Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kai's Love of Hockey

Our Kai Bear loves his hockey! I am a big ball hockey fan too and I can't wait to play as a family (well, Nya will have to sit out for a bit). I really haven't played much since university but I like to think I still have some skills:) If I don't play football in the fall, I definitely want to join a ball hockey league. Yesterday we took advantage of the weather and went to play.

Koen is just getting over the flu so he wasn't so into it and was pretty grumpy. And, just as a side note, Koen vomited onto our shag carpet that was supposed to last us about 2 more years. It really didn't survive the fish sauce and olive oil incident from last year (thanks to Koen) so there was no point in saving it now. So, we're going to be buying one this week.

The plan is too make Kai's 6th birthday invitations like a hockey card so I tried to take some photos of them playing. Not sure if there are any keepers but we will see! Anyway, here are few photos of Kai doing what he loves most...

{Please note that several times Gary hit the ball so it would end up just inches from hitting me. That's how he flirts with me, folks. I'm a very lucky girl.}

Oh, grumpy Koen!

Hope you are having a wonderful Canada Day long weekend! We're hoping to join in some festivities as long as the weather behaves.

Love, Louise

PS Nya may have slept 6 hours straight last night! Yahoo! And...she may have received another cute dress to wear tomorrow:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Join Me?

All right, so, next week I will be 6 weeks post surgery and allowed to run! I am planning on doing a plan like this and see how I like it. I think I usually ran 5km about 8-9 weeks after each of the boys were born so this should be no problem as the 5km wouldn't be until about 12 weeks after Nya was born.

My question is, who wants to do this with me? Anyone? It doesn't mean we run together (unless you want to!), it just means that you stick to a program like this. I can tell you now that my `cross train' days will just be days that I go for a walk:)

And then, on August 11th (`Race Day' which would be a Saturday, not the Sunday), we could do a 5km run! This is one that I found somewhat locally. Run for prostrate cancer in West Vancouver...I love a nice run along the water! You don't have to sign up for this run, I just know I do best when I have something to train for and a plan in place.

Or, we could just do our own 5km along the Fort to Fort Trail or something.

Any takers? No worries if no one is in, I'm still going to do it!

Yahoo, I/we get to start next week:)
Love, Louise

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday with Sisters

On Sunday we went out to Mission for Jack's baptism. Jan and Doug's church is pretty small so when my sisters and our families all came, the population of kids in the church probably doubled:) When we are together, I really realize how crazy it is that we all have babies. Well, Maria's will be coming sometime this week:) My prediction? A 8lb 14oz boy.
{Jackie, Isaac and Tyler}
{Trish and Hannah}
{Maria 39 weeks pregnant with two of her three girls; Kenzie and Ani}
{Jan, Doug, Sami and Jack}
After the baptism, we had lunch at Jan and Doug's place and the kids played and pigged out. It was great. I love hanging out with my family. You would think we'd be sick of each other after yesterday but we still had our weekly play date this morning:)

Then, after Sunday's lunch, I had my first photo session in 7 weeks! It went well and I'm looking forward to editing them! I have a feeling my turnaround time (usually one week) will double now. It was great because we had the session in Mission so I just fed Nya and then Gary took all three kids geocaching at the same park.
Kai Bear loves pictures with his baby sister. We actually call her `baby sister' a lot. Here is her cute Sunday outfit. I bought it at a garage sale and the total outfit was $6.00.
I know I'm ridiculous but isn't it cute? Yup, jeggings. I think babies can do that. And the white dress? Oh man, it's so cute and I'm sad it will only fit her a few more weeks...

Okay, now some funny comments from the boys:
Kai (out of nowhere): Mommy, when are you going to help me find the perfect wife?

Koen (after teaching him not to step on insects): Mommy, I just high fived an ant! Do you think that's a nice thing to do?

Koen: Baby sister's dress is marvelous! (Who says marvelous? So funny).

Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Month

I remember with Kai Bear the days went soooooooo sloooooooooooowly. He was a colicky baby and all I kept thinking was `Get to 6 weeks and it's supposed to get better'. Now? Oh wow, time is flying by! Nya turned one month old yesterday.
Nya's schedule is so consistent and yet is at that lovely flexible stage where you can take her anywhere and she'll just nap there. She eats every 3 hours 24/7. There is usually one 4 hour block in the night. I haven't pumped a full feed yet but it really feels like she eats about 2/3rds what the boys would. Maybe it's because she's smaller? They would eat like they were starving. She eats like it's no big deal and is so relaxed. Actually, she's relaxed all the time:)
I don't know how much she weighs but we'll find out on Tuesday. I'm assuming she's about 10lbs. For some reason, she just seems so long to long and lean girl just like, uh, no one in our family:)
She is definitely a lot more alert during her awake time and loves looking at people. She is a bit strange in that from day 1, she would eat for about 10 minutes and then when she was done, she would just lay down and grunt for about 10 minutes. She still does this now. I don't know why she needs to grunt when she's pooping (it's just a liquid) but she does. Every. Single. Time. This is why she sleeps in her crib in her own room.
Her favourite way to be comforted is to be held. She will currently fall asleep within 5 minutes in the bjorn, maybe 1 minute in the car, and again, just a few minutes in the stroller. Oh, I do love this! We just time our outings, going to the park, etc, for when she's due for a nap. This means I get less down time but it just works well.

The boys love her like crazy. Koen's job is to get diapers and take the dirty ones to the garbage. Kai's job is to help `play' with her when I need to do something and she's a bit fussy. He also likes picking her headbands:)

Physically, I am feeling quite well. I am SO tempted to start running this week so we will see. I do have some sciatica which has returned. Also, from the C-section, I still have numbness (no feeling) on a region of my lower back (let's be honest, it's my butt) which I never had before. I have been walking for about 30-45 minutes a day for two weeks now and it feels good. I am so, so tired and realized it coincided with me stopping my iron so I'm back on it again. In regards to my weight, I've plateaued with a good 15lbs to lose. I really just want to fit in my clothes again as I'm so ready to move past maternity ones. In really good news, my thyroid levels are totally normal right now!!! I just need them to stay this way for about 7 more months and I'd say that I'm in the clear.

So ya, things are good. Looking forward to possibly getting a longer stretch of sleep at some point but really, I can't complain!

So thankful for this house and all the people in it:)

Love, Louise

PS My sister Maria is due in just one week!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kai Graduates

Koen is excited to have his best bud home for the summer. These two are so close and always want to be together.
Yesterday, Kai had his graduation from kindergarten. They sang some songs and had a slideshow and got their certificates.
We loved Kai's teacher this year and are so thankful that he had such a positive experience at school. Admittedly, his top 3 experiences in school this year were not classroom related but he still loves school and is now reading so well. He doesn't sound out words, he just reads. It's crazy to me. His top three experiences at school?
1. Sports Day (Falcon Fest)
2. Playing at recess with the older kids
3. Playing hockey in Out Of School Care (with the big kids)
Miss Nya was trying to sleep but here's me with all the kids. I know this isn't about me, but man, I look like a mess:) Oh well, that's life when you've got to get a toddler and newborn to the school on your own!
`Can you believe I passed?!' ha. Can I tell you about his report card? Let's just say it couldn't have been any better on all the criteria and comments.
Gary's parents came to the graduation. They like that sort of thing. My dad does not and I do understand that.
Kai Bear with his best friend, Jonas. Jonas is going to another school next year. Kai wanted Koen in the picture too:) Koen had just enjoyed a cookie in case you can't tell.

We have been so happy with our experience at SCS and are so thankful that our Kai Bear loves it too.

