Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Green Lake

On Monday, we headed up to Green Lake (4 hours north) to stay at my dad's house/cabin. It's always nice to get away to where there are no phones, internet, tv etc. It's always a time of relaxation and restoration. I wish it was just 2 hours away but oh well, at least its a scenic drive.

On the way up, we decided to take our time and decided to walk up to bridal falls. The whole time, Kai was so excited, he kept saying `Mommy! Kai hiking!' (in a very proud of himself voice). Don't know if you've done it before but its about a 15 minute walk up hill the whole way. Kai did it all by himself and I was proud of him too:)

(My hand is in a `hurray!' motion because it's Kai's new thing)
The weather up there was not the greatest but the wind and rain did keep the bugs away. We went on a short canoe ride as it was a little choppy and I really don't like canoeing (I like kayaking better). Kai spent the majority of the time there throwing rocks in the water. `Mommy, look at that big one!' was what he said after he picked up every rock. He was throwing with his left hand the whole time so I don't know at what age they establish a handed-ness but I think we may have a lefty.

Gary and Kai took advantage of the wind to fly a big kite. Gary took a few funny running starts at it but got it going in no time. He let Kai hold it by himself which worried me because I thought Kai would let go of it and it would go sailing away. All was fine:)
This is the arbour that we got married under. The wind has messed it up a bit but look how things have changed in 3 years:)
Kai and Gary checking out the ducks hanging out at the end of the dock.
Kai and daddy having fun
Mommy and Kai watching the ducks.

Gary and I feel rested...sort of, we had to share a double bed. Wowwee. I love our king size bed. We were so close I could hear his stomach gurgling. Anyway, I got to read a book (Gap Creek..good one) and just have a good time with Gary and Kai.
Oh ya, funny comment by Kai. Gary drove over the rumble strips and Kai said, `Car farting! Car wanna go poo on the toiwet!'. Is that funny? I think so:)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jan and Doug

Yesterday, my sister Jantina got married. I'm just going to post a couple pictures now because we've just uploaded them and I refuse to start editing or going through them all today:) The location they chose was identical to the one last week so we were able to fly through the wedding party and couple portraits in about an hour. The weather was PERFECTLY cloudy. Gary and I are taking off (with kai) for a couple days to recuperate and relax. Yesterday, I was up from 4:30am all the way until 1am this morning. This was totally due to me stressing about all that had to be done. I felt a lot of pressure in decorating the hall and making sure everything was okay. I don't mind doing it as Jan was able to sit back and be pampered in the morning while I ran around like a Bridezilla. Jan and Doug LOVED the day and it was great to hang out with tons of family.

Gary's mom came to the wedding to help out with Kai while we were taking pictures. Kai's job was to carry the ring box down the aisle. In truth, it was full of chewy candies which he was able to eat once he made it down the aisle.

He walked perfectly down the aisle (although no smile in sight) and I was soooo proud of him! During the rehearsal, he had done several things like dump Ani's basket of flowers out or go behind her and pick all the flowers up. For the day, we just sent him up before Ani and he did wonderfully (without a nap!).
It was an emotional day, due to pregnancy, lack of sleep, and speeches that included memories of Jan and mom. Overall, a very good day. I'm going to take a nap.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby? Babies?

Had a doctor's appt today. He is confident that it is just one baby based on my uterus size at this point. However, he also thought Kai was an 8lb baby and he was 9lbs 11oz so sometimes, you just never know:) We heard the baby again, and boy, those 30 seconds of searching for it sure are stressful! Baby has a strong heartbeat of 155bpm. I have actually lost 4lbs since last month which concerns me, but not the doctor. This means a total weight gain of -2lbs. I def don't look like I've lost 2lbs overall! I wonder if its because I'm not running anymore and therefore have lost muscle? I'm pretty confident that it is a girl but we will find out next month. I am really excited about the prospect of either girl or boy. I can't imagine what a girl of ours would look like, but I would be so excited to dress her up all girly! I would also love a boy for Kai to wrestle with but I guess he can wrestle with his sister too. I think he would be a great big brother to either but especially to a girl.

