Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star

Today Kai participated in his first Christmas program! I had no idea how he would do. The song they had to learn was tough (big words, no rhyming, not anything we'd heard before). Kai tried to make it a little more `fun' by always finishing it off with `In a manger filled with FLOWERS!' (instead of hay). Anyway, today was the big day. His teachers led the 2.5- 3 year olds to the front of the church. Kai is def. the youngest in the class and one of the smallest. They stood on the risers. They waved their stars and sang their song. Kai danced during the singing and then yelled out the last line louder than anyone WITH the right words. Phew. He was adorable. I wish we videotaped it but I didn't want to be the crazy family with the digital camera and the videocamera. Next time, I don't care. We'll do it!

(Kai's dancing...he only sang the last line)
(eagerly anticipating the last line..ready to yell it out!)
Last night we started making our gingerbread house although somehow this morning, our door had been eaten (Kai). Kai was soooo pumped that it snowed last night. He got to throw 2 snowballs at daddy which we had been anticipating for a whole month now. This afternoon we have the Chapman Christmas dinner...should be good times! The snow makes it seem more Christmas-ish.

Yesterday, Kai and I were able to go to one of Gary's bball games. Kai made it through a whole game! Kind of. He loves half time where he can go wild and throw the ball around. He hasn't seen Gary much this week so last night he said he wanted us all on the couch. Then, he just jumped up and down on the couch saying `We're all togever! We're all togever!'. Poor lil guy, we should be togever all the time...
(he tried cuddling in front of me but there was no room...its totally comfy if he just lays on my hip instead)


  1. So cute :)
    Wish I coulda been there!! He'll have to put on his own show for us someday :).
    hey - wanna go into labour soon and have the babe on my bday? :)

  2. I requested comments on my blog and then haven't been leaving any comments on my friends' blogs! That's no way to act ;) (In my defense, we've had houseguests and then we were away for the weekend... enough time to read but not quite to write.)

    I loved this post! Kai is such a funny wonderful little character. You made me feel like I was there at the Christmas program. Extremely adorable. And him getting so excited to have time together as a family... melts my heart.

  3. thank you for your comment on my blog post. It means a lot that you shared your scary story, too. Seriously, I was feeling pretty guilty. It's true, we do the best we can. I try to be safe. We all do! And I guess they all have to have a few near misses, eh?