Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Pumpkins

We had such a great time with Halloween this year. I cleaned out two pumpkins with Kai and then Gary carved them with him. Something so simple was so enjoyable! We had Chapman extended family photos (done by Gary and I) in the afternoon so it was a long day for the kids (hence Kai having no desire to look at the camera here). Both boys were sick. Koen even puked in the morning...good thing we did not carpet clean yet!! He puked, then I said,`Sh+&', then Koen said, `Sh+&' and then puked again. It was kind of funny:) Don't tell grandma.
Kai did not feel well enough to eat dinner (if Kai doesn't eat, he's sick) but was desperate to go trick or treating. We just took them out for an hour and they got TONS of treats. They had the best time ever. As soon as someone put something in his bag, Koen would say `Candy!! Ha ha ha!!'. We came home at 6:30pm and had at least 150 kids come to our door in an hour. We ran out of candy (we were even giving out the kids candy...Kai was totally fine with it and loved handing it out). So, we turned out the lights and hid:) Our neighbourhood is CRAZY for halloween.
Tomorrow at preschool they are having a dinosaur dig and I'm thinking Kai is too sick to go:( Kai is NUTS for dinosaurs (by the way, 4 pack of awesome dinosaur puppets at costco for $ boys love them!). Poor bubba.
We need to do more fun filled family activities. I feel like Gary or I are always busy with something and I love having time set aside to go on a little hike or go to the beach. We need to get better at that. It rejuvenates us as a family and the boys love any kind of exploring.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fireman

1. Gary was gone all week, hiking, and is back and safe and sound. Nice. The boys were really good for me when he was gone.
2. I returned the basketball arcade hoops game. Very fun but just too big:( Thank you for your help. I usually need to bounce everything off Gary...I returned several things when he got home.
3. Kai had his preschool party day today. I sent him with the sniffles. I think both boys are getting sick AGAIN. The teachers have been doing a great job of keeping him separated from the other boy that gets him acting all crazy. I'm so thankful that they are aware of it and helping the situation:) Kai just wanted to dress up as a fireman...easy! We've had this costume for forever, glad it's getting used. I think Koen will be a pumpkin.
4. Plans for the weekend? Three photo shoots, trick or treating, installing the bathtub surround, church, and just good old hanging out as a family:)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Uh Oh

So I need everyone's opinion ASAP. My husband isn't around to tell me if I'm crazy or not. So, I purchased this at Costco today to put in our basement. I was planning on buying a kids tent to put in the main area but then the boys went nuts over this. So, I've been assembling it for 2 hours and need to know whether I should continue (just one more hour) or pack it up and return it. It does fold up (the base with the bballs folds up) but is still quite large. That is what is holding me back. The price was actually really decent, it's just the size.

It's pretty cool as it has an electronic score board etc...
So, keep it or pack it up?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sisters and Brothers

First off, thanks for all the comments on the overalls. It was worth keeping them in the closet for 10 years, just for that.
Last night I had my sisters Jackie and Jantina over for dinner. Koen was infatuated with Sami. He just watched everything she did with such interest. I think he'll be a wonderful, gentle big brother! Sami is the sweetest little girl and soooooooooooooooo easy going. We love her.
Sami put something in her mouth, Koen copied her. Jackie, are you excited for your guest appearance here? Hey, so that's what three kids would look like. It looks pretty good to me! Can't wait. I'm ready.
I wanted to show you the basement when it was all set up but that will take a while as we decide on blinds and frames/decorations etc so I will just give you a peak right now. The bedroom is actually going to be a playroom for the next few years. It has a giant closet that will store all the games etc. If we ever have guests, it will easily convert to a guest room.
The main room is part playroom and part studio. I actually only use the studio about once a month so I'm going to pack up all the lights and put it either in the closet or buy a storage cabinet of sorts to put it in. May mount the paper directly onto hooks on the wall to make more room. Don't want to worry about the kids wrecking the lights or anything. May put a tent or something in there for them to play in (something easy to pack up or move). They had a tent down there before and they loved it.

The couches down there are so comfy and perfect for reading in. The couches also have great pillows for pillow fights.

I have realized that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I notice every single thing that is not done properly down there and want to fix it. Gary is not a perfectionist. Neither of us is `right' but wow, are we different!

