Monday, October 05, 2009

Four Sick Chapmans

Koen caught the cold that Kai had. Kai is old enough that a cold just makes him grumpy. Koen is little enough that it makes it near impossible for him to sleep because he's so congested. He didn't eat or drink very much today (first time in his life!) and did not nap once. He isn't too grumpy and just loves being held.

(I'm assuming everyone has a HUGE second chin when they lay down like this? Can you see how thin my hair is? Hyperthyroidism=hair loss)

I got an appt with the endocrinologist in 3 weeks, I'm excited about it! We'll see how acupuncture goes tomorrow. Somehow I gained 5lbs in 2 days. Oh boy, I hope that doesn't continue! I've started eating healthier more pizza or McDonalds for me!

Okay, off to snuggle some more.


  1. everyone has a double chin when laying down

  2. CUTE snuggling pics :)
    yes to the double chin. maybe i'll try that box idea next time i have a good one of me and one of the kids laying down :) i always shy away from those kinds of pics b/c of the double chin.

  3. Oh little Koko. Did you try a humidifier in his room? May take the edge off.

  4. aunty nut10:56 AM

    Oh my goodness! I thought Koen was Kai in the first picture!

  5. I thought the same thing too about the first photo

  6. Not fun with sick babies... Piper has got her first real runny nose and its not fun! She will wake up at night with one nostril completely covered.
    Snuggles seem to fix most things.

    (hey, my sister had a bout of HyperThyroid post pregnancy, and her doc said it was genetic? Any of it in the fam? Let your sisters be on their guard!)