Saturday, February 28, 2009

Golden Ears

Our (my) goal is to have a nice family outing each weekend, preferably in the great outdoors. Today we took the Albion Ferry (which Kai loved) to Golden Ears Park. Who knew they closed the park in the winter? We just parked outside the gate with everyone else and walked in. We wanted to `hike' Lower Falls but it was a billion km's away so we just did the first part of the hike the Mike Lake. It was so nice to be outside!! I had Koen in the bjorn and Gary had Kai in the backpack. Good times. We only hiked for an hour but it was fabulous. Fabulous.
Kai's highlights (according to him): hearing the cars go onto the ferry and making the thump, thump sound. Also, going home. This morning, Kai said `Daddy, I love you but I don't want to go hiking'.

Gary's highlight: teaching Kai about Fungi, sword ferns (he called them feathers) and moss
My highlight: Just hiking. Love it. Love the forest. Love a little sweat. Love it. Oh ya, and being with my family:)
We were unsure if Kai would actually fit in the backpack OR want to go in it, but he did! I think it is good up to 50lbs. Kai wanted to pee in the bushes (which I told him he was allowed to do on hikes) and gave it a good try).

Koen's highlights: being fed on the ferry and being all warm and snuggly on the hike (he slept the whole time).
I discovered that Koen may have red hair. We always have a hat on him outside so when I was holding him in the van (on the ferry), I noticed the red tinges. We will see...

(Forcing a little botany on our son...he was actually interested)

Now in case you think it was a perfect day, see the picture below for what happens when a 2.5 year old just gets too cold and wants to go home....

Well, my friend Leah should be here in a minute to throw the football around so I better get ready!!! Have a great weekend all.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


(I wish Koen's eyes were open but take what you can get)

Me: Kai! Daddy! Look, Koen is smiling!
Kai: Mommy, look at me! I'm smiling too!
Me: Good job Kai.

Koen has been smiling and cooing for me and its beautiful. I wish I could capture it but it will come. Seriously, so beautiful.

I might be sick of playing camping with Kai. All we do is eat pizza, go and get more pizza, and hide under the blanket when we see a skunk. I think we saw at least 20 skunks in a row.... I look forward to the day when Kai and Koen can play together. I think we need to actually take him camping so he knows what it is all about. He hasn't been camping since he was 7 months old. I would like to go this summer but with a 6 month old...ya, been there, done that. Not fun. I know, we could use an actual trailer or camper but Gary and I are big on using our backpacking tents which aren't the best for infants.

Kai: Mommy, wanna see something bery special I can do?
(He put on Gary's shoes and announced....) `I'm skiing!'. Yes Kai, that is bery special.

Kai has continued to impress us with his potty training. Yesterday he came down from a 3 hour nap and asked me to take off his diaper so he could pee. His diaper was dry too! I'm wondering if he is doing so well because it takes attention away from Koen and gives him alot more. Whatever it is, I hope it continues. I can't believe I was so nervous about it.

Yesterday, when walking back from getting groceries. Kai stopped on the sidewalk and refused to move. No reason. Just stopped. I knew I could bribe him with something but I don't want to get into that habit. He should listen to me just because I'm his mom. I tried to talk nicely. I told him if he didn't start walking, he would get a time out. Nothing worked. Maybe I could have taken away a privilege, I don't know. I had to physically pick him up screaming (with Koen in the bjorn...that's 50lbs total) and strap him into the stroller. Oh man, I hope no one was watching because my face and tone was not happy. He had his first 5 minute time out (usually 2 minutes). Time to read up on dealing with 2-3 year olds!

Finally, what is that white stuff falling down from the sky right now? It can't be snow, that would just be ridiculous. Seriously, this is ridiculous.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Boy

KAI...the big boy!

(Mommy, do you really need a picture of me in my underwear?)

I am so proud of him. This is day 4 and he peed in his undies twice on Saturday morning, but other than that...perfection! I'm scared to speak too soon. When we go out, he does wear Pull Ups because I don't quite trust him, but he keeps them dry! He even peed on the toilet at Maria's house today (I think that when he heard that they got smarties at their house for peeing, he was a little more motivated to try a new toilet). So far, this is a billion times easier than I thought it would be and:
a. I know that this could change overnight
b. I'm so glad that I waited longer til he was more than ready
c. He goes by himself when he wants, I don't ever have to put him on the toilet which I thought I would be doing all day long.