While I was at the doctor's, Kai got his finger engtangled in the hose rolling contraption and I came home to him `cleaned up' with blood on his hands and arms and a band aid around his finger. This is is first band aid experience as he usually just gets tons of scrapes and bruises. He seeems to be totally fine so that's good.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week 15 photoshoot:)

This afternoon, as soon as Kai went down for his nap, Gary agreed to take some pregnancy photos of me:) I know its a little silly to do them at this stage (most people do them around 7-8 months), but why not?! So, we did a quick 15 minute shoot and I like a lot of the pictures. It's hard because I kind of just look chubby and not pregnant but I'd really like to capture the whole process, not just the last month or so. I have def. realized that I do need to get a hairstyle one day. I had one once, kind of. Maybe a couple years ago? It was just shorter and layered and looked better. are some pictures in black and white. It would look better posted on a black background but whatever...enjoy:)

Gary and I

I thought this was a cute picture of Gary and I at the wedding last Saturday. Looks like we're just sitting around but we did get a ton of pictures which we are now done editing!! Just got to print them at we're good to go!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I don't gike it

That's what Kai has to say about everything these days. Even for stuff he really does like. Today he spent his 3 hour nap time (yes, I know we are blessed with the daily nap from 12:15-3:15) chatting and singing in bed and not sleeping for one minute. At one point he was chanting out `Gary! Gary! Gary!'. Kinda funny. On Saturday he has to walk down the aisle for my sister Jan's wedding and I'm hoping that a cookie at the end of the aisle should do the trick. Oh boy, I hope so.

Nothing exciting here, just been editing wedding pictures and helping with wedding stuff. I have to say that I am still absolutely exhausted all the time and still need to nap each day. I don't know how I taught full time last time I was pregnant. I also have to say that I am crying VERY easily these days. Usually tears of hapiness but still, tears flow very easily. Gary and I watched our wedding dvd the other day, we were so happy. Not that we aren't happy now, but you know, just different. I remember the days when he would give me his t-shirt when I left his house at night so that I could wear it and think of him. Wow. Times have changed.

I'm thinking of going to the Salmon House in West Vancouver for my birthday. We have a wedding there in November so we can be checking it out at the same time. I will have a post with pictures very soon. Doctor appointment on Thursday...I always love the appt and the reassurance it provides that all is well but I get so nervous before hand hoping that all is well. Have a fabulous Tuesday evening all...I'm going to eat some Ponderosa Cake. If you went to UBC, you def. know what this is. Gary made some yesterday when i was trying to nap and it sounded like an elephant was in our kitchen. I came downstairs angry but when i took a huge sniff of what was going on in the oven, all was forgiven:) It is a fabulous banana choc. chip cake and it tastes amazing warmed up with vanilla ice cream.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

He's A Keeper

Me: Hey Gary, do you feel a little guilty that I'm planning what to do for my 30th birthday?
Gary: Oh sweets, I'll do something nice for you when you turn 50 okay?

That's my husband. He's all mine folks:) Joking aside, he does give wonderful, amazing foot massages.

This week we are going to take a cute/fun (hopefully) pregnancy picture downstairs in our studio. I know most people do it at 8 months or so but I hope to do it at least one per trimester, so, it's time!

It's been a busy weekend and next weekend will be even crazier. I am so thankful that Gary and I are not teaching right now because I don't know how I would function with everything else going on!!

Finally, Kai announced on the way to church that he does not like church. He does not like nursery. He does not like Carter (his nursery buddy whom he really does like). The whole time in nursery he just kept saying `Kai's house. Let's go. Kai's house'.