I would have to say that I thought that renos would be stressful on our marriage but it wasn't at all. Gary was the perfect teammate and I'm really proud of how hard he worked and how patient he was with me (especially when I would gasp when he cut something a little `differently' than I would've). The hardest thing ever on our marriage was having a newborn just 3 months after my mom died. A newborn in general is tough, that's for sure! I don't think anyone told me that when you have a newborn (and are super sleep deprived), every single thing your spouse does, or doesn't do, is the most annoying thing in the world. Well, that's how it was for me anyway.

I almost didn't push the publish button because I'm boring myself. Sorry.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Apparently nobody cares about our linoleum (based on major lack of comments). I'm sorry, but we're kind of awesome.

This weekend I had one of my favourite photo shoots in Port Moody (will be posted in a few days) and we did the Fall Carnival photo booth at church again. When we arrived 15 minutes before it started, we realized there was no `set'. We had to borrow items (let's be honest, Gary went around stealing stuff from other booths) to make some sort of set with a fall-ish theme. Grandma and grandpa took the kiddos to the booths to get way too many sugary treats while Gary and I did photos.

Here is our family photo. Koen is having his first rocket pop (is that what they are called?) and is in a sugar coma. Later that evening, he was the craziest that I have ever seen him. Kai is just thinking this is the worst idea ever and just wants his bag of candy. I'm dreading Halloween and the month of sugar afterwards. Thank goodness some people gave plastic animals etc as prizes.

The reason I posted this picture? My overalls. It's always a country theme and I love pulling out these overalls. I bought them 12 years ago, from the GAP, for $110.00. That is the most I have ever spent on a piece of clothing (besides my wedding dress and the winter jacket that I've had for 7 years). I'm telling you, they were cool at one time. I had two serious boyfriends during the time that these overalls were actually public. People dated me while I wore those things. Wow. The thing about these overalls is that they are HUGE. Like, Gary could probably wear them. Seriously, what was I thinking?

Have a great evening.
Love, Louise

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This weekend we installed the linoleum in the laundry room and bathroom. In case you are interested, here are some facts:
1. Most places only sell a minimum of 12 feet so we got a 12X7' sheet and used it for both the bathroom and laundry room. Total cost? Only $160.00 from Nufloors. They had an HST free sale.
2. I was curious about installation (Home Depot currently has a $1.00/square foot installation sale which would've just cost us about $100.00) and Nufloors was going to charge $350.00. We decided to install it ourselves. Total cost? $20.00 (adhesive and trowel). Time? 2.5 hours.
3. We made one mistake. Crap. My bad. So, first you dry fit it in (actually harder than you think as we tucked it under the drywall), then you pull back one side and put adhesive (using a trowel) in semi circles, on every square inch. Note: every square inch. Then you lay down that side and apply pressure and roll it out to get rid of all ridges/bubbles etc. Then you pull back the other side and repeat. Now, the mistake. In the laundry room. I did not get enough glue in the very center as it was where it folded each time (does that make sense?). Did not know I had to cover every square inch, if I knew, I wouldn't have made the mistake. There is now a bubble of linoleum, that is not glued down, in the center of the floor. I know it's there. You might not notice, but we do! I totally, totally wish I had realized that last night. Was not on the online video I watched:(
The laundry room (still need a shelf/cupboard put up and Gary is currently putting the sink back in). Oh ya, one other mistake. The lid of the adhesive container got rolled into our linoleum and there was sticky adhesive on our lino. I washed it off but not with soap...let's just say that it's a bit sticky under the dryer:)

The bathroom. When it's done I'll show you the nice vanity light we have in...not sure why I didn't take a picture of it! It's much nicer than our ensuite one. This is the very last thing that needs to be done. The only thing, actually!!! We just need to put in the tub surround (I'm too scared to tile yet I'm also freaked out to put up the surround) and get the plumbers to put in the toilet and sink. Ta da! If you noticed that it is not sealed between the lino and tub, we know. We'll do that too:) Oh ya, and I have to put together a ridiculous closet organizer for the bedroom. I finished step 1 of a billion and got discouraged. Maybe I should have my dad over for some father daughter bonding, what do ya think?
Bon nuit.
Love, Louise

Friday, October 22, 2010

Adoption and Grief

I am currently reading `20 Things Adoptive Parents Need To Succeed'. One thing that I've heard over and over (seminar and this book) is the importance of dealing with grief before bringing your child home. Now, I have no idea what kind of grief I will feel when we bring our baby home but here are some things I think I am currently grieving or might be grieving at that time:

1. My mom not meeting her grandchild. I've gone through it twice with my kids already and also with each niece that is born. It sucks but I'm kind of just used to it. I don't really know what my mom would've thought about the idea of us going through the adoption process but I know that she would have supported us 100%. Also, whenever I have a newborn in the home, I dream of having my mom helping me and supporting me, she would've been great.

