Saturday, June 20, 2020

Getting a Pet: Our Three-Month-Old Kitten

Introducing our three-month-old kitten, Kinley Cuddles Chapman aka Kinz. She is our first official pet other than a whole lot of fish that we have tried to keep alive over the years. Nya has begged us for years to get a kitten and we always said "no" because we travel a lot and I don't want to have to worry about would care for the kitten. 

Our three month old kitten

However, once COVID hit, we knew we would be home for a long time and were craving any cuteness to add to our Quarantine Crew, so we considered the idea. Gary sort of said "okay" finally after making it clear that he was not going to take care of her in any way. It was more difficult than I thought to find a healthy little kitten and finally I found one through a friend of mine; she had one left...