Friday, October 02, 2009

9 Months Old

Hey everybody! I'm 9 months old today. That means it was the exact same amount of time inside the uterus as out of it. I'm very happy to be here and I let it be known with my big smiles. Today I will be blogging as my mommy says she is too tired. She went to the doctor this morning and they are changing her meds so hopefully she will be something between a jitterbug and a zombie. She wishes she could run so badly but it's a little risky. She will probably have to buy new pants as they are all too big for her now. She is thankful for the weight loss but is a little prideful and wishes she could've done it on her own with exercise. Okay, on to me!

So, what are some of my favourite things to do, you ask? Well, I love it when daddy throws me in the air. We have a great video to upload but need Daddio for that. I love going for walks, seeing other kids, eating, being held by my mommy, and trying to climb on Kai. I love trying to put all of Kai's cars in my mouth but he doesn't like it when I do that.

Some foods I tried this month were; waffles, grapes, lasagna, fettuccine alfredo (I guess I'm not allergic to dairy!!), and chili. I love eating everything. My mom just puts a lot on my tray and I do it by myself. An example of what I eat for lunch is 1/2 banana, one piece of multigrain bread, and 1/2 cup of grapes. I love food! I am about 21.5lbs so not much gain this month. Clothing wise, I am wearing size 18 months pj's already.

I sleep through the night now. Mommy loves that so much, especially since she's been quite sick lately. I sleep from 7:30pm until 8am. I'm the best:) I have my little buddy, `blue', in my bed. He's my soft blankie with a dog on it, I love playing with his ears!

I still drink milk from mommy 4 times a day and will probably be going down to 3 times this month. Pretty soon I get to try whole milk. Kai says its good so I'm excited about it! Although, mommy has been drinking a lot of the brown coloured milk lately and I think that looks VERY good. I have to wait until I'm 3 to drink that. I only know how to drink from my Born Free bottles, I wonder if they make a sippy cup? I tried a sippy cup and totally started choking how fast the milk was coming out. Mommy's looking for a different kind now. Do you have any suggestions?

(Let's pretend my brother Kai is playing nicely and NOT stealing the stool away from me!)
I'm almost walking. I stand and I try to shuffle my feet but then I give up and crawl. Crawling is so much faster! I can push many things around the house to help me walk though. Mommy thought I would be walking by now, maybe a few more weeks?

(I think this would've been a good picture if my mommy's hand wasn't shaking when she took it!)
My brother Kai is sick now. Daddy has a sore throat too. I hope mommy and I don't get it. Kai is so tired, he skipped lunch and went up to bed!

Mommy is starting to get really frustrated with her thryoid. She says she might start feeling really sorry for herself soon. She knows there is nothing she can do and is thankful that last night she had a good sleep. Some nights she lays awake in bed for 3 hours. Kai says mommy should do her exercise video because she hasn't done it in a while. Mommy says she can't:(

Well, time to enjoy the rest of the day. I'm so happy to be so loved by my mommy, daddy and Kai. Time to suck on some cars!


  1. Happy 9 months! Thanks for the update Koen and hopefully your Mommy is feeling better soon.

  2. wow koen - super cute AND a great blogger :)
    great update - tell your mommy to be happy with the weight loss even though her thyroid did it :)

  3. I enjoyed that blog from Koen (pronounced 'Koön'): very creative.

  4. Koen - you are funny! Take care of your brother, and Daddy, and especially your Mommy. :)

  5. Dana Willms1:27 PM

    Fun blog entry! Praying that the meds change will work out!

  6. Koen = sooo cute!
    Hope the Chapmans feel better soon!!!!