Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kai's Party Day

Today was Ka i's party day at preschool. This happens at the end of every month. They sang three of the songs that they had learned, two of which were about apples. When they first came in, they had to put their toes on the line of tape. Kai was holding a car (Ramone) most of the time until the teacher took it away.

Here you can see Kai checking if everyone has their toes in the right place. He pushed Sydney (the girl to the left in the picture) to `help' her get on the line. He also pushed the hat off of her head. Kai says that Hikaru is his favourite friend, he is the boy in the rain boots just to the right of him. I wonder if it's okay to blog pictures of random kids...hmmmmm

Here Kai is trying to hold some fingers down because in a song, they were counting down from 5 to 1. I guess he doesn't know how to hold up 3 fingers!

It is called `Party Day' because they celebrate the boys and girls who had a birthday in the past month. Each birthday child comes forward and sits on the stool. Everyone sings `Happy Birthday' and then the child blows out candles and gets a cupcake. Kai looked really unimpressed as he was utterly exhausted.

Kai seems to have a bit of a fever right now, I hope its nothing because I can barely take care of myself right now!

While there, Koen just wandered around and `played' with the other younger siblings there. Next time I'll get video instead because I think it was pretty cute! By the way, I thought I would cry but there was no way, I was just too exhausted and frustrated from waiting at the doctors for too long. I would say the only downfall of preschool is that it's hard to get Koen to nap so both of them are pretty ridiculous by dinnertime.
Oh well. Worth it.
Finally, it's really strange hearing things come out of Kai's mouth that do not come from Gary or I. Does that make sense? It really makes me realize how much parents have to trust me with their kids. Also, it makes me wonder if Kai comes up with things on his own or whether preschool taught it to him. The other day, he said that sun and shade are opposites. He said he just knew it. I guess tv is always an influence too.
Bon nuit


  1. The third photo is an excellent example of how, I think, Kai was the best student there in terms of standing right behind the line!! :)
    Very cute children you have, Weezer!

  2. cute little party :)
    Taeya has a hard time holding up 3 fingers too....tough for their limited dexterity, i guess!

  3. So cute Louise!!
    Are all the kids three? - Kai is tall!

  4. Is he going to Wind & Tide by any chance? They are the only pre-school I know that has party day every month. I wish we had one close to us.