He seems to zone out a lot. Or maybe he just is zoning out when I talk to him. Hmmm...where could he get that from? At Sunday School this week, he was running around during story time which I don't appreciate so we had a talk about that. Also, during the service, he took off running towards the sunday school room (he REALLY wanted to go). I ran after him and he said, `But Mommy, I'm exercising!'. (Background on this: Whenever we go for a walk, I encourage him to not be in the stroller because it's important to exercise to be healthy and strong). He loves spending time with us and is so happy that we are all together during dinner time again. I love him so much and even though he's 2.5, I still look at him sometimes and can't believe he's my boy. I don't know when I'll get used to the fact that I'm not just playing the mommy role, I am a mom:)

(Didn't quite capture it but this is his `I don't think so' face)

Lately, he is usually up from 6-11pm. Then, he will sleep about 5 hours, have a quick feed at 4am (maybe 20 minutes total) and then sleep til 7am. Wow. I feel so alive. That is some serious sleep I'm getting! During the day, to get him to sleep, we now hold him on his tummy (football hold) for about 15 minutes and then lay him down upstairs in our room with the bathroom fan on. I was going to move him to the baby room at night but our monitor is too noisy in our room and his cry is too quiet that I'm scared I would sleep through it. So, we are waiting one more week.

Saw the doctor today and it was confirmed. He said I am doing everything I can to help keep the milk down and alleviate the pain. He did give me a prescription for Ranitidine (Zantac) which will decrease the acidity of the stomach thus reducing the pain BUT it obviously does not fix the sphincter which means we will have to continue keeping him inclined or on his stomach, not boucing him etc. This it tough when people hold him, I feel so anal saying `please don't bounce him, please keep him upright etc). Oh well, I'm sure they don't want to be barfed on:) I'm actually not sure if I will give it to him as I have to check out the side effects (Marsalie...side effects?).

Not sure if the BioGaia drops are doing anything but I will continue giving it to him as I spent $37 on it and a probiotic can't be anything but good, right? I guess he's not farting as much now that I think about it...although that could be due to my diet too.

He was 14lbs 4 oz at the doctors office. He has his shots next week so we'll measure and weigh him again then. He is fully into 6 month sleepers now, although this green one is 3-6 months.
We haven't seen too many smiles as most of his time awake is grunting/crying/snorting/face scrunched up etc. I think he really is a happy boy, he just feels some owies in his tummy. When I was holding him last night, I was thinking he was going to grow up to be a goofball like his brother.

Gary (I won't talk about his weight/gas/personality:))
So nice to have him home. He made two yummy dinners (last night was a Chicken Mole recipe...YUM), he plays with Kai while I have Koen, AND he holds Koen from 10-11pm so I can go to bed! Wanna know what Gary and I do for fun? When Kai goes to bed, we watch episodes of `Criminal Minds' and eat popcorn. Sometimes I get a foot massage:) Who knew I would like Criminal Minds as I am such a scaredy cat...but I do! Gary is happy with how far they went in basketball.

Somehow I've really plateaued with my weight loss. Maybe even gaining a bit. I have a good 10lbs to lose to be pre-Koen weight. I feel like its all in my belly. I don't care so much, I just want my clothes to fit for practical reasons. Also, I feel like I'm eating well and exercising so I wish I could see some results. I'm up to running 2.5km which is not hard to do but the next day, it feels like how it used to feel when I ran 10km the day before:) Football practices start in 1.5 weeks so I'm super pumped about it. My little sister has joined our team so that should be fun. Mentally, I feel so normal. Wow. I feel like Louise and not hormonal woman. I wish I had more time to read but I guess I would if I wasn't blogging. Okay, time to return to mom mode!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Jube Jubes for Kai!

(This boy is growing out of control. I'm going to see the doctor on Monday about his reflux)

(All my boys..Koen is in the bjorn)

Kai: Hey daddy, want to hop like bunnies?
Gary: Do I ever.
Kai: Okay daddy, give it a try!
Me: Kai, I am sooo proud of you for peeing on the toilet!
Kai: Mommy, I'm so proud of YOU for peeing on the toilet.

(We went for a walk to a new park in our area that has a cool pond area..I think it will be a lot better when its all done)

Kai was unsucessful in the potty training department this morning but VERY successful this afternoon (#1 and #2 folks!!). So far, when he is just wearing underwear or pull ups, he is able to stay dry. As soon as he is wearing pants, I think he just feels to comfortable.
Did I mention that Gary's team lost? That means I have my husband back. Exhale.
Oh ya, Catherine asked about our baby girl names. If Koen was a girl, he would've been Amaya Grace. Milaya was our 2nd choice.

