Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dr. Hormone

I'm so excited to see the endocrinologist tomorrow. She's a she! I'm so excited. I'm so hopeful. I walked for over an hour yesterday and today and am so exhausted. It's not tiring at the time but as soon as I stop, wow, ready for bed. You know, whenever I've had to teach about the thyroid, I never found it that interesting. Now it is very interesting to me. Thanks to those who have commented on previous posts. I will have pictures of the kids and info on my appt tomorrow.
We had a photo shoot in Fort Langley today and this is what the ground looked like. Absolutely beautiful. By the way, if you are ever taking pictures there, or want to see something different, head over the bridge and walk along the sandy shores (Brae Island). Very picturesque. Okay, maybe today was exceptionally beautiful, but still, what a wonderful location!

1 comment:

  1. i hope all goes well with dr. hormone today! :)
    thanks for the tip about brae island - i AM doing my photo shoot at ft langley, so i may try some over there too :)