Finally, this weather is PERFECT.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Coming up soon is my 30th birthday. Instead of throwing a party, I wanted more of an experience. Originally, I had wanted to hike and camp at Garibaldi lake with Gary as I love, love that hike. However, I am really not confident that I could do a hike like that being pregnant. I have done it several times but I can't imagine doing it now, especially with a 30-40lb backpack. We could just hike it for the day (therefore no backpack) but I think it would take me the whole day and would prob. destroy me for a week or so:) Also, it is not a hike that is worth just doing the first half for as that part is extremely boring.
I then thought about going to Cirque du Soliel but it ends on Sunday so that does not work.
It may just be a walk around Buntzen lake with Kai and Gary but I'd rather do something I have not done before.
Maybe a super fancy restaurant for dinner? Any recommendations?
Any ideas for something fun to do for a pregnant lady on her 30th?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Walk

(Cheese!!! We went for a walk today. Whenever he falls he says `I'm okay buddy!' This is because I used to always ask him, `Are you okay buddy?'. He falls a lot because he gets running too fast. He has scraped up knees and elbows but never cries. If he does cry, you know he's really hurt.)

I know its been a lot of blogging lately but I just feel so relaxed and I feel like I have time for it! Love this feeling! One 2 year old kid is so easy and I am somewhat fearful of 2009 and the stress/tiredness/crankiness/exhaustion of it. However, I know its all worth it as I can't wait to have this addition to our family. Our family will feel a lot more complete...Kai needs a buddy to play with outside!!!! Please do not think I am ungrateful, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to grow another baby.
Kai helping daddy wash the car this morning, he did turn it on Gary a time or two...he loves the water hose.)

Kai has thrown some big temper tantrums lately and I'm not sure if its because he's still recovering from our trip or if it's just what being 2 is all about. Most tantrums occur from him having to come inside the house (he could play outside all day). We have decided that screaming/innapropriate crying calls for a time out so now we just have to warn him that if he continues any longer, he will have a time out. These time outs have worked fabulously with him. He sits in the chair quietly for 2 minutes and doesn't even try to escape. After 2 minutes, we talk about why he is in time out and he can always verbalize why he is there. I love it. The other thing that we really need to do with him is give him warnings at 5 minutes and 2 minutes before we change activities....this has been key.
We don't usually take a camera on our walks but Gary wanted to try his new flash diffuser in bright sunlight so that's how I got him to come along on our walk:) Please note my new shirt...I bought 2 shirts and 2 capris when we were in California and they were such a great deal!

Well, better relax a bit more. There are busy times ahead! We are photographing a wedding this Saturday and then we have my sister's wedding next Saturday where Kai is a ring bearer and we are also photographing it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today I was going through Kai's clothes and boxing up the ones that no longer fit. Once I got to his pajama's, I made the most exciting discovery!!!! Someone (Kai) had hidden Bubbi #2 behind all of his pj's. It was so exciting to find something that we have been looking for for weeks! It may not look like he is the most excited as he is busy wanting to brush his teeth but it was quite the celebration!
My 14 week picture. I don't think I'm growing as quickly now but all of my maternity pants feel extremely uncomfortable as they feel so tight on/under my belly. I think my hips are already widening a great deal and this was actually pointed out by Gary a few weeks back when he said, `So, um, do you think you hips have gotten bigger already?' and he never says stuff like that:) I have to admit that I am nervous about what this pregnancy will do to my body. With Kai, I had minimal stretch marks and my body went sort of back to normal (never lost the last 7lbs). I just think that with the way I'm going, it may be a bit more difficult to return to some normalcy. Fortunately, I don't dwell on my body shape as much as I used to (teen years and early 20's) but I really do dream of having a fit body once again. It's not that I was uber fit but I was a lot more defined than I am now and could run a 10km no problem. Since being back from Disneyland, I feel way more rested and relaxed. I'm still walking each day, but maybe just 3 km instead of a million:) I'm confused why I still feel nauseous at night as this phase should've passed by now! My next doctor's appt is next Thursday and I'm hoping he'll be able to determine if there is a second heartbeat in there or not, because waiting til mid August is going to drive me crazy!

Wearing the goggles is about as close as Kai got to swimming in the pool. He seemed to love the hot tub and would go up to his waist in it. He is seriously such a chatterbox. This morning, he came into our bedroom and said `Mommy come on! Let's go downstairs, Mommy!' Once downstairs, `Mommy read the big brover (brother) book?' Crystal clear. I did find it really helpful on our holidays that he could converse with his cousins and they could understand him 75% of the time. He had such a fun time with the cousins and has already asked to go visit with them:)

Our Garden!!