2. A ridiculous disease prevented me from having another biological child. I mean, I could try, but it would be so hard on my family, fetus and myself. I have to say that although I do desire another biological child (I really do!!), I have no desire to be pregnant because I know my body would go crazy, my thyroid is not stable enough. I am thankful that I do not have the desire to be pregnant (yet incredibly thankful that I have experienced it twice), it makes it easier.

3. A change in our family. We work so well right now. It's easy. My boys get along well and they both have a healthy attachment to us. When any new child is introduced into a home, there are changes and the kids roles get shifted around a bit. I don't know why I'm trusting so much that it will all be `fine'. I mean, even with biological children, you never know what kind of temperament and personality you will get. Even when Koen was born, I grieved in a sense, what Kai and I had.

4. Because I do not know the race/gender/age of our baby it's hard to know how that will come into play. Maybe if the child has a different ethnicity, I could feel that our family would now `stick out' a bit and would grieve just blending in? I have no idea.

5. I believe that the largest grief I will feel will be for our child. When he/she is older and starts to wonder more and more about their birth parents and the whole reason why they have two sets of parents. I'm really hoping that being open and honest from the beginning will make it much easier. I'm really praying that the birth parents that pick us decide to have an open adoption. It's not that I want that for myself, but I want that for our child so that as many questions as possible are answered. Along with that, I would grieve for the birth family and all the feelings of loss that they would have to go through for the rest of their lives.

In adoption news, there is no news. Just waiting. No one has looked at our portfolio since being active. Just waiting and wishing I could know a date, that's the hardest part for me. September 2011? May 2012? Two weeks? It seems like everyone is announcing spring pregnancies, I wish I could announce a due date too.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kai's Comments

Me: I don't know if I can carry this door.
Kai: I know you can do it!
Me (lifting up the door and carrying it)
Kai: That's my girl! You are a very impressive mommy!
Kai (talking about seeing his old preschool teacher): I just couldn't believe my eyes!
Kai (explaining why he and Koen were screeching): Mommy, we're practicing our pterodon calls!
Kai rubbing his chin: Mommy I'm starting to grow a beard like daddy! I won't be cute anymore, I'll be handsome!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Yippee! Today was a big day in the Chapman household. We got our carpet installed in the basement.
(The boys watching the carpet being unloaded from the van)
Now, I do have one regret. We did not replace the small section at the base of the stairs (no idea why, there was tons left over, I should've asked him to do it but didn't realize until after he was gone). The base of the stairs is just a bit darker because it's older and also the underlay that was there was so thin and I got the good stuff for the new carpet. So ya, I'm sad that I overlooked that detail but the kids (and Gary and I) are very excited about the carpet!

Time to start moving stuff downstairs!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The weekend consisted of 4 photo shoots, a little mini family shoot of our own (we did it in 10 minutes...not ideal but it was lunch time:), a trip to Aldor Acres (pumpkin patch which we had a free family pass to!), painting the baseboards, and me getting Koen's cold. I have to say that this cold has knocked me out. I'm exhausted. Koen slept from 6:30pm until 11am, and I had to wake him up! That is how exhausting this cold virus is.
I probably make 5-10 trips to Home Depot each week. I need to make at least one more in the next couple of days to pick up one more light and the linoleum but I just can't go there again. Thank goodness it's less than 5km away:) We're getting our carpet installed tomorrow, isn't that exciting? I can't believe all that we've done in 6 weeks. Although, I can believe it because we have put in a whole lotta hours.
I forgot to put a card in our camera when we went to the pumpkin patch (it was a CRAZY day) so we didn't get any photos was good to just sit back and relax but I love getting nice pictures of the boys with the pumpkins. So, it might be back to the (free) pumpkin patch this week:)
Yes, I will cut his hair. Some time.
I'm growing my hair out and I'm excited about it. I've always wanted long hair but Gary told me once that he liked short hair. So now, I'm growing it for me. And my mom. She always loved my hair longer.
(Gary said look surprised)
I love having a remote shutter release but the only problem is that the boys need something to look at. I should have asked someone walking by with a dog to stand by the we know!! Aren't we cute? I like my new purple dress and Kai in his purple striped shirt.