Have a great weekend.
Love, Louise

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cute Stretches and Stuff

How is life with three different than two? Just less free time and more laundry. I remember when we went from one to two kids, that was the main thing I noticed. I think once I start working again (in one week!) there will be no way that I can make dinner. Three kids + part time job from home = 10% chance that I will make dinner. Good thing Gary likes to cook.
When Nya is awake, she looks so much more like Kai's baby pictures. She is still our super baby. I was thinking yesterday that she hadn't had a growth spurt yet and then today, what happened? She ate every 2 hours. She spits up a lot. Not projectile like Koen but still, constant milk getting all over her clothes, face and hair so she always smells like sour milk.
She finally has some mini rolls on her thigh. Our dainty little girl, so funny to me:)
The boys have asked numerous times when we will have more babies. They love her so much, they want more!
And, a sequence that I love. The baby wake up and stretch (Koen always makes us stretch along with her). So, undo the swaddle...
Cute baby stretch that I love...
More stretches (picture Koen stretching beside her, making stretching noises)
And, take a little break.
The kids hanging out. How do we suddenly have three kids?! When they are all together, it looks like a lot:)
They are so gentle with her.
Daddy with his father's day gift of new shorts and shirt. Nya in her church outfit (that's a yawn, not a scream).
She falls asleep within 5 minutes of being in the bjorn.

This picture is hilarious because he reminds me so much of myself:)

What else is new?

We are planning a very exciting trip for 2013...South East Asia with the kiddos!

Have a good week!
Love, Louise

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

First, a Happy Father's Day to my dad. He is truly a unique guy and I like that. I never know what he's going to do next but I do know there are some things that never change. He loves a cup of coffee and a good conversation. I'm thankful that my dad is a sensitive guy and actually can talk about feelings. Whenever we need to make a big decision, I do check in with him as he has a lot of life experience and some great insight.
In regards to being unique, he really is. He has taken a jetski up to Alaska. He is currently getting his pilots license. He is an adventurer and he always has been. He took all 5 daughters fishing, on the West Coast Trail, and across Canada and the US in a camper. He balanced out my mom by being the playful one and the storyteller. He now tells my kids stories, the last one Kai asked me about was whether Opi really coached Jonathon Quick (goalie) and taught him everything he knows.
I am also thankful for my father in law. He is a wonderful grandpa to our kiddos and can always be counted on to take them in the hot tub. Dan and Judy warmly welcomed me into their family and I am very thankful for them and that Dan has been such a great fatherly example to Gary.
And now, for our very own Daddy Bear! Oh Gary. Since I first saw Gary with his nieces and nephews, way back when we first started dating (8 years ago), I knew he would be a great dad. He is.
He plays with the kids and is good at helping set up and put together all of their toys and lego and games.
He is an explorer and is great about getting the boys involved with the outdoors, especially geocaching.
He has the energy to play hours of hockey and to teach them the value of team work and passing.
He is adventurous and enjoys having the boys do things that are a little more adventurous than mommy would normally do:)
He is great about being physical with the boys. Wrestling, hugging, holding hands. He has worked on being better about telling them how much he loves them. He is really good at the wrestling and being a climbing apparatus for them.
He drives Kai to and from school every school day. Mommy Bear is thankful for this one!! It also allows them time to talk about sports and whatever else they love to talk about:)
He holds Nya and takes care of our baby girl. Somehow she always manages to fall asleep on his chest. I should say that somehow Gary always manages to fall asleep too:) Her first hour of life was spent skin to skin with her daddy.
He likes and encourages a little chaos while I like order. He is excellent at coming up with nicknames. Little Miss Nya does not have one yet...
He loves having the kids help him. In the garden, in the kitchen, in the garage. The boys love helping and I appreciate his patience with them.

He plays video games with Kai Bear and I'm glad because I don't. And seriously, Kai and Gary talk about sports all the time. Kai's sports knowledge is pretty amazing.

Gary, I am thankful that you are my partner in this parenting journey. You are an excellent father and we appreciate you! I would say more but it sounds like I'm needed in the next room:)

Louise, Kai, Koen and Nya