Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Brother Comparison Pics

Here are pictures of Kai and Koen at 9 months old, wearing the same clothes.

Kai is totally Chapman, and Koen, Dekens. Koen's head is so much thinner! They both weighed the same.

It's hard to remember Kai at that age...before he disobeyed or drove me bonkers:)

Kai was just standing up holding onto things where Koen has been doing that for a couple months already and is nearly walking!
The other day, I heard Koen crying, although it sounded muffled. I found him inside the toybox! Finally, he has been saying mama all day long for the last 3 days. So cute!

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  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    i think you have great looking kids and are doing a bang up job what with being sick and all. hang in there chapman

  2. they do look very different. can't believe poor koen fell into the toybox- at least ke
    ai did not close the lid on him.

  3. Wow they look so different from eachother! Hope you continue to feel a bit better and better!