Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1. Our car is having problems AGAIN. Totally different problem...the radiator is severely leaking or something. Grrrr. Thankfully we have the van, but still, now we are down to one vehicle AND we have to pay to get it fixed. Please, please, please let it cost less than $300.00. Thankfully Gary only has 3 more nights of basketball before the holidays.
2. My throat hurts. Three days now. Thankfully it hasn't really progressed into my lungs because its hard to cough with a stretched belly. I just feel the kind of tired you feel when you are fighting something. I took a Halls yesterday. I think/hope that's okay. I didn't even eat chocolate when I was pregnant with Kai (due to the caffeine in it, I was hard core)...this time, I'm way more um, relaxed? I def. need to be healthy for the C-section because I can't imagine coughing with that kind of abdominal surgery. We're down to about 17 sleeps!!!! Baby is squashed in there and having a harder time moving, that's for sure! I'm starting to feel some guilt about not allowing things to occur naturally and letting the baby experience the benefits of contractions/labour so I'm secretly hoping that I go into labour on the 1st and that I go to about 7cm's and then have a C-section. I know. It increases chances of infection and if I'm going to go to 7cm's, I might as well try all the way. I'm just remembering that last time, I felt `okay' until 7cm's. What if breast feeding doesn't go as well because I didn't experience any labour? I am confident in my decision to have a planned C-section, but, I am experiencing some guilt. Boy or girl??? I can't believe how cool I've been with it. My family and Gary never would've believed that I could've handled not knowing. I never would've believed it!
3. Isn't our son adorable? I know the middle picture is overexposed but when you have only 1 minute to take pictures, this is as good as it gets! Getting the shots cost me 3 jellybeans:) I don't know if he's physically adorable to others (i def. think so!) but his personality just makes him so cute to me! There is a piping bag of icing on our counter (from the disastrous gingerbread house fiasco) and I caught him sucking on it. He said `My tummy feels sick, I need this'. Ya right buddy, nice try.
4. Finally, does anyone have a favourite cereal that is extremely high in fibre? I'll leave it at that:)


  1. Last month I tried All-Bran Bran Flakes, they stay crunchy longer (well longer then Raisin Bran) I was surprised how much I liked them. Bran has fiber, right?

  2. I ate Fibre 1 Honey Clusters. Way higher in fiber than raisin bran or even all-bran. It's not ultra tasty, but it's definitely better than all-bran (or plain bran anything), in my opinion.
    Also, soy nuts have LOADS of fiber in them :)
    And then when it comes down to nothing else working, metamucil or the store-brand equivalent works too. not great, but over in a flash!
    I drank prune juice in my pregnancy with Taeya....BLECH!!!! definitely tried all other alternatives with my second pregnancy!

  3. #1. don't you let stu sneak guilty thoughts into your head. You made an informed decision wrt another section. Best, worst, or middling, it was your choice and the biggest thing about birth stories that makes them positive instead of negative is a sense of not losing control, making choices, and feeling supported in them.
    You were thoughtful in your choice. You spent time mulling it over. That is what matters. So don't you feel guilty!
    A couple of things re: c-sections. They are easier to recover from the 2nd time around.
    They are easier to recover from if you don't go into labour first.
    (which isn't to say you shouldn't trial a VBAC if you go into labour early, I think that's a good idea, you never know what may happen...though if you decided against the VBAC after going into labour early, that would be a fine choice, too).
    Scheduled sections cause fewer breastfeeding problems than epidurals due to the shorter duration of paralytic exposure by the baby.
    I had a planned section with Ayden and successfully breastfed (it helps sometimes to know someone else has done it!).
    Milk takes longer to come in with sections, but shorter to come in with second babies. I would think it likely these factors will even each other out for you?!?
    Successful section bfing tips:
    1. Skin to skin contact. Like, as much as you can stand. This stimulates milk production second only to actual suckling.
    2. Feed often
    3. Avoid supplements or bottles for first 6 weeks
    4. Stay hydrated
    5. Rest, rest, rest.
    6. Get a good latch.
    7. Persist, persist, persist.
    Commitment is a huge factor in breastfeeding success. Bigger than whether your baby was a section or a vag. You've got commitment and determination: you'll get that baby on the boob, don't worry!

    You chase that guilt far away! Damn stu.
    He only takes.

  4. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Fibre one Honey Clusters

  5. Halls or other lozanges are totally safe. I think Cepacol works better than Halls. And it's a little late now, but you can have up to 3 cups of caffiene drinks a day. No advice on the bran situation. :)

  6. Ditto to what Mona said. Don't give guilt a part in this baby's birth!