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you don't catch this cold going around!
Love, Louise

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi everyone, it's me, Koen! I had a rough night last night, I was up until 4am. My mommy tried to sleep with me in her bed, on the rocking chair, and even in a toddler bed. Finally at 3am, she just let me cry. I'm breaking in 4 eye teeth and I'm super congested with a cold. I'm pretty miserable! Good thing mommy has a crazy thyroid that gives her lots of energy. I think that if I acted like this a few days in a row, mommy wouldn't have so much energy anymore.
Look what I'm wearing though! Undies!! I just really wanted to try them because they are so comfy and I love trying to use the toilet like a big boy. So far, nothing has happened on the toilet but I've kept my undies dry for the 2 hour time periods that mommy let's me wear them!
Yes, I'm pointing a painting stir stick at you...and then I will run down the hall and try to scratch the walls, I'm fun like that!
Come this way! Check out the dusty floor, yup, that's what we have to live with. You know what else we have to live with? Four couches in one small room and three boxes. It's kind of fun though. Know why?
We make lots of forts with the pillows and Kai likes to hide in them and pop out like a Jack-In-The-Box!

Okay, nap time! Tomorrow afternoon we are taking our family photos at the pumpkin patch and I'm going to be a super good boy, okay?
Have a good day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dust and Ducks

Okay, it has been decided. The worst part about doing renos is not the money (by oh my goodness is it going FAST, do I seriously need to rent ANOTHER tool?! Door knobs cost how much?!), dealing with 2 crazy kids tearing apart the tool rental department (two visits in one day...dude said, `You must be tired by the end of the day!'), or the stress (oh, you gave me the wrong sized doors and I need the right ones NOW), it's the dust. I am so sick and tired of vacuuming, dusting, and steam mopping my entire main floor every single day. I think that all the dust producing jobs are now done. I think. So, next week, we will carpet clean the entire house. Fun times!
(looking down hall to laundry room, bedroom and bathroom)
The finishers finished today and so Gary and I will paint like crazy over the next 5 days to get all the baseboards, doors, trim and walls painted and caulked and whatever the heck you need to do to them. On Monday, the carpet is coming!!! I'm excited. Then I can move stuff down there. I'm a little sad that I bought the cheap berber carpet that matches our current basement stairs, but I think it is the right move with having 2 (or maybe more eventually) boys being wild down there and making a mess. Then, we just need the following; electrician to finish installing lights, us to put in the bathroom and laundry room floor, plumbers to put in toilet and sink. Then there are all those random things that add up to a billion dollars like closet organizers, shower curtain/rod, towel holder blah blah blah.
In other news, this is the book I'm reading. It says in the beginning that you could take one of two stances upon reading it, `Oh, everything is going to kill me anyway so I'm not going to change' or `I'm going to do all I can to live the healthiest life'. Now, I used to be more of the first type responder. I mean seriously, I have the worst genes in the world, I'm gonna get something no matter what I do. BUT, I wanna be around for my boys (and please, please, please...grandchildren!!) so I will do what I can to be healthy and to raise them as healthy as possible. Step one this week was buying a ton of glass containers. Small step, sort of expensive, but a good one. Can't believe it took us so long to just do that:)

Gotta go. Have a wonderful day.
Love, Louise

Monday, October 11, 2010


What a perfect weekend! We had thanksgiving dinner with Gary's family on Friday. Had a wedding on Saturday. Had a WONDERFUL family day on Sunday going to church, Redwood Park, and then a pumpkin patch. I have been reminded that being outside, in nature, with my family, is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing for me. Today we painted our basement and had my whole family over for thanksgiving dinner. It was great.
Thankful for living in a city of parks.
Thankful for two boys who love exploring nature, even more than I do!
Thankful for dimples and an a very animated talker that lights up my life.
Thankful for the conversations with my four year old which usually make me smile. Thankful for forgiveness so that we can move on after difficult days.
Thankful for ample family time and being silly together.
Thankful for kisses and hugs. Especially from a husband who always thinks I'm hot, no matter what my belly size.
Thankful that my kids love me so much, no matter how frustrated I get with them, or how many times I ask them to do something. They still want their momma. Usually:)
Thankful that the boys love playing together. Such an incredible blessing.
Thankful for a belly full of good food (cupcakes made by my sister Trish)
Thankful for family that is always there.
Thankful for nieces who I can hold and cuddle and giggle with while we await another baby of our own. And seriously the skirt on Sami was incredibly cute.
Thankful that my kiddos have so many cousins (Koen ran out of the picture), on both sides, that we see regularly. The furthest one (Sami) is just 45 minutes away.