We came back to a whole bunch of little pea excited to eat them soon! So far we have eaten the lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries. I love having a garden.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tips and Tidbits on Disneyland

This will only be interesting if you are actually thinking of going to Disneyland. Here are just a few of my thoughts on Disneyland and going with a 2 year old:
1. Weekdays are waaaaaay better. Usually they have 60,000 people per day on weekends and only 30,000 on weekdays.
2. Going from 8am-12pm is the best time because:
a. cooler
b. way less people therefore faster lines
c. you can go back and ensure your little one gets a nap. He went three days without naps (traveling and Sea World) and those were def. the toughest days.
You can always go back in the evening when its cooler and a little less crowded
3. I was impressed with the amount of shade that they provided while waiting for rides etc as it was hot, hot, hot.
4. Awesome bathrooms with change stations and a billion toilets
5. Lots of rides for a 2 year old; Fantasyland had all the rides like Dumbo, Carrousel, Tea Cups and then Toon Town had tons of fun stuff for them to run around and play with. Ample opportunity to meet Mickey, Minnie etc. We never waited more than 5-10 minutes for a ride with him. We never had to wait even one minute for King Arthur's Carrousel and that was his favourite one so we def. rode that one a lot!
6. We brought a stroller along but you can also rent one for $10/day. You want your stroller to be distinguished in some way because you have to park your stroller with a million others when going on rides.
7. BC water is the best. The water there was hard to drink unless it was super cold.
8. I was impressed that they had many healthy options of fruit and veggies along with all the regular fair food.
9. Based on watching all 8 Chapman cousins, I would say the optimal age for Disneyland would be about 7-10 years old. They could go on all the rides, appreciate all the Disney `stuff', and wouldn't be exhausted etc.
10. The parades have really been improved since I went 15 years ago! There are so many different ones and they are quite impressive.
11. We stayed at a hotel that had a breakfast buffet. Definite plus.
12. Our hotel also had a pool, definite plus with the insane heat.
13. We used a spraying water bottle with a fan contraption. So nice in the heat and occupied Kai for a long time.
14. The gift shops actually were affordable.
15. We went for 5 days (Disneyland and California Adventure) and I'd say that 3 days would be ample. Although, I felt way less stressed feeling like I had to get everything in because we had so much time and therefore, could just go for about 4 hours each day.
16. Gary enjoyed Space Mountain and Splash Mountain
17. Buy your son a Buzz light year gun. $10 and oodles of entertainment:)
18. There were 16 of us there. We had a bunch of 2 way radios which were key when driving or meeting up at the park. Gary, Kai and I were Team Amoeba....and not because we are slow but because they're cool.
19. Pack lots of snacks and drinks each day. I don't think Kai has ever eaten so many goldfish in his life.
20. Bring lots and lots of sunscreen.
21. Flying at a `normal' time is worth it. For the flight there, we had to be there at 4:30am which exhausted me and Kai for a couple days. On the way back, our flight was at 1:30pm...much better!
22. It was really fun to be with a group. Entertainment for Kai, people to reflect on the day with and compare rides, Gary had people to go on the big rides with etc. Good way to get to know your inlaws better:)
23. Our hotel, Staybridge, was great because it had a kitchen and then 2 large bedrooms with ensuites so we could split the cost with other family members and make our own food to decrease costs.

We also went to California Adventure Park with our pass. We had a 5 day pass that included Disneyland and Adventure park (right beside eachother, walk between the two). We enjoyed the following about California Adventure Park:
1. Kai loved the Bug World part. Lots of water park areas and good kids rides.
2. I thought the Bug's World in 3D was pretty cool (and educational:)) The seat actually poked you in the back and you could feel the termites crawling under your butt. The back of the seat in front of you blew water and air in your face at various points in the show.
3. It didn't open til 10am each day but again, if you went form 10-12 each day, very few people. You can actually get in there at 9:30 am.
4. Gary enjoyed the River Run, Tower of Terror, and the California Screamer (but thought that Disneyland rides were better)

