 years. I can really only run 5 km right now. Problem is that the next one isn't until next year which is too far away to start training for...we'll see.

Okay, so now I need to tag people to answer these questions. I feel like every one I know has been tagged so I will tag people who I don't think have been: Maria VT, Maria T, Jantina, Jackie. You don't have to do it if you don't want to:)

So you think you can dance?

Love it! I know I can't dance but I love watching them. So defined, controlled, and creative...I wish I could dance! I asked Gary to try one of the moves (where that one guy laid on his back and somehow ended up standing on his head?!) but he declined. I remember after Gary and I went to Cirque de Soliel (one of our best dates EVER) and we tried to re-enact a move, yup, way harder than it looks! Talking about best dates ever, when we were NOT dating, we went on one of our most romantic dates. We had broken up but had bought tickets previously to go to the Gorge to see Ben Harper and Jack was a nice night with an incredible sunset but could've been even better if we were actually dating:) Boy, I'm getting sidetracked. Wish i could dance like a pro.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Okay, being that Gary and I share a car, he often has it at about 4 days a week. This leaves me at home, which is generally fine. However, yesterday I was hit with a wave of boredom. It could be that this was due to the less than desirable weather, the cancellation of football practice on Monday (which gets me out exercising and socializing on Mondays), the fact that I've already finished both of the books that I had for this week, or maybe I'm just ready to go back to work?! I am savouring every moment of this year off as it will probably be the least stressed and most relaxing year of my life (maybe til retirement?).
This picture shows 2 of his 3 teeth.
So, for the title...let me tell you what a couple of the hours (of the 12-14) that he is up, looks like. Please feel free to skip it as it is tres boring!
1. He finishes a bottle and fake cries for more (this week he has completely transitioned to 3% milk and is loving it).
2. I get him excited about a toy.
3. I move him to the toy box and try to point out a few of his favourites...squeeze one here, give teddy a kiss etc.
4. I quickly sit down in my chair to relax for 30 seconds as he rounds the couch and makes it to the coffee table where there are other toys to play with.
5. Here he gets a bit fussy because he wants the remote or a glass or my book.
6. I wipe his nose (either he got a cold or its from teething...congested breathing makes me think cold, no more immunity due to breastfeeding!).
7. He falls on his bum and reaches for me. I tell him `you can do it' and he continues to reach for me.
8. I give him a boost, its hard to stand up reaching for a coffee table.
9. He continues on the next two chairs (which we have positioned next to my recliner to make his journey a little more fun).
10. When he reaches the end, there are two options.
a. I bring him back to the beginning which is risky because he's really bored with the first stage of his journey, he's getting sick of his toys in the toy box.
b. Follow him around the kitchen as he pushes a little kids chair around. He loves this but this hurts my back. I can't let him go alone yet as we found out yesterday. Fortunately laminate flooring doesn't seem to scratch.
11. Probably wipe his nose a few more times.
12. Ask him for a kiss, high fives, and read him a book or two.
13. After repeating steps 2-12 for about an hour, I can put him in his high chair with a bunch of food (bread, cheese, turkey, mango, kiwi, and carrots) and let him feed himself for 20 minutes. I sit there with him and pig out too. This is fun and relaxing.
14. Go for a Extra foods or around the neighbourhood getting the mail and checking out the progress of the new park. I try to find streets with kids or dogs to keep it exciting for him. Today we bought him a baby `Hot Wheels' toothbrush in the clearance bin, he LOVES the feel of it and loves brushing his 3 teeth:)
15. Nap time!!! Gives me about an hour to relax, clean, bake, read, blog, whatever....
So ya, gets a bit repetitive. I think Gary is jealous that I just `sit around all day' as he says, but at least he gets to interact with people all day. Both have their +'s and -'s. Talking about Gary, he just bought a new baseball glove. He was like a little kid on Christmas with it, working it in all last night. He kept asking me to throw stuff at him:) Too bad that there's nothing I want right now because the easiest way is to wait until he spends money on stuff and then I feel less guilty doing the same...this is very bad marital and financial advice by the way.
On a completely different note, Kai loves dogs. I got an idea to get him one. I talked to Gary about it. We decided I was crazy. First of all, the neighbour's dogs bark all day and night (taking turns of course) which drives me NUTS!!!! Secondly, where would we keep him? Thirdly, Kai might get bored of a dog and they aren't just meant to be toys, this would be a big commitment, a new member of the family! So, we wondered if we could rent a dog for a week or maybe dog sit or something. I think we came to the conclusion that we will just visit my sister (who has a dog) a little more often.
Well, I've got about 1 hour left to relax so I'm going to scrapbook Kai's `May' page (I do a page for each month, until one year, then I'll do waaaay less). Enjoy the day!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Look what I got!!!