(Do you like how Koen is holding a baby too? He's also sucking in his lip because he now has a fat lip/bloody nose. Poor bubs. Please note that Kenzie-1 month and Sami-7 months, are less than 5lbs apart:)
Thankful. Blessed. Content.
Love, Louise

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Kai Bear; Advice Needed

Okay, let's see. I love my Kai Bear. I need some advice on parenting this 4 year old boy. Kai will usually play with another kid in the same manner and energy level as the other child. He can play nicely and quietly with his cousin Annika and he can play rough and tumble with his big boy cousins. Now, let's say there is a classroom of kids. All are behaving nicely, Kai behaves nicely. Let's say one kid acts wildly and misbehaves, well, Kai gravitates to that kid immediately. He will encourage the behaviour and test some of it out himself (just like he does when Koen misbehaves).
I know that he is far from being a teenager but my fear is that he will do that when he is older. Why am I afraid of it? Maybe because I wasn't as goody goody as my husband:) As a kid however, I was not one of the wild ones. Ever. When I went with Kai on a field trip this week, I was so disappointed. I have never felt so rejected by him and at a loss of what to do. He completely ignored me and was so caught up in being silly/not listening with another boy (although he did listen to his teachers). It was impossible to separate them because the other boy was there with his grandparents who couldn't hold on to him (we were hiking through the forest). At one point, I took him to the back of the line (and he screamed and acted like he was dying) and we just left when everyone was having their snack. Usually on a hike we can talk about what we are seeing and he finds me interesting and engaging but it was like I was the most annoying person in the world and he didn't want to be anywhere near me. Since when am I not the coolest, smartest, prettiest, fastest, strongest mommy in the world? He's only 4. Isn't he supposed to think the world of me a little bit longer? Maybe my expectations are just too high. I mean, his behaviour wasn't terrible, it just wasn't what the rest of the class was doing and it wasn't what I wanted him to be doing.
And what can I possibly do about his friendships? There are some really good buddies of his in preschool whom he loves and who I love. And then there are kids that might not be the best influence on him based on Kai's personality (is that mean to say?). What can I do about it? I can discuss a lot with him but this is something that he has a hard time with. I have to say though, that when I was trying to keep him away from that other boy and he was pushing me away and saying he didn't want to walk with me, I was hurt. I can handle a lot of his words but for some reason, that field trip left me feeling really upset. Maybe it's my hormones? Maybe I was tired? Maybe it was a one time thing. Your thoughts on this are welcome.
Dare I say that he is less monkeyish? He is still climbing on everything and making a mess BUT it's not a mess that requires a carpet cleaner to clean up. He is so sweet. Except when he drags his foot when I am trying to push him on the bike, then, I don't find him so sweet. I make him walk. And then he takes 10 years to get home and I get soooo frustrated.
Getting him to say `happy birthday' gives a better smile than `cheese!'
The boys loved the pumpkin scones I made. I loved them too and I don't even like pumpkin!

Okay, I know you're only supposed to publish nice and flattering pictures of yourself but I am so perplexed by my belly! I seriously look 3 months pregnant. Now, my free T4 is currently in the hypothyroid range making me cold and fat (while still maintaining the jitters of the hyperthyroidism) but seriously, a pregnant looking belly? And this was first thing in the morning. Crazy. I miss my constant metabolism more than anything. I was normal for 30 years and I don't think I appreciated it. Having a wonky metabolism is so frustrating. I have a maximum weight that I am not `allowed' to go over. I'm 1lb away from it. Great. And no, I'm not publishing that weight. And no, I'm not pregnant.

We rented a paint sprayer and Gary primed the whole basement in two hours and then he also did the whole ceiling. Below (on the left) you can see the colour that we will be painting the basement; Silver Fox. If you don't like it, please don't tell me now. We already bought the paint:)
All primed and ready to go!! I have to say that even though renos aren't fun, it was not nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. Maybe that's because we only did the insulating, drywall cutting and hanging, and painting:)

Okay, I will def. have a thanksgiving post on Monday because I have a billion things that I am so thankful for.

And if you have any suggestions on Kai and friendships and behaviour, please let me know!