We also drove down to Sea World (about 2 hours away, you can take a shuttle too). Here is some feedback on Sea World:
1. No shade. Anywhere. So hot.
2. Small bathrooms. Dirty bathrooms.
3. Shamu show was awesome (8/10). Sea lion show with a CUTE otter (8/10). Cirque show (not real Cirque to Soleil) (6/10). Pet show (7/10)
4. It was a very busy day trying to get in all the shows and see all the exhibits. It was exhausting and kai didn't get a nap.
5. Saw the turtles, flamingoes, penguins, walarus, polar bears etc. Kai LOVED the animals. He got to pick one thing from the gift shop and he chose a little Shamu, he really did enjoy it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My bags are packed

and I'm ready to go! I think I could stay here, in California, for another week if Kai was back in Surrey being cared for:) I think I would enjoy the beaches, pool, and relaxation then. We head out in an hour and I will post later on about our trip and its highs, lows, and what I would recommend in going to Disneyland with a 2 year old. Overall, great trip hanging out with all the in-laws for 8 days! Well, better head to the basketball court where Gary and Kai are having too much fun....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Some pics from yesterday

Kai enjoyed the Fantasyland area of Disneyland, tons of kids rides. Today we went to California Adventure Park, next to Disneyland which had a kids area in Bugs Life Land...he liked the water park area.

His new Buzz Lighyear gun that makes too much noise and has a ton of lights. This has kept him busy for a long time, he loves it! I think his love of guns comes from Gramma's house where you always have to watch out for the nerf guns. We don't have a single toy gun at our house so its def. something I need to get used to OR figure out if i want him playing with them.

You can't tell but he was really pumped to see Mickey. He kissed his nose and gave him high fives. I'm all slouched over because Mickey is so short, who knew?

Gary wants this $45 Yoda backpack so badly. He has been telling Kai to ask mommy for the Yoda backpack so Kai asks for it several times a day. Gary knows I have a harder time saying no to Kai:) However, I don't think I will give in to a $45 useless backpack which Gary says he will use for hiking.

All of us in the perfect spot for the parade yesterday

Kai loving the Mickey Mouse statue in our hotel. The only characters he really knows are Mickey and Winnie the Pooh.

Loving the Teacups with Kennedy and Daddy

The carousel ride is def. a favourite. He has to do it by himself, you're not allowed to hold onto him:)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Phew. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to tired to do a proper entry but thought I should blog a little so I don't forget what we did and when. We have had some very early mornings which have made for some tiring days. Yesterday we did a bunch of rides with Kai and today, we went with all the rest of the Chapmans on rides. We came back to the hotel at noon for lunch and a nap and then went back out to watch the parade. I haven't uploaded today's pictures but Kai got to hang out with Mickey and gave him high fives and a kiss on the nose. I have to say that his highlights include the following; riding the alligator (elevator) and pushing its buttons, playing with any kind of water fountain, hanging out with the cousins. So really, Disneyland rides are not really the best part for him but he is having a great time regardless.
Kai with all his Chapman cousins. All of them have nicknames and Kai has adopted the nickname `sausage' which he thinks is hilarious. His nickname is because he ate at least 3 sausages at breakfast yesterday and also, he isn't the slimmest fellow:)
Kai on the Jungle Cruise. This was his first ride and he hugged me so tightly the entire time. After this, he loosened up a lot.
Gary would say his highlights include playing in the pool with everyone and going on the `Teacup' ride with Kai.
My highlight is seriously just watching Kai interacting with all his cousins and appreciating how much they love and accept him.
I have forgotten that I am pregnant and really need to rest up. I feel a little `off' if that makes sense. I try to nap each day but I just don't have the energy that I used to! Walking around all day, in the sun, and eating different foods is part of it. Carrying Kai is just something I can't do right now, and I've realized I really need to take it easy. I've finally had several people comment on the fact that I'm pregnant so it must mean its really obvious now. Someone asked me when I was due and was a a little shocked when I said December as its still quite a ways away!
I am impressed with Disneyland in regards to its cleanliness, huge bathrooms, and decent prices in the gift shops. The little kids rides also have quite short line ups and are all shaded too which is nice.
Okay, time to rest! We got some better pictures today, from some of the rides, so I'll have to post them when I have energy to upload them:)

Monday, July 07, 2008


Kai's finally taking a decent nap so I will just blog for a second. We're into our 3rd day here and all is well. We went to Disneyland this morning and took Kai on a bunch of rides, although, he seemed to like riding the horsie (Carousel) the best.