Friday, February 20, 2009

He Peed!

Kai peed on the toilet! He went to the bathroom by himself and got the toilet seat ready. He then decided to wash his hands which must be the trick (running water). He sat down on the toilet and peed! I cried. Seriously, so exciting folks. So exciting. He is the proud recipient of green and yellow jube jubes and a big mommy hug!
*Afternoon update: Peed again on the toilet! He kept going on by himself and was finally able to `get the pee out'. Went out with gramma for 1.5 hours and stayed dry (I put him in a Pull Up). Had his diaper on for his nap. Yippee!*

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kind of a smile?

So, not sure how this potty training thing is supposed to work but I had Kai in underwear from when he woke up until nap time. He didn't pee once. How do I get him to pee on the toilet? Otherwise, I'm scared he'll just hold it forever! He told me that the toilet said it didn't want him to pee in it. Interesting. Before his nap:

Kai: Mommy, what are you going to do when I'm sleeping?
Me: Maybe I'll take a nap
Kai: You can play with my toys mommy. You can play with my tools.
Another conversation...while he was looking in the mirror:
Me: Kai, why are you looking in the mirror?
Kai: I just want to see if I look nice.
Me: And, what do you think?
Kai: I look willy (really) nice.
The past two days, Koen was eating every 1.5-2 hours. I was gonna lose it. Fortunately, this was not at night. I don't want to say that nights are great because then I'm scared that he will prove me wrong. But ya, last night he went to bed at 9pm. He ate at 1:30 am and then was up at 5:45am for the day. To me, that's great:) Now when we change him, even his change pad is on an incline so although there is still spitting up at any time (not just after a feeding), he is keeping most of it down. I am now putting him down half asleep and letting him cry for max 5 minutes. That's as much as my heart/mind can handle at this point. Koen is seriously so big. I just look down at him when I'm feeding him and can't believe how huge he seems. Also, I think having a baby makes Kai look massive too...although, maybe he's growing too? These boys are gonna cost us a fortune in grocery bills when they are teenagers!
Gary's team lost last night. If they lose again tonight, they are done. They haven't been to the provincials in probably 5 years so I know he really wants to win but I think I'll be okay either way:)
Hey, wanna know our number 2 choice for Koen's name? It was going to be Logan. This is just because its a mix of Louise and Gary in a way. I often wonder if I like Koen's name but Kai's took a bit to stick too. Okay, he's been crying for 5 minutes. Must rescue him. I just want to put my feet up. I think that with more than one kid, you don't get a chance to sit down and put your feet up.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Show and Tell

Koen is 6 weeks old and weighs 14lbs 2oz. Um, I think that's kind of big. He is currently in size 6 month sleepers. I had to squeeze him into a 0-3 month one today after a vomit fest at my sisters and could barely zip it up. He slept for 5 hours straight last night!! By the way, I hope you know that even though I vented in the last post, I love him A LOT and cannot wait to see his personality emerge over the years. I think its beautiful watching him sleep or yawn or stretch or smile. I will miss the newborn stretches when they are waking up, that is my favourite. Finally, I went to my niece, Kieryn's, show and tell today as Koen was the show:) Kai was pumped to see that elementary school is way cooler than highschool. He did not want to leave the grade 1 classroom until he saw kids playing hockey at recess. Then he really did not want to leave the school at all!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


We tried to get some family photos and then...our remote shutter release died on us!!! It could just be that it needed a new battery but man, Kai and Koen were behaving so well. Here are two pictures that did not make the cut:)

(We weren't even trying to be dorky on purpose)

(at least Gary and I look decent...the boys just want a snack)

Okay, onto conversations. This is how it goes:
Person: How are you doing?
Me: Pretty good!
Person: How's Koen, is he a pretty good baby?
Me: Ya, he sleeps well at night so that's great!

What I really want to say/what I am thinking:

Person: How are you doing?
Me: Good but I feel trapped. Koen is pretty much attached to me and I haven't been out of the house for more than 3 hours and I am dreaming of the day when I can be kid free for 24 hours! I wish I could eat whatever I wanted but I'm dairy/onion/garlic/tomato free diet to help decrease Koen's gas. I wish I could be more active but I've got these 20 extra pounds (since before Kai) and I'm recovering from a C-section.
Person: How is Koen? Is he a pretty good baby?
Me: He cries a lot. He has a lot of gas and reflux. We can't lay him on his back. I can't wait til he's older and can sit upright and entertain himself a bit more. He clamps down on me when feeding each and every feed. Gary and I are not baby people.