Love, Louise

Selling Mommy

Kai likes to use his words to hurt me when he is angry.
Me: Kai, it's 8:30am, we are not having a cookie.
Kai: Well, then I'm going to have a garage sale and sell you for $1.00 and then get a new mommy.

In other news, the kids are at grandma's (we are photographing a wedding tomorrow in that CRAZY rain) so Gary and I saw `The Social Network'. We totally enjoyed it. Time for bed.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I feel so good emotionally. Not sure why, but I'll take it! Not that I'm usually sad, but I just feel exceptionally happy. It could be that Jen and Andrey have brought their daughter home, an old student of mine that had two major heart surgeries in two weeks is looking up (it wasn't looking so good a few days ago), and another old student who was in a major car accident is now in critical care and is responding to various commands (this is a huge improvement).

And, no seque to this but our basement renos are going well! The mudder finished today which means Gary and I have a terribly dusty clean up job to do. I picked up some `Kleen Sweep' which should make it a bit easier? We get to start painting tomorrow!! Woohoo!!! And by we, I mean Gary:) Well, we'll just prime it and paint the ceilings because the finishers come in Tuesday and the carpet is ready and will be installed on the 18th. Oh my goodness. We are finishing early, I know it! Just have to somehow do the bathroom and laundry room floors in there and then finish installing the bathroom fixtures and we're good to go!!
I have to say that hiring more professionals decreased our stress dramatically and was so worth it. I still feel like we are doing a decent chunk on our own and I'm impressed with us. The final cost will be closer to $11,000 than $9,000 but it's worth it when it cuts the time and stress down. Our neighbours did their basement by themselves over the time period of a year. No way, Jose! I cannot wait to carpet clean our main floor and upstairs and have a clean house from top to bottom. I guess I can do that after the finishers.

In work news, there was a giant barbecue at the school last night. It was a lot of fun but it really just reinforced that teaching is so not for me right now. I found teaching so stressful and exhausting. I mean, I loved it and thought I would do it forever, but man, is life easier now! I don't have to rush the kids off to daycare, I get to wear whatever I want, I can work while the kids sleep, I can clean my house and make meals, I can stay on top of laundry etc. I am SO incredibly thankful to have such an awesome job. I'm trying to find the balance. I had three days with no work (due to the weather) and I almost went crazy. I read a book, baked and cooked but just felt `off'. I love having just a couple of hours of work each day while Koen naps. By the way I read, `Secret Daughter' about an adoption through India, I liked it, mostly because adoption is on our minds daily around here:)

Okay, better wake up Kokies to go get Kai Bear. I have an engagement shoot at Crescent Beach this evening, the weather is looking awesome. Maybe I'll wear my new boots. I have a thing for boots.

Love, Louise

Monday, October 04, 2010

21 Months

I think Koen is just growing up way too fast now! I look at him and see such a big boy, especially when he seems to be taking up his whole crib at night. I have to say that I am so thankful that he has not learned how to open a door or climb out of his crib yet. At this age, Kai was in a bed. Koen however, we will keep in the crib for another 6 months at least!
He is now my super sleeper. Ah, so nice! He goes to bed so easily and sleeps a solid 14 hours (at least). I can even go in and check on him now. He will still sit up and stare at me the second I open the door, but then, he just lays down and goes back to sleep once I shut the door.
He is using a lot of words these days. He'll say things like `Tie (Kai) shoes!' or `Lud you (love you)' or `Mommy, Ee (eat)!'.
He has become a little more whiny lately, not the biggest fan. The fake cry comes out very easily which drives me bonkers!
(the fake cry)
We took the boys swimming last night and Koen was giggling with glee. I can't believe we don't take them more often. Well, I can believe it. We should try though. I should probably take Kai skating too. Anyway, Koen LOVED the water and was totally fearless. Kai has come a long ways and now goes down the slide and will float using a noodle.

Koen still loves Blue like crazy, although like Kai, he now calls him Bubbi. We have packed up all of the bottles as he now just uses sippy cups. Took a while but I was a little more hesitant switching him over as I was a little more careful with him just because of his history with reflux and how he always seemed to choke a bit using the sippy cups.

I know I say it all the time but wow, I am so in love with this big boy. He melts my heart daily. I am so blessed with my two boys. I love having boys. I often think of how it took us a bit longer to have Koen which just makes me hug him a little longer each night. He is such a blessing to us and I am so thankful for him. LOVE YOU SO MUCH KOKIES!!!!