Saturday, November 29, 2008

Parents of three...for 24 hours:)

Today we have Ani and Bbelle over while Maria and Kris have a romantic weekend away. They are currently all in bed, although I think Bbelle is the only one sleeping. This is Bbelle's first sleepover (she just turned one last week) and I have to say that her crying flustered me. Thankfully it was only about half an hour. I'd say that based on my experience so far (no leaving the house and no meltdowns) that it wasn't bad at all. I mean, it was Gary and I taking them all on so it went fine. On my own, not so sure:) We'll see how it goes taking them all to church tomorrow!
On the move!

Blurry picture but they were pumped for Playdoh and played nicely with it!

No wonder it was easy, we just strapped them in in front of the tv:) Just kidding...they wanted to sit in their carseats...fine with me!

This kid is always smiling
Okay, a little embarrassed to post this scrapbook page as I may be getting into digital scrap booking. Well, basically just using free downloads. I tried last year, lost all my stuff, and just this week started up again. We'll see what I actually do with it...I've also made our Christmas cards using digital scrapbooking so I'll post it soon:)
In conclusion, I am extremely exhausted. I have been having huge issues with sleep. Falling asleep at 1:30 am or getting up at 5am, and having to go to work like that. Fortunately my report cards are done and I only have this week left for school. That means I can nap while Kai naps. Hopefully. I get to see my baby via ultrasound on Wed. Cool. We have a new baby girl name. Gary finally said to me,`Pick whatever you want' and I chose one that he only voted a 6/10 (which isn't bad, I think he gave one a 7/10?). We'll see how long I keep this one for. I really like what it means but I'm concerned people may pronounce it wrong which I never thought would happen with Kai but so many people call him Kia or Key or something.
I also had a major cry fest last night (phew, felt good to get it out...nothing like a good overtired cry!). I was so happy that I was not missing my mom these days because I was worried it would hit me hard when the baby was born. Well, it hit me last night. I feel like I need to adopt a mom. I don't mean disrespect to the memory of my mom but I just need the impossible role filled; someone who listens so intently and cares deeply for all I say. Someone who is so proud of me and lets me know it all the time. Someone who asks me the questions about me and truly cares for the answers I give. Someone who thinks I'm so funny and yet hurts when I'm sad. To those of you that are my friends or family, thank you for caring for me, but you know what I mean, the depth that I desire is one that I feel is only met by a mother for her child. I know that God cares for me in this way, but the interaction is different. Sometimes I wish Gary was a little more emotional and empathetic but I know that overall it is best that we are different. So, if you could remember me in your prayers that would be fantastic. Not only that this last month goes well for me and baby but that I will feel supported and loved and well rested:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doctor Visit

Here are the stats for my check up at 33.5 weeks:
My weight gain: 24lbs (according the doctors scale but his is a little on the nice side), my scale says 26lbs.
My blood pressure: 106/66
Baby heart rate: 144
My uterus size: measuring 36 weeks
I'm so happy that my back is doing okay at this point. Seriously. No real complaints. Just the usual insomnia, frequent urination, breathlessness, and difficulty getting up. I feel so blessed. Still no girl name. Wow. Maybe we will let Kai pick because he is pretty adamant on his choice:)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 more days!!!

I only have three more teaching days left for the next year! So crazy! So exciting! Tonight I went out for dinner/dessert with my 4 sisters....good times. Love it.
(Kai's favourite thing to do this week is spell words...he asks how to spell a certain word and then finds all the letters. Two days ago, he asked me how to spell octagon. Where did he learn that? I would highly recommend these blocks!)
I went to Canadian tire the other day and when I got in the car to go, my car didn't go. Gary came to check it out (yay for a second vehicle!!!) but couldn't fix it. We brought it into the shop there and it was a frozen tensioner that had flipped and they had to do a bunch of stuff to free and replace it. Anyway, it ended up costing $300.00. I know this might not be a lot of money for car repairs, but for me, it just seems like a lot of money...3 photo shoots worth:) I'm so thankful for our van as I don't know what we would've done without the car for 2 days!
(He doesn't recogznize his numbers but can count to 15. I'm trying to teach him but he has little interest in that. He was reading the letters for GRAND & TOY on a box and he said all the letters and then exclaimed `That spells box!' One of his favourite parts about TV shows is watching the credits....`There's a D! M! A! etc')
`House' was great tonight, I love that show. I have oodles of marking to do tomorrow as report cards are due in a week. Well, I better head to bed and attempt to sleep. It's been taking me hours to fall asleep because the baby is being wild. Doctor appt tomorrow! Dudes, I only have 5.5 weeks left! I also get to see my baby via ultrasound next Wed which should be fun. Oh ya, I'm so forgetful. I keep phoning the wrong people and saying the wrong words and I'm not making much sense. So if I said something ridiculous above, just ignore it:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here are just a few things I'd like to document for the day:

1. Kai went to Sunday school all by himself!!! I'm so proud of him. Gary and I had taken turns over the last 3 weeks to go in there and just help out in the class and today I let Kai know that he would be going on his own. Gary went and peaked on him 3 times (I know, I'm so crazy) and he was doing what he was supposed to (sitting quietly listening, playing etc). Apparently he did cry once when someone else took his puzzle and he asked the teacher for Bubbi (the teacher thought he wanted a puppy). Also, he was saddened that they did not sing `Deep and Wide', his new favourite song. Overall, he was very proud of himself and I was so proud of him too!!! Maybe he sits and listens when I'm not around!! Woohoo!! My boy is growing up!! Again he said yesterday that he will start wearing underwear once the baby is here. He came up with that timeline all on his own, we'll see how it goes!!
2. Love (not at all) no shave November. The school/staff is doing this right now and all the men look so gruffy. I wouldn't mind so much except Gary is not shaving his neck either which I think looks a bit icky:) At the end of the month they will all create gross mustaches and whatever else they can think of doing. Please note how red Gary's is. He used to have bright red hair and that is why I was surprised when Kai was born that he did not have red hair:)
3. 33 weeks pregnant. I wanted to document my stretch marks thus far which are kind of hard to see in this pic....I thought I would not get any new ones as this baby will be born a week earlier. However, throughout the week, i have gained some new ones already so the `fun' is just beginning. This picture is to remind me of how it was at 33 weeks...This baby kept me up until 1:30am this morning. It keeps turning sideways on me which turns my entire belly into a donut. Seriously, the belly button portion becomes concave as its head and bum press out on my sides.
In the past 2 days, I've had 3 people say I look small. I'm sorry, but I'm not. Some how saying that I'm small doesn't make me feel validated for my waddling and discomfort. So, feel free to say I'm huge. It makes me feel better:) By the way, our pastor and his wife (not my bro-in-law, the other one) said that I looked beautiful being pregnant. That was really nice. They've said it for the past 2 weeks. No one really says that you look beautiful, they just say `good' (meaning not as swollen and puffy as you could be) or small or big. Beautiful. Made me feel beautiful. Tell a pregnant woman (no, not me, I'm not fishing for it!) that she looks beautiful:)
Funny things (okay, maybe not funny, just conversations) Kai has said this week:
1. We drive past a large water fountain that has not been working for the past month or so.
Kai: `Mommy, the water fountain is broken, we should fix it!'
Me: `I don't know how to'
Kai: `I can do it mommy, I will find the button!'
2. I was going to the bathroom...we may do this with the door open in our house...
Kai: `Mommy, do you want some privacy?'
Me: `What do you think Kai?'
Kai: `I think you should mommy. You should.'
3. We have a Busytown book with characters Hilda, Pig Will and Pig Won't...
Me: Kai, time for breakfast! Come here!
Kai: Mommy, I'm not Kai. I'm not Pig will, I'm not pig won't, I'm Hilda!!!
He had us calling him Hilda all day. Oh boy. HOpe that one doesn't stick!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday B-belle!

(the birthday girl)

My little niece turned ONE today! I can't believe how fast they grow up. I def. love the stage she is now. She is walking on her own, although, she prefers to push a toy or hold onto someone's hand.
(pushing her buddy Emma)

She is always grinning, what a happy girl! This morning we got together with friends and family to celebrate her birthday with some yummy cupcakes made my my sister.

(group effort blowing out the candle)
(We re-lit the candle so that Kai could blow it out too. He has been talking about it for a month. If he uses to toilet, he gets a cake (muffin) with a candle on it....when he decides to)

It seemed like the big kids were more into opening the presents than B-belle was:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good idea!!!

