Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quality Father Son Time?

What could these two find so intriguing?

Good thing we bought a wide screen monitor for Gary to work on photos etc. Apparently it works well to show `Baby Newton' on one side and some silly computer game for Gary at the same time.

Auntie Lynette

Today Lynette stopped by and had some time to hang out with Kai and exchange books with me(she always has such great books!). By the way, did you check out that bright ball of Hydrogen and Helium in the sky today? Wow, that was great!
Kai and Lynette. He always has his arms moving all over the place doing the backstroke or something.

He really liked playing with her long curly hair as mine is always pulled back so he can't get at it.

Our House

Exactly a year ago (Saturday) we moved into our first house. Since then we have enjoyed the privilege of a mortgage, property tax, utility bills, and insurance. However, we have truthfully enjoyed having a little grass to mow (I love mowing the lawn and wish we had a bigger one), a mini garden, having a basement to throw all the stuff that we don't know what to do with, having an ensuite!!!!, a nice kitchen with new appliances (a dishwasher!!!), a fireplace (which has really saved us through so many power outages), hardwood (well, laminate really) floors that are so easy to clean that spills never matter!, walls that we can paint in any colour that we want, a bedroom that fits our king size bed no problemo, a garage for our car so we never have to scrape the ice off of it!!...Good times. I also love our neighbourhood. I can walk to the post office, video store or get groceries at any time. Our neighbours are friendly and it feels so safe to walk around the block at any time. So, happy anniversary to our house. I feel so fortunate (and maybe a bit guilty?)to have something so nice.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hapy Birthday Maria

Last wednesday we celebrated my sister Maria's 27th birthday. Please note her nice new haircut and usually there would be a smile on her face but I think my dad was going camera crazy at this point, hence, the `dad, that's enough' face. We decided to go out for dinner instead of the mass chaos of making it and the cleaning frenzy that occurs afterwards. It was a bit of an experiment as we didn't know if it would be more relaxing to take two little ones with us. People actually tried to sit far away from us but it went okay. Annie had a bit of a meltdown as she only had a 30 minute nap in the whole day and we accidentally made the mistake of laughing when she threw her sippy cup.

Another reason why people may have moved away is that opie was acting a little silly! Kai's looking at me like `Mom, something is wrong with opie and I don't think I want to be sitting with him anymore. Get me out of here!'.

These are a few of my favourite things...

Helping mommy bake!

Looking outside...usually at cars but today, I was interested in the snow (and my reflection)

Bathtime!! I love my froggies!
Phew...lotsa fun stuff this morning and now he's down for his first nap. Annika will be hanging out with us all day so we'll see how they get along today!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Obviously you can tell from this picture that Gary loves getting his photo taken, especially when he is watching the hockey game and especially for a silly reason like showing you his new hair cut! I know its not great but you know, I'm learning. If I didn't cut his hair, he would just shave it all off which is fine with me but the growing back stage is always quite awkward. I've made many mistakes on his hair (like accidentally shaving off a side burn) but 2 years later, i think I'm getting it!

Here's my hair...much better now! There was this long strangly layer that made it look mulletish/rat tailish so I got Gary to cut off a few inches. I've actually never seen him so nervous but really, I didn't care, I just wanted it fixed. It's still got one really short layer and then a big gap and then the next layer but it is much better. I know the flash on this picture is a little crazy but after blinding myself, I wasn't going to take another one!

Here's our little smiler. He didn't get a haircut but I just wanted to show his newest smile. He will just turn and smile at me all the time, I don't have to do anything to get it! So cute and a little funny looking seeing his chubby face all scrunched up.

Gary's bball team played their last game of the season today and Kai and I were able to watch. It was a pretty close game and I was glad that I could be there (thanks Jan for driving us there and cheering with me). I had sweaty palms the whole time, i can't imagine what it'll be like when Kai is playing...if he wants to...of course he will:)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Babysitting Annika

Kai on the activity mat that he never enjoyed all that much but seems to enjoy now.

Annika (my neice) kept wanting to go in the exersaucer, something she's a bit too big for, but, it kept her from running around the house when i was putting Kai down for his nap.

They kept wanting each other's toys. It just went back and forth between 4 toys.

This is what Kai looks like when he wakes up from his nap and I go in to get him. Seriously, what a great little boy he is. The other day, Gary said that the first 2 months really weren't that bad. Sorry, but if you're not the one recovering from major abdominal surgery, you can't say that. If you get to sleep 8 hours straight, you can't say that. If you are gone for 3/4 of the day, you can't say that. Just a tip for all those fathers and fathers-to-be out there:)

This is Annika motoring around like crazy now. She's just over a year old.

