Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kai's new duds

(In his new `Gary' shirt)
Yesterday morning, before Gary went to bball (where they finished 2nd in the tourney), I went to a Kids Swap Meet. Haven't been in forever but I was thinking I could maybe buy Kai some `new' boots, shoes, and maybe some games. I love that he can now play games, it makes our play time a whole lot more fun! By games, I mean mostly matching letters/pictures, copying words etc.
I found a great table where the husband was trying to get rid of all his boy stuff because he wanted to park his car in the garage again. Every item was $1 and I probably got about $50 worth for $5:) I also found the next size shoe for Kai and a pair of rain boots for $2 each.
Okay, the shirt might be a bit too big but he'll grow into it:) Here is he is with his new Dora game. Right now we just practice taking turns to put the letters in order but one day we'll be able to turn the letters over and learn what apple starts with etc.
Me: Hey Kai, can you share your jelly beans with me?
Kai: I can't mommy. They're too chewy for girls.
Well, time to head to church!


  1. Annika saw the pics and said...I want to play the game with Kai. So, hopefully we can visit soon.

  2. too chewy for girls! rock on!! awesome innovation there. watch that one--he's so cute he'll slip all kinds of mischief past you!!!