In my last post (like 2 hours ago), I complained that my belly was protuding from under my shirts. My friend Dana pointed me to a blog that had a great suggestion!

1. I took a T-shirt that had a hole in it anyway (or use one that is too short now anyway due to style changes etc!) The lady on the blog also tried one with a camisole and just cut off the straps.

2. I cut it around the waist (should've cut it closer to the armpits but it has buttons on it)

3. I can wear it as a belly band! (and with the remains,I also have a belly shirt that will perfect for the summer? Um, maybe not:))

You can see the seam of it but I think I might make another one...Yay!

Mommy's Helper

This morning Kai and I got busy in the kitchen. I decided to do some baking and cooking to freeze. I know, it may seem early but whatever, I had some energy this morning. Kai helped making the Ponderosa cake by peeling the bananas and adding the chocolate chips. He said he was sprinkling freckles:) I have a roast in the slow cooker for dinner tonight and I'm about to start a curry dish to put in the freezer.

Okay, I know I shouldn't complain as I only have 6 weeks left to go, but boy, I feel like I'm at about 500 weeks or something. I know that the baby should be getting fatter at this point and then won't be able to roll around as much but boy, the movements are insane! I think every single one of my shirts now exposes the bottom part of my belly which is another reason to quit working soon! Last night I weighed myself and I weighed as much as I did when Kai was born. Usually throughout the day I gain about 5lbs but still, to weigh that much already...I'm so ready and so not ready for this baby to be here. I am loving sleeping through the night (well, besides the bathroom breaks and rotating to ease a hip that has fallen asleep). I can't wait to see our little one! I still have no idea what it is. I feel that based on heart rate/length to conceive/difference in pregnancy that it is a girl. However, my heart feels that its a boy, probably because it's what I know. Either way, thinking about the little one makes me cry:)

Well, better fold some laundry and get on that curry dish! `The Office' tonight...woohoo!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heavenly Sunshine!

(My niece Isabelle who will turn 1 on Saturday! Wow, time flies!)
This morning Maria, Ani and Bbelle came over to play with Kai and the weather was decent (although cold!) enough to go to the park. Poor Kai hasn't been to the park in weeks, I'll blame it on the rain on not my lack of fun-ness.
(Kai and Ani just ran round and round the park climbing the `mountains' (hills))

We had care group at our house last night which is easy because we don't have to find a sitter etc. I just find that it takes me so long to unwind afterwards and I woke up soooooo tired this morning. I only have 6 days of work and 1 pro-D day left. It may not sound like a lot, but its still 3 weeks. I am leaving 2 weeks earlier than I originally planned to give me a whole month off. I love teaching, I wish I didn't have to move at all to do it well. My plan is to return part time next Dec/January but I'll take it one day at a time and see how it goes. People have been commenting on how small I am. How do I feel about this? Hmmmm. I recognize that I am not very large but its really all baby. There's no extra stuff. I don't know how people over eat in pregnancy because where is the room for the food? My stomach is getting so squished. The acid reflux is def. in full force although i think all the chocolate milk (bad for reflux) has helped keep the leg cramps at bay, none so far!!!
(Who knew the sit and stand held 3 kids quite comfortably?)

Kai has been making a lot of references to Diego and Dora lately. Examples: `I hope Swiper doesn't swipe our Pad thai!' `I wonder where my Bubbi went, I should ask the map!'. In regards to the baby, he def. understands what will be happening but is quite indifferent. I think he will be helpful but I think he will also be jealous and not the most gentle with the baby:) Gary and him have so much fun together. The other day they raked all the leaves outside and put them in the compost. Gary takes him shopping and lets him help with the cooking whenever he is making dinner. I love it. Kai loves it. Gary loves it.