(Kai and the boy cousins watching Diego on the plane)

All 16 Chapmans at Chapman University
I will blog more later...Kai just got up and I think we are heading back to see the parade

Friday, July 04, 2008

Week 13

Just thought I would throw this picture in before we go. I'm really trying to savour every bit of this pregnancy and each stage as it could be our last one and I'm just excited to actually be at this point. I'm also trying to ensure that we get just as many pics of #2 as we did of Kai:) Finally, I did not take a lot of pregnancy pictures last time and I would rather take too many, than not enough.
Our ultrasound is August 15th and I'm so excited to find out if there is/are one or two babies in there AND we are also finding out the sex of our baby too. Last time, we found out and it really helped me to bond with our baby boy before he was born. Also, I was able to tell my mom that there would finally be a boy in our family and what his name would be. I really need a lot of time/preparation to adapt to change so I'm very thankful that this is an option for us. I'm pretty certain that this one is a girl for 3 reasons (the first two are sort of myths but still, a reason):
a. the baby's heartbeat was 155bpm...if higher than 140 bpm it's often said that it is a girl (Kai's was always lower than 140)
b. I feel completely different this time. Way less nausea and way more tired.
c. Generally, when people have a harder time conceiving, they have a girl. Why? The sperm carrying the X chromosome are larger and stronger and therefore can withstand more difficult environments. It does depend on when the child was conceived (generally, closer to ovulation=boy because conditions are perfect for the smaller, faster Y sperm) but overall, if it has been more difficult, a girl is the result!
After having a boy, I would love another because I `get' them and the idea of a teenage girl that is anything like I was, freaks me out. Practically speaking, I have all the boy clothes ready to go. Although, girl clothes are awfully cute!!!! Whatever happens, we are just praying for a healthy baby that will stay nice and comfy in my uterus as long as it needs:)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

23 Months Old

Wow, I can't believe he will be 2 in just one month. I'll have to figure out if we are going to have a party or something. I would say it is extremely easy (at this point) to have just one kid, especially at his age. I'm nervous about what's to come with a newborn in the house and a full year of being exhausted again but this post is about Kai so I won't even go there:)
(eating his fav. food of the month; watermelon. I may have shaved off a bit too much of his hair but it will grow back:))

There haven't been many changes over this month except that his vocab continues to grow and his sentences are getting longer and longer. He loves to run and climb and we've realized we need to make sure that we tire him out each day with a lot of exercise, otherwise, he gets a bit too wild (hitting, throwing etc). Gary even ran with him all the way to Extra Foods this month...not with a stroller, Kai actually ran there! They did take a break to watch the diggers but still, I always put him in a stroller so he def. has some endurance now.
This is his `I wanna go to Extra Poods' face. He can turn this off quite quickly. He loves going for our daily walks and it sure was nice to go outside while it was drizzling!!!! Woohoo!! Yesterday when I went to get him from his nap, he was singing and I wasn't quite sure what it was. When I opened the door, he exclaimed that he was singing happy birthday to his puppy. So cute:)
Hanging out on daddy's shoulders, def. a fav. mode of transportation. I'm finding it difficult to carry him already, it feels like I'm pulling and stretching stuff so I try not to. I prob. won't blog again until we get back from Disneyland, although, we are bringing our laptop along so maybe I will update there. I don't like posting that we are gone but don't fret, we have someone staying at our house so I feel okay about it. I'm a little worried about the heat there and the fact that we have to get up at 3:30am to leave! Regardless, I'm just excited for Kai to have a fun time hanging out with his gramma, grandpa, aunties, uncles and cousins for a week straight.