Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love the Sun

Last night at a Chapman birthday party, Kai and Kieryn could interact a little more which was fun:) Kieryn was a little put off by all of his slobber but still enjoyed showing him all of her stuffed animals (which he just tried to eat).

Kai and I at White Rock Beach today (he missed a nap but didn't complain, he just seemed a little out of it)

He'll be 6 months old next week. Here he's showing what a big boy he is by feeding himself...kind of...more like sucking back some rice cereal and then chewing on the spoon to ease his sore gums.

Today we headed down to White Rock to show Kai the ocean (his name means ocean just to remind you:). I can't believe that we hadn't taken him there yet! It was a beautiful day and although there was a lot to see, he seemed to enjoy looking at the painted garbage cans the most:)

I've had quite the experience trying to find a way to bike with Kai. First, I bought a used bike carrier that could attach to my bike via However, it did not come with a rack, but, I bought it anyway thinking I would buy a rack later. Then, at the baby swap meet last weekend, I bought another bike carrier that came with a rack for just $5. Today, I went to put it on my lovely mountain bike, but alas, it was not built for mountain bikes. So, I checked Craigs list and for bike trailers. Then, I went off to Toy Traders and found the perfect one! I was so pumped...jogging stroller, converts to bike trailer...great price...BUT (and good thing I checked with not 1, not 2, but 3 employees), it didn't have the proper attachment with it for a bike so I said forget it (yes, I know I can look for the attachment converter thing online but I really just wanted everything ready to go in one piece). I headed off to Costco and lo and behold, they just got in some new ones. I bought a wonderful double stroller bike trailer and I can't wait to use it. Guess i better get him a helmet first? Yay, family bike trip coming up:)

Friday, January 26, 2007

It's gone!

The white spot has disappeared but I'm sure it will return as he is not feeling so hot right now. Basically his lower lip is permanently sucked back over his gum trying to soothe it. I think I'll get some baby teething stuff today (not Rum) sister recommended this organic tablet from save-on...have to try it. Can you believe the sunshine??? It's amazing!
Oh ya, my dream (kind of, I would never make it and I would prob. throw up on stage) is to appear on Jeopardy. I took the test this week (they only offer it once or twice a year) and did horribly (they don't tell you your score but I'm pretty sure). I was hoping that there would be lots of science and bible questions and there were about 5/50 in that category. I got one football question though...go me! The stress of just 15 seconds to answer a question was too much and my brain really hasn't been exercised much these past few months. I wanted to get Gary's help on a few, but I refrained. Maybe next year...
I've started a new book; Sweetness in the Belly, and so far, its great!
Kay, time to make some oatmeal cookies...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Blogger?

Somehow they made me join this new blogger. Looks the same to me...Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we (meaning Kai) may have a tooth coming through as I see a dot of white on his bottom gum..I'll keep you posted:)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Green Lake

My sister went up to Green Lake with 25 people from TWU and they built and igloo on the ice and she (along with 6 others) slept in it! Doesn't it look like they are in the Arctic or something?! Apparently you put sticks in all over it and when you dig it out, you stop when you get to a stick (does that make sense?).

I'm so grown up!

I can hold my own bottle! It's so funny how the smallest things make him seem so grown up:) Hey, what's up with all the rain?! As soon as Kai wakes up, we're heading out for our walk...gotta get some good use out of my rubber boots which I bought for the Biology 11 trip to Bamfield (as a teacher, not a student...they are not that old!). Also, so pumped that the weather outlook after Wed. does not contain any precipitation! I'm getting nervous about finding day care for September so I've asked around at a few daycares (home ones), but each one I've asked tells me to wait until closer to the date...I know it'll all work out in the end so I shouldn't worry. Gary never worries, we had a good discussion about it yesterday (based on Philipians 4). Okay, he's been slightly anxious maybe 2 times in the past year. Me? I'm worried about something every day. Usually, I'm worried about someone else, does that make it any better? I don't know. Wow, that's a lot or rambling, now I'm worried that I shouldn't say that I worry a lot:)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bundled Up

I may be a bad mom but I took him out in the cold. I noticed stoller tracks in the snow so I can't be the only one that did this today:) Don't worry, he was nice and cozy in his size 18 months snowsuit which Opie (the new cool version of Opa) bought him at a thrift store. I walked as fast as a I could (wow, our jogging stroller tires can tackle anything!!!) and Kai seemed to enjoy looking at all the snow. I didn't get a picture of him outside cuz then I'd have to run in and get the camera and that's just a bit too much work when I'm all bundled up and covered in snow. Ah, fresh air. Nothing like it.