Our `check engine' light is on in our new van. I guess we'll have to run a diagnostic test to see what it is, I'm so not in the mood for paying money for that. It seems to be running totally fine so I hope its nothing serious aka expensive:) So far it has been soooooo fun having 2 vehicles. Besides, gas is slightly more affordable these days. Yay!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Night on the Town

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Yesterday afternoon, I brought Kai to my sister's for a sleepover and then I picked up Gary from work and we headed downtown. We have not been away overnight, the two of us without Kai, ever. I had booked a nice hotel room and the plan was to eat good food and walk around and maybe take some pictures. Gary and I have the most fun together when we are active; running, biking, hiking etc. Therefore, me waddling down the street in the rain made me realize that it was not going to be as fun as it could be. The hotel room did have a soaker tub which was highest on my priority list and was very much enjoyed. We had a good evening walking around and eating and then....I had the worst night sleep ever. The mattress was too soft and I awoke at 2am with painful sciatic nerve pain. My entire left hip was numb down to my knee. I was awake with the pain until 4 am when contractions started. I never had Brackston Hicks contractions with Kai so I wasn't sure if that was what it was, or, if I had gone into labour. It felt just like when I went into labour with Kai but I decided to time it and wait and see what happened. I had no other indicators...just the contractions. The contractions came every 8-10 minutes and lasted about 20 seconds long. My entire abdomen would harden and it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. I was even breathing differently throughout them. This happened for 1.5 hours. Then, I decided to take a shower. I just wanted to go home. I climbed into bed after my shower and had 3 more contractions and then I feel asleep for 2 hours so I guess they stopped on their own. Apparently taking a shower and drinking water can help so good thing that is what I did. I didn't have good ole google with me to tell me to do that! Gary was unaware of what had happened, even though I had talked to him (and he had responded) throughout the night. This morning we walked around gas town (yay, it stopped raining!) and then decided to come home and watch the B.C. Lions game. Kai had a great time without us, except was unable to fall asleep in the same room as Ani. He ended up in the playpen in Maria and Kris' room.
Currently, my left hip is still in pain. I am exhausted. I'm happy to be home. Before I left, our secret santa couple (each of my 4 sisters and their significant other have a secret santa couple in our family) gave us gift #1 which was the book `The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work'. I've just finished principle #1 and it seems good so far! Anyway, it had some good `getting to know you questions' in it that I tried to casually ask Gary so he didn't suspect that it was homework from the book. Reading a book like this is something I enjoy but the only participation done by Gary is me summarizing the good stuff for him. Please know that Gary and I really did enjoy spending time together and hopefully in the summer we will be able to plan some fun day dates that include hiking and biking!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

January 2nd

This is going to be random so I'll break it into sections...which is a great segue into....

Today the doctor that is doing my C-section called to say that they have finalized the date of January 2nd. When I hung up the phone, I cried. Why? It just makes it so much more real that we are having a baby in 7 weeks! I can't believe that our family will be forever altered, I will have a newborn, I will have surgery....7 weeks. I had a doctor appt today with my regular doctor and he said that it seems like the baby still has lots of room in there (which seems so CRAZY!). He thinks I will have a 10lb baby but I think that with it being born a week earlier than Kai, it will only be 9lbs 2oz if a boy and 8 lbs 12oz if a girl. That's my guess:) My weight is good so far with 21lbs gain at 31 weeks. Generally you just gain a lb per week from this point on so I should end up with less than a 30lb gain but I doubt it!!! I've had a really bad headache these past two days and I know I can take tylenol but I'm so hesitant to take anything.

(Gary has some crazy facial hair growing cuz its `no shave november' at school)

We took Kai swimming this weekend and he was a superstar!!! He used to be so afraid of the water but he shocked me. He walked right in to his chest right away and then actually ended up swimming holding onto Gary's neck and another time, holding onto a kick board. I was sooooo proud of him. His favourite part was the shower afterwards, he would've stayed in there for hours! I think I will try to go swimming once a week, I need to get into better shape!!! We had him in Sunday school again this week and he is getting better but boy, I hope its just his age and not him, he has a hard time sitting still. Who am I kidding, he DOESN'T sit still. I took him to story time at the library today and the only time he listened is when they sang and danced to shake their sillies out. I saw all these other boys his age sitting intently in the front row listening. Maybe they were all 3? Maybe boys settle down at some point? If not, we have a very definite hands on learner who is VERY different from me.