Oh wow!! Now that I can walk from the toybox to the couch, look what I can get!! (Seriously, his face was full of awe that he could now get the remote that we always keep out of his reach).

Mom, can you believe I got ahold of the good remote?! I'm holding it and you gotta watch out for me now!

Here's a picture of Annika and her blankie...we babysat her today. She fed him cheerios in a ratio of two for herself, one for him:)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

10 months old:)

Wow. This stage is so fun! This month he has been busy walking around holding onto furniture and eating anything that is put in front of him. He also has started high fives, kissing (if there are no toys to distract him) and lots of clapping. His favourite addition to clapping is having a toy in each hand, spreading his arms apart as far as they will go and smashing the two toys together, hopefully creating a loud smashing sound. He is still 22lbs and has def. slowed down in the growth department (only 1 1/2 pounds in 4 months!). Another big thing for the month is the emergence of teeth! There are 2 through (one on the top, one on the bottom) and two more are currently pushing through. I'd have to say that this is the only difficult thing about this stage.
I really think he looks and acts like a mix of the both of us. His Gary characteristics are that he is laid back and observant. Oh ya, he likes food and watching tv too:) His Louise characteristics are that he has to know what's going on everywhere at all times. He also is very comfortable with `strangers' and seems to love books. He is also a momma's boy. I can also admit that a love for eating is a Louise characteristic too:)
I have to say that the older he gets, the more I love him and my heart actually hurts a little when I look at him. Hurts in a good way, but a way in which his existence is so important in my life that it makes me a little nervous. Nervous about how I will feel when he grows up and leaves (I know, enjoy the present, why am I being so crazy?), nervous about the future hurts and whatever else could happen out of our control. This whole parenthood thing is scary emotionally as you open yourself up to whatever may come your way. I do mean to make this sound positive in the fact that I just love him so much and I have a feeling that it will continue to grow. On that note, Gary's love does not change. Isn't this weird? He says he loves me the same as when we got married. He loves Kai the same when he was born as now. Maybe I'm the strange one but boy, my love grows in magnitude and depth all the time! I just find it fascinating (and perhaps a bit sad?) that his love doesn't grow. Is it already maxed out? Weird. I feel like there are so many different levels to love and he just feels one. I don't know, we are def. different!
Kai goes through many nicknames but amongst my sisters he is known as Kaiser bun or Kaisie and for me, he has currently been bubba or bubbs. He loves other babies/kids and wants to touch everyone's noses and mouths (and he REALLY loves pulling Gary's hair).
His favourite toys are blocks to stack and smash together, puppets (which he will kiss), and anything that squeaks.
The biggest grins and squeals are still elicited when he sees or gets to touch a dog.
Happy 10 months Bubba! I love you and I'm so excited for you to walk all by yourself because I know you want that so badly! Thank you for being such a good boy, even when you are in pain from all those teeth. Thank you for giving daddy high fives and mommy slobbery kisses. Thank you for going for walks with me all the time. Thank you for being good with other people. Thank you for eating like such a good boy, all by yourself. Thank you for letting me hug you and kiss you all the time. I'm so much looking forward to seeing you grow and hopefully one day, you will be able to be a big brother because I think you have so much love to give.