Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Yesterday I went to an acupuncturist. It was a very cool experience. He spent a lot of time figuring out exactly where my body was at first and he knew a lot about hyperthyroidism. At one point, he even asked me to stick out my tongue as it apparently indicates how various parts of your body are doing. I nearly fell asleep when he was putting the needles in and I could feel an electricity/tingly type feeling in my feet and legs. He said he was trying to get my body balanced again as your thryoid obviously has so much to do with it. At one point he said, `I have the control over your whole body now'.

(Koen has some strange circulation going on in his foot...maybe that's where the pressure is when he walks?)
In some places, he would press hard in three locations very close to each other, whichever location was the most tender, he would put the needle. He pointed out many places that are very tender due to the hyperthyroidism that I never even noticed in my day to day.

(Koen just chases Kai around this bench...usually until Kai body checks him)
He left the needles in for about 20 minutes and I don't know what he was doing to them (maybe vibrating them?) but I was very relaxed. When I got home, my heart rate was 85bpm for the first time in 4 weeks! It has gone back up again though, he said that acupuncture is a short term aid but Chinese medicine is long term. So, I got some Chinese medicine off him. Made of various leaves, roots etc. It tastes like powered celery. It costs some serious money but I'm trying it (incorporating both my regular medicine and the Chinese medicine). He suggested I come back on Thursday but I don't know if I will, due to the time and money requirement.

(Kai's favourite snack..carrots and apple slices)
He also did some acupressure. I think if I was rich, I would do it more often:)


Koen is still terribly congested. He will cough and then gag and he even vomited last night. Gross. Poor buddy. Got the humidifier going, hope it helps. He has been taking 2 steps consistently but no more than that. He is in LOVE with the stairs.

(Kai pretending to vacuum. I like this shot)
Kai decided to drag the remnants of the sand and water table into the house just after I finished vacuuming (yes, I'm able to vacuum now!). Thanks bud. Kai has finally broke past the 37lb mark where he has been for at least 6 months, he is now 38lbs! Few more pounds and he'll be in a booster seat! I wonder if you need to be a certain height/age too (Melissa?).

I want to tell you how much better I am feeling; I was able to take the kids INTO the bank with me yesterday. Holding one and `encouraging' another to stand right next to me (while he was doing gymnastics on the bar and rolling around everywhere) is quite the feat! I also was able to walk to Extra Foods with the kiddos in the stroller. Everything seems normal except for my heart rate.

In conclusion, while getting poked with needles, I thought for a second, `I should go back to school and become an acupuncturist, this is cool!'. And then I changed my mind. I love being a teacher, mommy, and photographer. Oh yes, I love my life.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Very cool!

  2. When I was in China, my tour took us to a Chinese doctor. All he had to do was look at my tongue and check my pulse and he diagnosed me to a tee. Apparently there is 10+ different kinds of pulses they can read which tell you about all the different parts of your body. It was very interesting to learn. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  3. no age/height requirement, just weight!

  4. Sounds muy cool. Glad you enjoyed it and especially that you experienced some benefits!

  5. I'm glad you love your life. You do seem to have a very good one ;)

  6. wow - sounds interesting! too bad it doesn't have longer-term results :)

  7. I wish I had seen this before football on the weekend - I would love to hear all about it! I almost had to get acupuncture for my back issues a few years ago and kind of wish I had.