If you wanna check out free or cheap stuff in surrey, check out, I think its great that junk/good stuff gets re-used. Gary and I have a compost, we use cloth diapers, we have energy saving lights, and we recycle but I'm sure there's a lot more we could be doing. Ideas?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I love digital cameras!!

Gary is gone to a basketball game, so Kai and I decided to take some pictures!

Football? Basketball? Soccer? Baseball? What'll it be?! Probably whatever he can get in his mouth at this point! Does it taste good buddy?

Kai loves blankets...he always tries to eat as much of it as he can.

His cute pudgy feet.

Our little guy is now sitting on his own!!! He is just over 5 months now and I still can't believe I have a son. I think he's so cute, feel free to agree:)

On a side note, I love fun smelling liquid soap. Having a kid makes you wash your hands a lot and you really get to appreciate the soap. Mmmmmmmmm....

Oh, another joke that my sister Trisha told me yesterday which is kinda fun cuz its a Chemistry one!
So, Oxygen and Hydrogen are sitting in a bar and in comes gold. Oxygen says, `A u, come join us!'

Friday, January 12, 2007


I think men and women feel hunger differently. I think I feel it like a baby feels it. If I'm hungry, I need to eat right then and there. It almost starts to hurt. Gary thinks I'm exaggerating and tells me not to think about it if we are in the car or something. I think I'm like most girls, so guys, if you are with a girl and she says she's hungry, get her some food and don't just say `Don't think about it'! Otherwise, following the hunger comes irritability! If I'm alone on this one, sorry to the other girls for lumping you in the category.
Maybe its just that Gary and I feel hunger differently. We def. eat differently. He will eat 3 chips at a time, or a huge fork full for every bite. I will eat one chip at a time or a small little bite to savour each one. However, I think he enjoys good food better than I do. Maybe?
I had Mr. Noodles the other day for the first time in years (don't worry, they weren't in our house Gary!) and it was just good because it brought back so many memories of camping as a kid. Do you have that with smells too? I think one of my favourite smells is diesel. It reminds me of playing outside as a kid while my dad was using a chainsaw or carrying us around on the tractor. He used to put us in the front bucket (whatever its called) and raise it up so we could get the best blackberries in the summer (and also the guarantee that no dogs peed on those ones!)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Snow day?

So, no fun pictures today. What's new here?
1. Gary has been home for 2 days because of the snow. I think the snow is beautiful. I miss my walks with Kai though. Sunny days with warm weather would be great. Skirts. Flip flops. Sunglasses. Ahhhhhh
2. Kai is heavy. We have many stairs. That is my work out. Also, my biceps are monstrous due to hours of him jumping in my arms (he just stands on my lap and jumps, jumps, jumps).
3. I made a spinach, strawberry salad tonight. I really like fruit, especially when its already cut up and ready to be devoured.
4. I love our care group from church. We meet every Thursday and there are 2 other new babies in the group too which is nice. There's 6 couples and we are currently doing a study on marriage. Good times. Although, I miss `The Office' on these nights and tonight, I forgot to tape it.
5. Kai is on a crazy schedule of eating every 2 1/2 hours for the past 3 days (okay, not at night but during the day). Must be another growth spurt. Like he needs another one. I had a dream last night that this giant that was like 8 feet tall claimed he was Kai's father and I thought that made sense. Should I not be writing about weird stuff like that? Probably not. Oops. I'm tired.
6. Gary just went through some boxes of his in the basement. We found a story he wrote and illustrated in grade seven. It's about a mouse named Brent that loves basketball and scores the winning basket in the most important game of the season. It is very cute and it was nice for me to see that side of him...just a glimpse into what he was like as a kid.
7. We bought a mini football for Kai for just 50cents at Toys R Us. Kai likes to suck on it but Gary and I have really enjoyed tossing it around the house! I think its some good practice for the off season. Hope to play again in May.
8. I wish we knew our neighbours better. We have the conversations that you have with people when you are both in the back yard at the same time (lots of snow hey? how was your commute? oh look at how big your son is now!). Guess these things take time.
9. Gary should be home in a few minutes (they had a game tonight). So far, they are 3-0, lets see what happened tonight!
10. Here's a joke. This was my sister Jantina's favourite joke when she was 3 years old, she would tell it over and over and over....
Q. How do you catch a squirrel?
A. Climb up a tree and act like a nut.