I told him the other day that I liked Super Why (Super Readers) because its a show that's good for him by helping him read etc. Yesterday he saw `The Mole Sisters' on tv and he said `Mommy, this show is good for me!'. He thinks the moles are so funny. He has really started filling his sentences out. Before, he might have said `Where's the neighbours?' but now he says `I wonder where the neighbours are?'. He LOVES capital letters and will read anyone's shirt with writing on it or any sign that we pass on a walk. He doesn't know many lower case letters, he saw an `i' and said `Mommy, there's an exclamation mark!'. Not bad. Not bad. He asked how the moon stays in the sky and I was so tempted to launch into gravity and inertia and instead, I gave the Sunday school answer `God keeps it up there!'. He says he will wear underwear after the baby is here. Hmmmmm....he is so aware of all his bodily functions...`Mommy, I'm going to poop!' `Mommy, I'm peeing!'. He is so aware but does not want to leave the comfort of his diaper. I really want to be patient and not push it. Maybe its easier to change diapers than to clean up messes all over the place??

(Gary with his serious face...kinda makes me giggle)
1. I really want the baby in utero to stay safe and healthy.
2. I'm nervous about my marriage once the baby comes.
3. I'm nervous about recovering from the C-section.
4. I really want to bond with the baby right away. Last time with Kai, it took months.
5. Gary's basketball practices have started now...3 nights a week. It is taking a toll on me and I'm nervous about what this will look like when the baby comes. He has a tournament when the baby is just one week old. Gary loves it. He is needed. I support him in it. We just need to figure out some way to make it a bit easier at home during this time:) I think I've just had it too easy in the sense that Gary could be home by 4pm each night and now he's gone through dinner/bed time for Kai etc.
6. My greatest worry is that I will get breast cancer. I feel like it is inevitable. My mom was so healthy in all aspects and I believe that it was mostly genetic. I have 4 sisters. There's a huge probability that one of us will get it. I know I would fight it with all I had but I would never trust that it was gone. I think that in 5 years or so, I will look into testing for the BRAC 1 and 2 genes and consider the various options. It's not that I'm afraid of death but I don't want to leave my babies and I wouldn't want Gary to have to raise them without me. This fear/worry does not affect my day to day but its always there, in the back of my mind.
Well, I better get back to my marking and the never ending pile of it. I have harder to manage classes this year so I give them a lot of work to be collected in hopes that they will stay more on task. SEVEN more weeks folks. January 2nd. He/She should be the oldest in their class which Gary thinks will be good for his/her basketball skills or something.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Pictures

This afternoon we took a few pictures downstairs as the weather outside was terrible. Here are some pictures of our baby Chapman in utero...we're at 31.5 weeks now!

Okay, I know I look ridiculous in the picture below but it was a very funny moment. I asked Kai to touch my belly button and he said that it was not a belly button, it looked more like a part of the male anatomy! (I def. have a VERY outtie belly button at this point!)

Hi baby brother or sister!

Good ole timer (Kai, smile at the camera and you get a smartie!) Gary said we should get a remote for the camera and I said for sure...until he told me it cost about $200!

(The weird mark above my weird belly button is from my old belly button ring which shall never be worn again:))

(Kai's saying `Mighty Machines' to make himself smile)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Oh wow. I'm finding it difficult thinking of things to do to keep Kai active while it is pouring outside. I am unable to chase after/carry him so a lot of places are off limits. This morning at 8am we went to Clayton Park for a `hike' (I always tell him its a hike and he thinks he is so grown up!). It was beautiful with all the leaves and we walked for about half an hour before the rain started up again. We might go swimming this afternoon but I have to wait til Gary comes home because I'm not chasing Kai all over a slippery deck. If I let him, Kai would now watch tv all day. This kind of freaks me out. I have to admit that I have been letting him watch more and more as it has been raining so much and I have been more and more tired. The basement now has a lot more fun stuff like a Foosball and pool table (mini ones, perfect for his size) that we had hidden in a corner. He does like playing them but then we have to (get to?) play with him. Have you ever played foosball with a 2 year old??? So frustrating.
I would say one other downfall of being trapped at home all day is that I notice all the crumbs/dirt/baseboards that need to be dusted etc. A messy house drives me crazy and the longer I'm at home, the messier it seems. Well, Kai is chatting away in his bed so I'm going to sit down and get back to my book, `The Long Walk; the true story of a trek to freedom' about a man who escaped a Soviet labour camp.