Why don't I say these things? I don't want to be a complainer. Do people really care? I know things could be way worse. I know we'll get through this newborn stage. I know I am so blessed to have him as all I hoped and prayed for was a sibling for Kai so I will not complain. We are so, so blessed with two healthy boys.
My dad cuddling with `little Jack' (one of his middle names is after my dad). I like this picture.
All my boys. I told Kai I didn't want to be the only girl and he told me his friend Georgia was in our house. I asked who Georgia was. He said that she is his best friend from Africa. She's also 2 years old. She likes to play tools with him. Wow, an imaginary friend already! Kai often says he is scared of things now. He is scared of monsters (who taught him about monsters??) and today he was scared of the kids in sunday school because he said they didn't like him. I reassured him that they liked him because he was such a nice boy who shares his toys:)

The weather is BEAUTIFUL today. I ran for 15 minutes (woohoo, non stop!). If I keep adding 4-5 minutes each time I should be good for my 5km run in 3 weeks. Then, Gary and I tossed the football around and it felt GREAT. Our practices start in one month and I cannot wait!!!
I got to go to Gary's basketball game last night and they won. This means they are playing in Mission all week. If they don't make provincials, this will be the last week!

(Kai above and Koen below...both at 6 weeks. I think they look different but so hard to tell with different angles/lighting/facial expressions etc)

Finally, I'm turning my blog into a book because looking back, I have documented a lot of stuff. Has anyone done this? It looks like does a good job. I think it will have to be 2 books:)

Friday, February 13, 2009

6 weeks!

Wow, time is flying. Koen is now 6 weeks old. You may think I blog a lot (or too much) but I love looking back, especially over this last month as it's kind of a haze. Growing up, I wrote in my journal every night until I was married. Then, debriefing the day with Gary was my journal. Now, I have this too. I love it.
Koen sits in here calmly for about 15-20 minutes (and then a gas attack makes him start crying. I can't let him cry because then he starts gagging. Maybe it's time to restrict my diet even more?)

Gary and Kai watching Turbo Dogs this morning before Gary had to go to work.
Dorky looking smile:) Gary tried to get a picture of him smiling but the best ones are always missed. Soon we will be getting a lot more. Today I got 4 in a row...precious!

Kai didn't want to put his arm around Koen. I think Koen felt unloved...
What else?
1. I get to go to Gary's bball game tomorrow sister Jackie and her husband Tyler are watching Kai (well, he'll be sleeping but still, they are coming over!). I love going to watch him coach, although maybe not the most romantic valentines day.
2. Kai's pretend play is non stop. When he tries to involve me, I just do what he says because I don't understand half of what we are doing (today we were bringing our sailboats to the shop to get tires on them aka carrying pillows to the office to put blocks on them)

(Dancing with one of his many stuffed animals...he sleeps with at least 10 every night)
3. This morning after his first feed, I changed Koen right away. Bad move. I know better...wait half an hour. Puke. All over Gary this time. He then went to sleep in his bassinet and puked and slept in it (I noticed it 20 minutes later). When I say puke, I mean 5 oz worth. Grrrrr.
4. Another pair of my jeans fit! Woohoo!
5. Koen's `schedule' this week has basically been: pig out all the time. He eats every 2-21/2 hours during the day. At night, he goes 4-5 hours!

(something I made a few weeks back..hanging in our hallway)
6. Walked to Extra Foods (saw Adrienne...hi Adrienne!) and Kai pushed the stroller with Koen in it for 2 blocks. I am so patient. He didn't want me to help at all so I had to secretly steer it when I could.
7. Koen's 0-3 month sleepers are getting pretty small. I think we'll be into the 3-6 months next week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Perfect Evening!!

Gary is home tonight.
Gary has Koen in the bjorn and is out for a walk (I sent him to the mailbox, he didn't even know which one is ours...Gary doesn't enjoy walking for fun like I do!!)
Gary is home tonight.
I got to spend quality time with Kai while putting him to bed.
We had homemade bread and chicken soup for dinner.
I went for a run and will admit it was only 11 minutes but give me time people, give me time:)
We are all healthy.
Koen hasn't puked more than an ounce or two at a time since Sunday.
Gary is pumped to watch North Carolina vs. Duke on tv. I always cheer for the Tar Heels because of their uniform colour, isn't that terrible?
Gary is home tonight.
We are all healthy.
Exhale. Smile. Relax.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My boys

(Kai's new hat from Opi. He also got a sleeveless Nike drifit shirt which he put on and then said he was ready to play basketball on daddy's team)
When I said that Koen was an easy baby, I should have said, Koen is an easier baby than Kai. He has gotten a lot more challenging lately. I still very much appreciate that he can be soothed by being in the bjorn BUT that is all that works (or going for a walk in the stroller). He is soothed quickly but as soon as he is put back down, crying ensues. I'm positive it is reflux as almost every time he has puked, it was after he had been lying on his back for more than a few minutes. This means, I have been putting him to sleep on his belly, on an incline. Yes, I think about SIDS, but its either that or the car seat. They recently had something on the news about a baby that died while sleeping in a car seat and they recommended not letting them sleep in there.

