Saturday, October 10, 2009


For my beautiful children and wonderful families, I am thankful.
For amazing fall colours and a bright October sun, I am thankful.
For my husband who loves and supports me, and is wonderful with the kids, I am thankful.
For a one year maternity leave, I am thankful.
For never having to worry about food or shelter, I am thankful.
For friends, I am thankful.
For life, I am thankful.
Thank you.

(This picture completely captures their personalities. Kai=wild, trying to throw the leaves as hard and far as he can while screaming, Ani=calm, gently tossing the leaves and observing what happens, Isabelle=independent, holding onto the leaves, even though mommy says `Throw them Izzy!', Koen=curious, touching, bending, eating the leaves.)


  1. yes, it definately captures the kids! nice!

  2. Love your list; it inspired one of my own.

    Fun photo, nice job capturing the moment and their personalities!