Here's Annika running away with the remote (the most coveted `toy' of all today). She realized that no matter how much Kai stretched his arms, he couldn't reach her when she ran away with whatever he wanted. Just you wait Annie..give him a few more months!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Today I got a haircut and I got what I paid for:) I just went to the cheap place by our house and got a cut for $11.50. I wish I could cut my own hair. I cut my sister Trisha's hair once, and I think it looked pretty good all layered and stuff. Oh well, so I have a mullet. That's okay, I wear it in a ponytail most of the time anyway as I'm shedding like crazy (hormones all out of wack) and its not 100% mullet...the lady meant well so I was appreciative of her effort:)
On another note, we took Kai to W.C. Blair pool today for his first time. He enjoyed it immensely and I'm quite confident in those swimming Pamper thingy's that he wears so that's good. I had visions of lifeguards blowing whistles and frantically waving everyone out of the pool if Kai went to the bathroom in the pool and it somehow escaped the diaper, but, all was well. In the family change room they have these cool seats to put little kids in and strap them in so you can get changed etc. and it was fabulous, I could go on my own. We didn't get any pictures as we were all in the pool and I wasn't about to let Gary keep his fancy dancy camera on the pool deck.
We also bought a baby gate today. Kai isn't crawling but sometimes Annika is over and I'd also like to be ready for when Kai does start moving around.
We're planning on taking him camping over spring break. Any tips for sleeping in a tent with a 7 month old? He is a very light sleeper and only sleeps in his crib. Maybe I should set up the tent and start having him take naps in it. Totally joking...well actually..maybe it would be a good idea..hmmm
Looking forward to dinner tonight...asian style salmon and some chocolate fudge covered shortbread for dessert.
Gary's got a bball game tonight. Their game last Tuesday was pretty fun to watch. They will either be done on Monday or in 3 weeks from now.
We missed `The Office' this Thursday as our computer failed to tape it for us. When we returned from care group, we were sad. Well, I was. By the way, took Kai to care group and he refused to sleep. He was up until 10pm. For a kid that is in bed by 7pm every night, this was slightly disasterous.
Gotta go....have a great night everyone!!!!
PS A great baby shower gift for someone would be a `Today's Parent' subscription. I love it. I totally look forward to it coming in the mail (although this months wasn't the greatest). Only $20/year. Just a suggestion.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Playing Upstairs

Today, mommy and I played in my bedroom. We don't usually play there because that's the place that I associate with sleeping, but we had fun!

I love doggies. This scooby doo is so big, I like trying to eat his leash.

I'm trying to learn how to crawl but have no idea what to do. Mommy tries to position me but after 20 seconds or so, I flop right down onto my big belly. It's okay, I have lots and lots of time to learn. I've just mastered sitting up on my own and now I fall over nice and gently and controlled.

I tried talking to this guy. I laughed and talked (blew bubbles) and tried to reach out and grab him. He did the same thing to me! Do you like my bald spot? It isn't going away yet but the rest of my hair is growing a little more.

Happy Valentines Day

We never really made a big deal about Valentines Day in our family but I think my mom always bought us some chocolate. I remember in university she mailed me a valentines card once. Anyway, hope you all have a great love day...you don't need a special someone either (I know, easy for me to say) because it really just celebrates all those that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I will be spending my Valentines day hugging and kissing my little man Kai and making a nice dinner/dessert for Gary.
Happy Heart Day! Wow, I miss teaching the chambers of the heart!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Remote Control

What a great weekend. Yesterday was so nice and sunny! In the morning, my sister Jackie came over and we went for a run...in shorts!!! Apparently I have a ways to go because when we got to my house, she took off again to do the exact same loop. Just wait til you have a baby Jackie, just you wait....
We took our first family bike ride to the park with Kai in the bike trailer. We felt a little dorky taking Kai on the swings, slide and teeter totter as he was the smallest one to be enjoying all the stuff but what do you expect with first time parents?!
I just finished reading the book `A Sunday At the Pool in Kigali' which was the hardest book I've ever read (in the emotional sense). It's about the genocide in Rwanda. I couldn't read it and couldn't not read it at the same time. It makes me angry seeing all the coverage about Anna Nicole Smith right now on the news...yes, her death is sad, as is the fate of her baby. However, we are so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we are missing so many other tragic things occuring all the time. It's taken from the the perspective of a Canadian reporter who lived in Rwanda during that time and how the UN and the rest of the world did practically nothing. You know, kind of like we do now. I really don't know what to do about it so I'm just as bad, but it bothers me. I recommend this book, but am warning you in advance of the content.
On a much lighter note, last night, Gary went to the bball game at TWU and the power went out here at home. I had nothing to read so I started reading energy saving tips in the front of the Yellow Pages. Some interesting stuff, besides, someone has to read it! Also did the crossword in the Surrey Now newspaper. Then, I went to bed early.
Here's Kai with his favourite new toy; our remote control. Now, I know you are not supposed to let them play with things that you will later NOT want them to play with but its perfect for soothing his gums, so for now, its fine with me!

This is the before picture when he is enjoying the remote.

This is after daddy takes it away to change the channel. Now I know where they get the saying `you're such a baby!'. He'll cry like crazy and then look at me to see if I'm paying attention. He also coughs to get my attention. Babies are pretty smart. This little guy went to bed at 7pm and we hope that he'll sleep til 8am. The past 3 nights he has been crying at 11pm and 4am...not a real cry, just an `I'm awake' cry. We'll see what happens tonight.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Playing This Morning

Our neighbour's dog woke us up nice and early this morning so we had a lot of time to play (and be tired).

