Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Little Pumpkin and Bear

Tonight we took the kids trick or treating for an hour. Kai was LOVING it. After each house he proclaimed, `Trick or treating is so fun!'. He was def. ready to head home after going up and down so many stairs. We ended up handing out half of his candy because there's no way I'm letting him eat all that junk:)

(Kai trying to get the picture over with so we could head out)
Kai really wanted to be a butterfly but I kind of convinced him to wear a costume that we already had. I would've made him one but he was adamant that it had to be pink. I guess I could've done it but ya, a pink butterfly?
Our neighbourhood is crazy over Halloween. Some families spend over $100.00 on decorations! With our little scarecrow and pumpkin out, Kai asked when we were going to decorate. Um ya, that's enough decorating for me!

(Rar! I'm going to get you...if I figure out how to move in this thing!)

(He had just seen himself in the mirror)
The next pictures are from Kai's party day at school. They asked the students what they were thankful for and Kai raised his hand and said `Going to gramma's house'. I think this made gramma (Gary's mom) very happy as she had come along.

After singing all their songs, Kai said loudly (several times), `We didn't sing the car song!'.

He did a great job again and I'm impressed that he does the actions and sings along. He is not a great lover of anything artsy...he is a great lover of cars. And that's it. Cars. Kai is now 39.2lbs. He gained a pound in about a month, I can tell that he is def. growing up and out:)

This morning, I had to set my alarm (which I NEVER do since Koen is my alarm) to get up for football. Had to be in Vancouver by 8am. We won our first game of the day and then I came home to take the kids to the pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful day out, maybe one of the last good fall days? I decided today that fall is my favourite season. The leaves are just so amazing and everywhere I drove today looked spectacular. We were only there for about 10 minutes since it was so windy, and Kai spent 99% of that time splashing in mud puddles, so we didn't really get any good pictures (and they were both wearing terrible clothes for pictures) but at least we went!

When I came home from football, Kai said `Mommy, I missed you! I'm so happy to see you!'. I told him that I got hit in the head today and explained that it was an accident and that the girl said sorry. Kai said, `Did she give you a kiss better too?'. Uh, no. We only kiss our family kiddo.

On the way to the patch, Kai was being so sweet. He started saying,`Mommy, you are my (he didn't want to say friend because Ani is his best friend), you are the best adult in the whole wide world!'. I'll take it!

(isn't he cute?)
Had another football game in the afternoon. We were down to just 5 players (normally 7 on the field at a time) so it a tiring game but a fun one. Obviously we lost but ya, fun to play the last game of the season! I am so thankful that today was a good healthy day, I was able to play both games the whole time! Yippee!!


  1. sounds like a good full day!

  2. Cath Tucker1:11 PM

    Glad you are feeling better! The boys are so cute in their costumes and at the patch! You're great at keeping up with your blog - they'll love reading it someday!

  3. I especially love that last picture of Kai. He is quite handsome.

    Well done playing two games of football! That must have felt good.