Monday, December 01, 2008

Tension Headache

Just need to complain about my headache. I seem to be getting them every few weeks or so and they last 2-3 days long. It's probably a combo of things; stress (this teaching week is stressing me out), fatigue (improper sleep), carrying extra weight (so interested to see what the ultrasound shows in regards to the baby's size), dehydration (I don't drink enough water). Maybe a walk in the cool air will help? I feel like I can't do anything. Nothing. It's only 8:15am and Gary is not home til 7 pm. Talking about that, he has bball 5 days this week. Let the fun begin:) Well, maybe I'll make Kai go for a walk with me right now...


  1. That stinks about your headaches! I hope it has subsided. Did the walk work? Did you drink a little more water today?

  2. feel better soon!
    ultrasound is not the best predictor of babies' size. Their margin of error is a full pound in either direction!

    i got wicked headaches when prego too. suuuucks. so unfair. you're already pregnant and then your head hurts too!