Kai loves looking at the doggies but probably loves eating the book just as much!

This is his favourite toy right now. Lots of pieces to play with that make noise and feel good on the gums.

Smiles for mommy. You can see his nose is just about all healed right now. The doctor says that this is just the beginning of many injuries to come and Gary says `Chicks dig scars'. Oh boy.

He's starting sucking his thumb a lot more now and its usually the indicator that its time for a nap! I accidentally dress him like Gary (okay, not in shorts all the time but I love the little plaid shirts!)

Thursday, February 08, 2007


So, to all the homeowners out there...I recommend having a water meter put in! I don't know if all cities offer it, but Surrey does. Everyone pays a flat fee of something like $700.00/year. I called them to ask where they get this amount from and they say that they base it on an average family of 5. We are not a family of 5!!! So, a water meter was installed and in 4 months, our bill came to $64.00!!! That's about $190.00 a year and much cheaper. So ya, that's my recommendation to y'all!


Quick question: what kind of disposable diapers are best? We use cloth half the time (which I must say are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to use now that he is on solids..won't provide details) and have been happy using the Costco Kirkland diapers the rest of the time because they work well but I know there are cheaper ones out there. So, what's got the best quality/comfort for the cheapest price?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

6 Month Shots

Yesterday Kai got his 6 month shots, here are the stats:
Height: 29 1/4 inches
Weight: 20lbs 6oz
Height: 45 1/2 cm
Def. still in the 97th percentile.
I redid this post because someone left a weird comment...how do you delete a comment?
Everyone enjoy watching `Lost' tonight!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Date Numero Quattro

Gary and I went to the Boathouse last night for a very good meal; steak, shrimp, halibut, mousse, keylime pie...we always eat half of everything and then switch so we get to try a lot more. It was such a nice night and it was fun to get a little dressed up too. Thanks to dad/opie for babysitting last night, he even put Kai to bed! I always get in a little of a panic (according to Gary) on the way home because I'm not sure if Kai has been screaming the whole time we've been gone or not. Of course, he was sleeping soundly.
Just finished `Sweetness in the Belly' and I give it an 8/10 so that's a pretty good recommendation. I think that it helps that a lot of it is based in Africa as it brings back some great memories for me.
I tried 100% tea tree oil on Kai's nose but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I think its more for relief than for healing. He's such a happy boy which makes me so happy. A happy mom also makes for a happy daddy:)
Two things I've noticed that we've been doing since Kai was born:
1. Every word now ends in `ie'. Does Kai was a new diapie? What happened to your sockies? Oh daddy, your dinner is yummies. Should we go for a walkie?
2. Gary and I often talk to eachother through Kai. `Kai, doesn't daddy look nice today?' `Kai, did mommy make a yummy dinner?' `Kai, should daddy take the garbage out' `Kai, should mommy do the laundry?'. As you can see, its used for compliments and suggestions:)
Well everyone, have a great time watching the Superbowl.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Annika

The birthday girl and her first taste of icing.

Kai loves doggies so this was obviously quite fun for him!
Wow. I can't believe a whole year has gone by since Annika was born, to me it feels like it was just yesterday. It's weird to think that mom was so happy at this time last year, celebrating her first grandchild. We went to Annika's party which was full of little ones running/crawling/rolling around and Annie got her first taste of cake. Kai just ate pureed pears and he seemed okay with that, although, he was reaching for Gary's chicken wings!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Our Big Little Boy

Before and After the `incident'
Kai is turning 6 months tomorrow. He'll get his shots and we'll figure out how much he weighs on Feb. 6th but I'm guessing he is about 21lbs right now. He has made a dramatic change this week. He goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps all the way through until 8am. He does wake up a bit in the night but just sticks his thumb in his mouth and back to sleep he goes. This probably goes along with his love for food now! I've been trying to get him to eat some pureed solids for the past month but just this week he has been starting to pound it back. Every time I get excited about a stage, there's a little glitch but boy, he is so easy right now! He loves bath time where he will kick his legs everywhere and anywhere while chewing on his rubber froggy. This picture was taken yesterday as our little guy had his first accident and it was kind of my fault. His little nose and forehead are pretty banged up but he seems to be in good spirits so I think he's okay. I've finally got over thinking `I'm the worst mom in the world' and come the realization that accidents happen, I can't protect him from everything, we learn from our mistakes and most importantly, he's okay. I got nurse Jan and Jackie to check it out and they said he looks okay too.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Park Visit

Our new double jogging stroller/bike trailer. Annika and Kai were really good together and played nicely while inside of it.

Kai kept watching Annika walking in circles around him. Annie kept giving him toys, he would eat them and then she would steal them back. They just had a little arm wrestle over Kai's favourite one and I won't say who won:)

Kai's first time in a kind of big person swing!

So today Kai and I are babysitting Annika, my one year old neice. We took our brand new double stroller/bike trailer to the park and went on the swings. After the park, they just napped at different times which is quite convenient because then I can take turns with each one feeding them and playing with them. However, I think twins would be craziness. I'm making a yummy whole chicken right now in the crock pot as we're having a Dekens' dinner tonight...hope it tastes good cuz it sure smells good!