Friday, October 09, 2009

Dear Thryoid

Dear Thryoid,

We got along my entire life,
And now, I'm not being a very good mom or wife.
You are working like crazy, thryoxin you make.
I sweat, breathe hard, and my hands shake.
I'm glad that I was able to lose so much weight,
But I won't be able to wear any of my clothes at this rate!
I love food so much, I'm thankful I can eat,
But going for a jog is no small feat.
I'm nervous you'll slow down and go the opposite way,
`This is ridiculous!!' is what I will say.
It's so hard to relax when I try to sleep at night,
It feels as if I just ran a race, and that ain't right.
I pray that you figure yourself out,
Because if you don't, I may just shout or pout.
Or cry, I'm so sad, I just want to be normal,
Because really, this makes me so hormonal!
I will appreciate my health so much more,
And will take even better care of my body than before.
So please, try your best, to reach a proper rate,
Oh, I will celebrate so much on that date!


(PS. I'm impressed with my `hormonal' rhyme:)


  1. ha! well done! :)

  2. WOW - well written!

    PS. just think you should know you're one of my favorite blogs to read because you blog so frequently and because we're in such a similar stage of life with the age of our kiddos (though i sense your hands are much fuller than mine with two boys with abundant energy! not nice for your hyperactive thyroid...can't remember the actual term for it right now, sorry)

  3. Nice one, Louise.

  4. aunty nut8:01 PM

    the hormonal line was my fav,
    you're a natural

  5. I totally love it! ESPECIALLY because you are hyper-thyroid. I don't know how you kept focussed for that long!

  6. I'm impressed! Praying your thyroid will hear and obey.

  7. Great poem! Hope you know that even though some of the more traditional "mother and wife" chores might have fallen by the wayside a bit with your thyroid issue, it is so obvious from reading this blog and seeing how you are with your family that you are truly amazing, in all of the really important ways. :)