Thursday, October 08, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Nya and I inadvertently dressing like twins.  This happens often.  Yay for stripes :)

2. Ballet.  Maybe more for me than her? Okay, I won't go that far but seriously...the pink! The tippy toes! The music!

3.  Health. My kids have the ability to run. Although my Nya Bear would rather sit on the couch and watch tv (seriously, anyone have a kid like that?) they are all healthy!

4.  YOU.  Seriously, thank you for watching my video.  I was thinking that if 20 people watched it, that would be nice.  137?  Very nice!

5. New boots.  I'm a sucker for boots. I can't do heels so I'm not into shoes, but man, do I love boots!  I sold off about 3 pairs of old shoes/boots and bought these guys.  

6.  Sweet preschool photos.  Melt me.  Nya's knows how to smile for the camera..and so does our Little One (with the precious "Cheese!")

7.  Finishing the editing on our last wedding for 2015.  I'm looking forward to getting our house back to a 7.5/10 clean (up from a 6/10) and purging and blogging and reading and exercising and....we'll see :)  Only two weddings for 2016 and then...

8. More tricks.  Sleep was good for our Little One for about a week or so (by good, I mean staying in bed and falling sleep on his/her own until 5 am--with Gary or I having to sleep in the other bed in the room from 1-5 am).   It's been back to terrible but using this last night seemed to help! Asleep by 8:30 pm (with me having to be in the room again.) As long as there's always hope, right?

9. Selling stuff and decluttering.  Now that I have some (okay, not enough) free time, I've started purging.  I made $50 yesterday selling stuff online :)

10. Wise and resourceful friend (that's you, E!)  She is a great support for me (and our Little One) and informed me of a resource that we qualified for and it came through yesterday!

11.  Visit with a friend!  She was in town for a wedding, with a good friend of hers, and we met up at the pub to catch up.  So great to chat (although we probably missed half of the conversation due to the noise! Have pubs always been that noisy?) and meet a new friend :)

I hope you are having a good week.  Here in the Lower Mainland things have cooled off and I'm sort of liking a reason to pull out the warm sweaters and hoodies!  I think fall might be my favourite season--what's yours?


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Surrey Kids Gallery {At The Museum}

Hello, local friends! Are you looking for something to do indoors this weekend with your kids?  The Surrey Museum is having a grand opening for their Kids Gallery on Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and there will be storytellers, puppeteers and eco-friendly crafts!

The Kids Gallery is all about sustainable energy and there are interactive displays for kids of all ages.  It's not a large area (they hope to expand) but it's a permanent fixture at the museum.  Nya and I had a chance to check it out yesterday and here are some photos from our time there!

They even have a giant indoor tree house where you can look out over everything above or read a book cuddled up with stuffed animals in the base of the tree.

I was not prepared for video cameras being there :)  This photo below is from a tweet sent out by the Surrey Museum.

And finally, did I mention that it's free?!  If you don't get a chance to go this weekend, it will be open during regular museum hours throughout the week.


Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Barbie in Rock 'N Royals

Growing up I had one Barbie who had one outfit--a red and white checkered jump suit.  I loved playing with her, but wow, I would have LOVED the options that kids have nowadays! We were sent a Barbie package to plan a Barbie in Rock 'N Royals movie viewing party and it was quite the package.

The biggest hit for Miss Nya was getting Princess Courtney.  When you move her arm, her dress rotates from rocker to royal.  She also sings which Nya loves and we hear Princess Courtney singing ALL.DAY.LONG.

Nya got her very own matching outfit.  Seriously--so awesome.  She came into our room at 6 am with her Barbie dress, climbed into bed next to me, and said she couldn't wait to "rock out"?!  How does she even know that term?  This little girl LOVES to dress up!

My sister has four girls so we invited them to come over to watch the movie.  Nya and I had never seen a Barbie movie but they have.  In the package were some pink hair extensions--perfect for the bigger kids!

The movie is a musical where Princess Courtney and rock superstar Erica switch places and end up in rival camps.  Here they learn about making friends with people who are different from them and having fun while doing so.  There is quite a bit of dialogue so that is why my older nieces liked it.  The younger girls enjoyed the singing and dancing...oh, and checking out the outfits of course!

Not sure where Nya got her dance moves from but it's a musical so there was definitely some dancing going on!

It was fun making it into a party because we could paint the kids' nails while we were watching too.

After watching all the rock star Barbies, I'm feeling a bit tempted to get some fun highlights in my hair!

Even Koen watched most of the his Barbie sunglasses.

I would say that the Barbies (Princess Courtney and Rock Star Erica) are so awesome and geared for ages two to five and then the movie Barbie in Rock 'N Royals is good for ages six to nine.  Did you have a Barbie growing up? I bet if you did, yours had more than one outfit ;) 

Have a great week, friends!


{Disclaimer: we were provided with the Barbies and Barbie in Rock 'N Royals DVD to facilitate this review.  Opinions are mine (and Nya's).}