About Me

Hi, I'm Louise Chapman! I'm a mom of three youngish kids and wife to Gary. Welcome to this blog where I share about our journey in parenting and marriage while exploring our beautiful surroundings in Vancouver, B.C. I almost always have my Canon 5D with me as my love for photography continues to grow–I hope you appreciate some gorgeous images, too!

Why "Talk Nerdy To Me?" My definition of nerdy is a love for learning and therefore I'm a SuperNerd.  My husband and I are high school science teachers who love to discover and explore alongside our kids. We've been known to extract DNA in our kitchen and do a Periodic Table puzzle for fun.  I try to quantify just about everything–a book might be 7.5/10, I like my house to be at a 7/10 clean, my marriage is currently at 82%, and sometimes I have just 10% of my daily allotment of patience left...that's normal, right?

{Extracting DNA from strawberries; super easy and fun experiment for the kids!}

Over the years I have found that this place is a great community to learn from each other; some people have been following along with our family for ten years now! Whether it's a marriage tip, how to parent a preteen, or favourite book to read–let's connect; I love to interact and appreciate comments. Life can be isolating at times and this space can help draw us together.

My journey hasn't always been easy (my mom passed away 10 years ago, I had Graves' Disease, and we're a foster family), but with great support, ample fresh air (we make our kids walk a lot!), and a solid faith foundation, I usually feel ready to tackle and embrace each day.

Thanks for stopping by and checking Talk Nerdy To Me out; don't forget to comment!

My email address is louisechap@gmail.com and I'd love to connect on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.