Friday, November 07, 2008

30 week belly

I just got back my results from the 3 hour glucose test and it came back that I have totally NORMAL blood sugar levels. I was pretty confident that would be the result (due to the one hour test), sort of a waste of 4 hours if you ask me!
(A belly picture from today. I know it doesn't look like my belly is growing but boy, the baby inside sure is! It should be about 3 lbs right now, I'd say its prob. 3.5:) By the way, I got this shirt at Costco last night, it fits nice and long....although sneaking up in the picture. They are only $10.99 and VERY comfy)
Kai is very 2. The other day Kai pointed out all the diggers. I said `Awesome dude!'. He replied with `Mommy, don't call me dude please'. At least he is polite? He will also say things like `Daddy, no singing please', `Mommy, I don't want to talk about it to you' (after I asked him what he did at Ani's house). He also is very particular about doing things himself; opening the van door (really, I push the button to open it as he's trying), no more booster seat at the table, putting toys away when he feels like he is done with them and not when he's just played with them--he might need them again! I would say he really enjoys cleaning up though. He listens well and ususally I only have to count to 2 and he has altered his behaviour. He hasn't had a time out in about 3 days which is VERY good for him:)
He is very affectionate and will hug anyone...even my dad in a scary mask at Halloween. He didn't even know it was my dad and hugged him anyway. Last night Matthew and Ayden were over for a few hours and Kai asked them if he could have a kiss goodnight before going to sleep. Matthew said yes. Ayden settled for a hug:) If he is going out with Gary, he will run up to me and say `Mommy, wanna big hug 'fore I go?'. Do I ever!
My favourite time of day is having a shower. Ten minutes to myself. Anyway, I usually leave Kai in front of the tv when I shower. Today when I came down, he had a Diego bandaid on. He said he had an owie on his cheek. Ya right. Maybe its those top molars coming in?
The other day I said `Kai, I forgot to do up your shoes.' He said `Oh ya! Don't worry about it mommy. It's okay'. I'm trying to convince Kai that it would be fun to go for a walk in the rain with all of our gear but he is perfectly content staying in the house. I hope there is some end in sight to all of this rain, it makes the days quite long!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My husband

(taken last month...we will get a better one of the two of us on our weekend getaway!)

This is just a short blog to focus on another important person in my life...Gary:) Gary is so busy these days with work, basketball, photography, and stuff at home. Yesterday, he came home from work and picked up Kai to take him to Costco for 1.5 hours to get our flat tire fixed. Then, once Kai was in bed, he spent several hours burning photos onto DVD's etc. Gary makes so many meals at home, I have only made 2 of the dinners in the last week. He said last night that he was ready for me not to be pregnant anymore but I think he forgets that it doesn't get easier once the baby is here! Gary is an amazing daddy and I love watching him and Kai together. He treats Kai like such a big boy and gives him so many opportunities to show what he can do and to try new things. He is so patient, with Kai and myself:) So, when you see Gary, give him a pat on the back and say `Good job Gary!'.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Baby update

I met with the gynecologist this morning that delivered Kai via C-section. She is a great doctor and I really appreciate her knowledge and efficiency. She also did a fantastic job stitching me up last time. We have tried to book a C-section date of January 2nd and she should be around to do it (although it is the first day of her holidays). I'll know the date for sure, next time I visit her on December 11th. We went over Kai's birth and she read through all of her notes on it and again I realized how we did everything we could. She apologized for all she put me through with the manual internal rotation and all:) We have decided that if I go into labour before the C-section date, I will try to deliver it naturally. However, she `reacquainted' herself with my pelvis (which was quite uncomfortable!) and said that I could deliver a 7 lb baby but due to the narrowness/structure of it there would be no way a 9lb+ baby could make it through. So far, this baby is measuring normal size (30 cm uterus at 30 weeks) but Kai was too until the last few weeks!

