Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jogging Strollers

Sorry, no fun picture. Gary and I are just about to head out to the Kid Swap Meet. No, this is not where you swap your kids; it's where you find fabulous deals on awesome baby stuff! Anyway...back to the title. We have a great jogging stroller (a Safety 1st one) that we got at a garage sale for just $40 and its brand new. However, have you ever tried running without your arms? Or how about pushing a stroller that always moves towards the left? My dreams of running for hours with Kai have changed into a reality of 15 minutes of pure sweat and frustration. (I know, I's not just the jogging stroller, I have had limited activities for the past year or so)
The whole family is doing Run For The Cure tomorrow so we'll see how the jogging stroller and Kai do. Usually this event turns into a bit of a contest which measures the fitness level of myself and my sisters (we're all a bit competitive-not just me!). I remember running it 4 years ago and at the 3km mark my little sister Jackie passed me and I could not believe it..don't worry, I caught up and had my fastest 5km time ever! This year however, we have a bunch of boys along who will be proving themselves for their women...I have a feeling Gary is gonna win this one for us:) I, however, may be able to beat just one sister and that's because she's walking the whole thing with a friend. Next year.....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fun Times with Opa

We like blue striped shirts!

Our son the nerd (in opa's glasses)

Kai and opa in the wagon he made. Dad also made him a mini coat rack that is engraved with his name (Little D) and is covered in a science theme (planets and magnets).

Yesterday we celebrated my sister Trisha's (nutty) 20th birthday. While there, we enjoyed Thai food, icecream cake.
Here's Annika offering Kai some Rice Krispies!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Gary's Mode Of Transportation

So, in order for Gary to get some exercise into his daily routine and for me to have a life by having the car, Gary sometimes bikes to school. On Wed he was biking and halfway there got a flat tire and so started walking up the big hill on Fraser Hwy. Fortunately (and randomly), our brother in law Kris was driving by and was able to drive him to school. Today, at 7:30 am Gary came back home because he got ANOTHER flat tire about 2km away. At least he got a bit of a work out in:)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fun Saturday

So, today I went and played football in Vancouver and was gone for 5 hours. In that time, Gary took wonderful care of Kai and stuck to the `schedule'. It was so fun to be normal and play again. I actually caught most of the passes for some short yardage plays and I even got thrown in as rusher at the end where I actually sacked the quaterback. Good times. However, my quads are killing me as I haven't run in 9 months! It feels so good to be `normal'. Last night we had a baby shower at Gary's parents with all the relatives and it was really good to see everyone again and Kai behaved rather well I'd have to say! There was tons of good food and fun was had by all. Oh, one more thing: my neice said `mama' and we all freaked out:) Gary's got dinner ready so I better go...nothing better than a husband that loves cooking!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Annika came over to visit her cousin Kai today. She is exactly 6 months older than him and I think she's ready to play but he has no idea what's going on. He would rather just eat all day:)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Little buddy awake

Just wanted to show you his strong neck, cute dimple, and how much he loves bath time.

6 weeks old

The 6 week mark is exciting for me because everyone says the baby gets `better' at this point. Maybe you just adapt to the craziness of it all? Maybe you understand what the baby wants a little more. ALSO, I get to exercise!!! Woohoo! I'm playing in my first football game in almost a year on Saturday. Gary's got a cold right now so I'm making him stay far away from us...we're hoping he gets better soon.
Our little cutie Kai likes his arms spread wide out when he's sleeping...his hands are always so cold but he likes it. I'd take a picture of him awake but ya...lets wait til he's a happy camper:) We've added a new diet for me (no diary, onions, garlic etc) and also started baby massages to help our little guy deal with his gas issues. Oh boy, does anyone actually care? Probably not but if you're reading this, you must care a bit!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chubby Cheeks

Look how fat his face is! His head is actually the smallest part of him..only the 75th percentile. As for weight and height, he's off the charts. Already 12lbs 3oz and 24.5 inches long.

Okay, so he is really cute when he wakes up and stretches HOWEVER I think the longest he's gone without crying (when not being held and not sleeping) is 16 minutes. We're just at 5 weeks and apparently things get better at week 6. We are now trying `Ovul' for the colic..we will see! He smiles a lot in his sleep but I think I got a smile out of him today awake before he burst into tears seconds later.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Two things (not pertaining to the pictures)
1. Gary and I had the best date ever on Saturday night. Well, it wasn't exciting at all but it was the first time in 5 weeks that we had gone out with just the two of us. My sister babysat Kai for 2.5 hours and we went to the movies. I was worried that he would scream the whole time but he was the best behaved little boy EVER! I felt so rejuvinated and NORMAL. He was sick this past week so we're glad that the virus is finally gone..poor guy...poor parents!

2. Football. Well, the only activity that I've done for the past 9 months is walking (and some swimming and biking) so I'm very nervous about starting to get a little more active. I know I have to take it super easy but I am going to football practice tomorrow! Woohoo! I probably won't play in a game til the end of September but I didn't want to miss another season. I went to the gym yesterday and I mowed the lawn today at my parent's place, and, I didn't feel anything weird in my abdomen so I figure that was my little litmus test to see if I can practice tommorow:) I think my sprinting will be more like a fast walk or a waddle but you gotta start somewhere! Thankfully daddy is okay with watching and feeding Kai every Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon so mommy can be a little `normal'.