Monday, December 08, 2008

Down Time

I have to say that the decision on when to stop working was a big one for me. I've always been very driven and its hard for me to sit back and relax. I am getting way better. If I had been able to work just 2 weeks more, I probably could've gotten paid over the Christmas break and started mat leave in Janaury which would be a whole extra month of pay altogether. However, I am learning that my mental state is more important to me than money so I am taking these next 24 days to prepare and relax. If anyone has any tips of what I should be doing to prepare for my second baby, let me know! I think I've got everything ready and I've just got to make and freeze a bunch of meals.
(Gary and Kai picked up some flowers for me)
Gary and I had a huge discussion on Saturday night about basketball. Gary is number one on my support list so the fact that the next 3 months are his busiest is a bit stressful. I'm totally fine with him having bball now, but once a newborn comes into the picture.....He coaches senior basketball and does not have an assistant. Last week, he had an additional 12 hours of coaching on top of teaching which adds up. This does not include driving to and from games, washing uniforms, ordering uniforms, corresponding with coaches etc. Last year when he finished bball, I made it clear that he needed to find an assistant for this season. He did try. It's really hard to find people who can coach basketball. So, after discussing this for 30 minutes and getting nowhere, we tried to find a solution that included changing practice times to morning practices, figuring out that Gary could make meals on Sundays etc. Well, last night we got an email from one of Gary's old players who played at TWU for 4 years and he said he'll probably be able to be the assistant coach. Wow. Answer to prayer!!! Woohoo! I know this is not set in stone yet so I'm not getting too excited but I'm really thankful that Gary will have support now too!
(What Kai and I will be doing for fun on Saturday)
35 weeks. Still feeling okay. My back is still fine! Heartburn, not bad! Leg cramps, none! The only hard part is at night. If i need to get up to go to the bathroom, it takes me about 5 minutes to move less than 10 feet. My pelvis/hips get soooooo sore throughout the night. I've been starting to sleep in a sitting position to help that but its not the easiest sleeping position. My belly sticks out more this time which has given me more stretch marks. I'm trying not to be vain but I'm also thinking about what this will look like afterwards.....Everywhere I go, I think about what my plan of action is if my water breaks at that exact location. I never thought about it last time.
By the way, how do I think my life will change once I am the mommy of two? I know I will be exhausted. I know it will be harder to get dinner on the table. I know I will have less patience for Gary and Kai. My hope is that this baby will cry less (please, please, please!!!!) and that I will be able to maintain a routine. I hope that the baby will take a bottle so that I can pump and then go to football or wherever else I may want to go. I think that because I have already adapted to the role of being a mom, and I know what a newborn is like, the transition should be easier this time. WE will see!!!!


  1. the benefit of knowing what a newborn is like, is SUCH a help!!! I think that even if this baby challenges you in the crying, sleeping or eating department, you will still come out ahead because you will be more relaxed, know how to deal with issues better, etc, etc. And if this baby is an angel (like Ezra), adjusting to two will be a CINCH. and i'm not kidding!!!

  2. I agree. The second time around is so much easier...even when there are two babies to deal with! :) You will wonder why you were so worried. Take care of yourself.