Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pure Joy

Today we went to the park, along with Kai's loader and dump truck, in our fabulous stroller which I LOVE. Love the double jogger. We use it almost every single day. Whenever it stops raining, we head out as soon as we can.

(You might be asking, `Why isn't Kai walking?'. Sometimes he does but that usually means he wants to push the stroller which means that he is pushing Koen into everyone's fences etc. If I want some exercise and low stress, I push the stroller:)
What could be making Kai so happy?

What is he finding so fun?

Being allowed to push his brother around and not get in trouble for it!

In this case, Koen loves being pushed around by his big brother. Check out the grin!

This guy is one happy camper.

He is just so happy with life. Imagine if we all found every single thing we did in life so fun? Oh wow! A dishwasher! I wonder what happens when I move this tray in and out? So cool! Woweee! Stairs! Kai's room is up there, it's fun! I'm going to go! It's what he does all day long. He approaches everything with a giggle and smile.

Kai does not approach everything with a smile:) His vocabulary, inquiries, and knowledge shock me. Today he said, `Mommy, isn't this impressive?'. Impressive? He is learning a lot at preschool and things I wouldn't think to teach (like green=blue + yellow which they made with paint today). He asked today how God takes us to heaven when we die...try to explain that one! He is VERY passionate about cars. I wish I knew more so that I could teach him more parts etc. I am actually hoping he starts thinking about other things because it's almost all he talks about:) Random tidbit: Kai says `Lellow' for yellow.

Kai is reminding me more and more of a mini Gary.

Koen chilling in the stroller with his leg up on the bar.

I told Kai he could not go upstairs to bed when he got home from preschool. While making dinner, I noticed that he was a little quiet....

Finally, we had some SUPER DUPER YUMMY Falafel's for dinner. I made them from our Moosewood Cookbook (vegetarian). I'm trying to eat a lot more vegetarian meals. The boys both loved the falafel's. It is a perfect way for Koen to get lots of protein. Soooooo easy to make. Yum. Yum.
*health update: so, um, ya. Had to go back on a minimal dose of beta blockers as my body fluctuates. So hard to know if its the meds making me better or my thyroid doing it on its own. My meds change daily. I still feel fabulous. Taking kids to the park + making a yummy dinner= Louise is back!*


  1. it's pretty rare for me to let Taeya walk - i always put her in the stroller because we're usually out there for me to exercise, and it's hard to keep a good pace when she's walking. she gets to walk when we go for family walks - and even then, she mostly LIKES to sit in the stroller :)
    cute pics of kai pushing koen on the swing.

  2. Love this post. So happy to hear you're feeling terrific.

    I kind of wish my big kids were using a stroller still, because once they start walking the exercise factor for me goes down to nothing. That said, now that I have a baby to lug around in the wrap I get a little more exercise out of it than I used to.

    I hope that once Josh gets over his reflux he's as happy as Koen is! It must be such a relief not to hurt all the time!

    I don't know if this is a general truth, but it seems that age two is tough with girls and age three is the tough one with boys. Micah is impossible right now. He wants control which is normal, but he gets totally stuck and completely irrational. A lot. And he's loopy; just looking for ways to bug and hurt Eva or destroy something. He doesn't have a favorite thing like Kai does- maybe Kai can teach him a love of cars while we're there?!

  3. I love how kai can sleep anywhere - so cute. Glad you got out to enjoy the outdoors for a bit - I also strap my kids in together most of the time.

  4. the pictures of Koen swinging are awesome! I love his happy face! :)

  5. SUCH cute photos of Koen!!! :) HIs smiling face - so cute! :)

    Glad you're feeling better, Weezer...sucky that your heart isn't quite under control, but glad you're feeling 95% better!!

  6. I really enjoyed this post. You really pulled me in the series of Kai pushing Koen on the swing. So clever how you brought in bits of Koen slowly. You're so creative! And, yes, Koen is pure joy and his happy face is such a delight to see - especially how you capture it so well!

    So how did you answer Kai's question about God taking us to heaven when we die? That's a hard one!

    I love how you can take a seemingly ordinary day with the boys and make such a great post out of it. I have to get better at posting the day to day stuff and find the significant and rich in it. I feel like this will be easier when we have kids. It's kind of boring these days with just the two of us...

    And, I'm so glad you're feeling better!