(This is how Koen usually naps in the daytime...once I get him tired enough in the bjorn)

Two nights ago, I was walking the neighbourhood in my pj's, at 11pm, in the rain trying to get him to sleep. At least I was getting some exercise and fresh air?

(Kai loves his playdough. He loves making worms/spaghetti with it)

So, Saturday I got out of the house for 3 hours!! Woohoo!! Gary gave him a bottle of pumped milk and it went well. However, when I got home, Gary looked absolutely terrible. He had been puking. Violently. I've only seen Gary puking one other time and it wasn't pretty. So, I set up a bed in the baby nursery (Koen still sleeps in our room) so that Gary could get a nice, solid sleep and so we wouldn't be interrupted or infected by him. Fortunately, I think it was food poisoning so the rest of us were okay. Gary is back to normal now. Phew.

(Auntie Trisha reading stories to the kids at Ani's bday)

When Kai was 6 weeks old, we put him in his own room. I don't feel comfortable doing that with Koen because I need to be aware of his vomiting. Also, he is on his tummy and his cry is quieter and I don't think i would hear him (our ridiculous baby monitor doesn't work).

(Ani got a huge princess ensemble for her 3rd birthday which she loves! Kai was at Ani's bday with 3 other girls. It was princess themed. He was upset when Ani didn't let him wear the princess gear. He thinks that a prince is just a boy that wears princess stuff.)

Gary asked me the other day what my plan was for the day. Seriously, my plan is that everyone gets through the day alive, fed, dressed, and rested. Anything on top of that is awesome. I have been taking the kids out for walks in the sit and stand stroller which is soooooo perfect for us. Kai loves it and can easily hop down and walk alongside us. Unfortunately, I did have to bribe Kai with hot chocolate the other day to get him to go for a walk...he loves it once he's out but it takes him a few minutes. I don't like bribing him, but boy, it works!

(My sis Maria, post laser eye surgery, with Bbelle. For anyone contemplating it, the recovery is tougher than they say but fully worth it!)

Kai loves his sports class and comes out of it all red faced and tired which I love. I can't wait until Koen is a little less needy (aka not attached to me 3/4 the day) so that I can play with Kai a little more. I feel bad that I've had to be a less fun mom for the past 2 months. I love it when Gary is home so that I am free to run around with Kai. Oh ya, he has been really getting into `hide and seek' and `I spy'. What a fun, and tiring, stage!

(Ani opening gifts and Kai pigging out in the background...he could eat 24/7)

I have been baking and cooking up a storm. Mmmmm...chicken curry last night was yummy! Usually this can only happen when Gary gets home or when Kai is in bed because I just don't enjoy doing it while holding Koen and entertaining Kai. I find that I feel quite hungry these days and I guess a lot of it has to be due to breastfeeding (which I am not enjoying by the way...way more stressful/difficult/painful/acrobatical this time around). This means that I have plateaued my weight loss with 10lbs to go. I am not a dieting type (besides homemade cookies, we eat very healthy in our home) so I need to exercise but it's a fine balance because I need to have enough energy to make a whole lotta milk.

Finally five things:

1. Basketball should be done in a few more weeks!! I am more excited about this than anything right now. Please know that I do think it's great that Gary is doing it, I don't complain about it, and I will always support him in coaching BUT, I cannot wait to have him back by dinner time each night AND have him stay home!!!

2. I really think that our family is complete.

3. Koen puked 2 times on Sunday which meant that my body had to work so hard at replenishing my milk because he eats a full feed after he pukes. I think if we never lay him on his back again, we should be able to avoid the puking. This is my goal.

4. I have been getting lots of SMILES from Koen!! I'll have to get Gary to take a picture of it somehow...when he's day...(uh oh, I sound bitter!)

5. The things that come of out Kai's mouth often sound a lot like me. It is very cute but somewhat scary because I don't want him to turn into a neat freak. He saw a construction site and said `They need to clean up, we should sing them the clean up song!'.

The end.