Because Kai was early and 9lbs 11oz, she really wants to rule out diabetes so I am scheduled for the 3 hour glucose test tomorrow. I am almost 100% positive that I do not have gestational diabetes, I let her know that Gary was a huge baby too. Whatever, I'll do it. I think the reason why all these tests and appt's are frustrating is because its really hard to find someone to watch Kai each time. Besides, I will be so hungry as you have to fast for 10 hours before and then can't have anything for the 3 hours that you have to sit in the office for. Grrrrrr. I should be very thankful for all the prenatal care I am receiving, and I am. I also had to book another ultrasound but couldn't get into the Langley office til Christmas Eve so I am going to Abbotsford instead. I was really excited because then we could possibly find out the sex of our baby. However, my sister reminded me that Abbotsford does not do sex determination. Is this still the case? I believe the ultrasound is again to determine the size in case I go into labour early. So, I came home from my appt and had to make 4 more appt's; ultrasound, 3 hour glucose test, Dr. app't, and gynecologist app't.

I think I am just ready for January 2nd to be here. Now. Thank goodness I only work part time. Time to do some marking.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Thanks for all the baby name advise. It gave me a few new ideas and maybe confused me a bit more:) I really do appreciate all of the comments. Talking about comments, I feel like I have been getting a lot that are so polar. At a wedding this weekend, one person asked when I was due and I said in about 8 weeks. She said, `You are so tiny!'. I'm tiny? Okay lady. Then, an hour later, another woman commented, `You're like a torpedo! How much longer?' I told her 2 months and she was shocked. So ya, I'm big. I'm small. Whatever. I have just realized that people like to comment on size. That's fine. However, I wish I had more people saying things like `How is it going working while pregnant? How is it with Kai right now? How are you sleeping? How is your pelvis?'. Hello people, I'm not just a belly, I am a person who wants to be cared for!!! That's what mom's are for I guess...

I have booked an expensive hotel for Gary and I in a couple of weeks. I was so indecisive and then just decided to go for the good one because really, its the only hotel we will be staying at in the next year and its just one night. We wanted a good night away to eat yummy food, walk around, take pictures at Stanley Park and downtown, AND it had to have a soaker tub because I think that could provide some sweet relief:) So, I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with Gary before the craziness ensues. Having kids def. puts a huge stress on marriage, well, ours anyway!

How am I feeling you ask? Hmmm...not sleeping so well. My pelvis feels like it is very battered and bruised. Fortunately my back is okay this time, I hope that this continues. Baby is stretched out as far as it can go so now he/she just needs to fatten up a bit:) I seriously need to lie on my side as it feels so good. I am def. not exercising these days (besides regular housework and teaching) as it feels like my pelvis is broken. I know, i should swim. Should. Too bad. I checked out the picture of me at this stage with Kai and I guess I'm about the same. I just have to add that being so pregnant in the winter is WAY better than in the summer. I'm not as sweaty and swollen. Huge bonus.

We had our last wedding on Saturday (until June). The weather behaved. Phew. Pictures at Granville Island were fun.

Kai did a great job getting us candy while trick or treating. We just went around the block. He skipped two houses because he said `That one is too scary!'. I noticed that there was only one kid with a homemade costume. I can't believe how much things have changed. I had a homemade one every single year of my life growing up (old man, clown, punk, drink box). I think I will have to make one for Kai next year. Maybe. I should.

Kai is funny. Gary used to joke that he took a helicopter to school. When Kai was first learning to talk, he would say `Daddy takes a hekida to schoozle'. He can now say it perfectly fine but he loves driving me nuts every time we drive by the Langley airport, `Mommy, there's a hekida!!!'. The other day, Gary was driving him by the airport and Kai said with a mischevious smile, `I'm going to tell mommy that I saw a hekida!'. His vocab and sentence structure is amazing me. I brought him to Sunday school again this week. Although his understanding and his ability to contribute is good, he is not good at sitting still. I had to stay with him the whole time to make sure he was staying focussed. I just sat across the room and sometimes I held him on my lap. Maybe if I wasn't there he would do better? It's a bit early to start him in there but the nursery was driving him nuts.

I just read a good book. It is a memoir called `Prisoner of Tehran'. Recommend it.
We went to the marble slab creamery because they had a 2 for 1 coupon!

15 more teaching days:)

Gary is so good about cooking with Kai. Kai is so involved in the process and is Daddy's big helper. I am so glad that Gary enjoys cooking, especially after I've taught for the day. I know that in this area, I am truly blessed!

I should find out tomorrow when we are having our baby!!!! I'm so excited. I'm hoping for Jan.2nd but could be the 7th.