Bon nuit. Lala salama (`sleep peacefully' in swahili...I still use some swahili with Gary. I'll have to teach Kai). Good night.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy Sunday To All

So I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Gary is heading back to work tomorrow but don't worry, he filled up on football this weekend in case he doesn't get to see much this week. Boy, was I was glad to hear that the playoffs leading to the Superbowl last all month:) Oh boy, what's next? I don't know...NBA finals? Baseball? Golf? Is there ever a break?
So, I think I should explain the last picture. Kai and I decided to make some abstract art. Unfortunately it was so abstract that I am going to start all over but Kai really enjoyed it, especially washing off in the sink afterwards. Check out his rolly polly thighs...he's def. a big boy:)
On a side note, I played some online games today. Might not sound cool to all of you...just a little Frogger and Pacman which really took me back to the days of our first computer when I was 12. Quite fun I tell ya.
Enjoy the back to work/school/whatever this week! Oh, and I love my husband.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hospital Visit

Today me, Kai, Maria, Annika and my dad (who Kai will call opie because my dad thinks that opa sounds too old) went to the Lions Gate hospital's chemo center. The center is where my mom had spent many, many hours receiving her treatment. We went and brought some cheer having the kids smile and my dad hand out chocolates. I was nervous that it would be awkward or I would be upset but it went really well. My dad is such a good talker:)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

So, ya. It's been awesome having Gary home. Why? Well, we've been getting some yummy meals again (great pork chops last night and a sausage/celeriac/apple concoction tonight) and all the little fix-it jobs are getting done (not that I couldn't do it of course:)). Most importantly, we've been able to have lots of Louise and Gary time. On the 30th we went on our 3rd date since Kai was born; we went and saw `Blood Diamonds' which is a very powerful movie, I'd def. recommend it. Big thanks to my sis Maria for babysitting little Kaiser.
On the 31st, wow, were we wild! We went and shared a dessert at Red Robins and then rented a bunch of episodes of `The Office'. We laughed a lot and stayed up until midnight! Go us. Boy, times have changed but I wouldn't have had it any other way:)
I went for a `run' today, oh boy, I don't know if I can call it that. I ran to Extra Foods to get carrots and then ran back quite awkwardly with a couple pounds of carrots in my hands. I have never been so out of shape in my life but I don't want to turn into one of `those' people that complains about it all the time so I won't mention it again (by the way, i'm not thinking of anyone in particular when I say `those' people so don't be offended!).
I weighed Kai today, he's 19.5 lbs. He's pretty much sitting on his own now and I'm trying to teach him to crawl by leaving fun toys just out of his reach, how mean am I?! I don't think he's anywhere near crawling as he can't get his big belly off the ground:) Oh he's so cute.
Gary and I are getting a bunch more black and white photos to put on our office wall, I think it'll look pretty nifty.
Gary has been watching football like crazy. Although, that game yesterday (was it the Fiesta Bowl?) with Boise vs. OU was pretty fantastic in the last few minutes and overtime. I was upstairs reading and heard Gary giggling, yes giggling, like crazy. I came down to see what was going on and he was watching football, so I watched the end of that game with him. Who giggles like that when their excited?
Okay, this has been a lot of writing and not many pictures (I know some people only look at the pictures) so I better end of here. Have a great night/week/year everyone! Love, the Chapmans. Oh ya, I should attach our Christmas card that Gary it is: