Thursday, December 11, 2008

35.5 weeks

I know I have a lot of pregnancy updates but when I look back to the info I have on my pregnancy with Kai, it is quite minimal. I met with my surgeon today and she is able to do it! She is doing 3 C-sections in the morning and then heading to St. Marten in the evening so the post care will be done by her fill in. I'm currently measuring at 38 weeks....that's 2.5 weeks larger than I should be! That is insane to me. I'm getting new stretch marks every day that I'm really just trying to accept but I'm nervous about what it will look like on a deflated belly. Dr. said originally that she would like me to try labour if it happens before Jan. 2, but today she said that she would not `make' me try anymore. However, I will def. try if I go into labour early. I am curious how this labour would be different. I am thankful that I do not have to go to my due date as each laugh or sneeze seriously causes little blood vessels to burst on my expanding belly. I have two shirts that currently fit. So tempted to buy another one but I just have to last 22 more sleeps:) By the way, last night I slept from 11:30pm til 6am!!! Woohoo! I feel so alive. Oh ya, baby's heart rate was 155bpm..pretty high for this time in the pregnancy if you ask me!
This picture needs a flash but I like it anyway. Kai thought he was pretty cool. He has these purple circles under his eyes...not sure why. He's hydrated and well rested. Allergies? Last night we pigged out on red peppers and carrot sticks. He was so pumped about it. It's so funny to me:) I've tried explaining to him that I will be in the hospital with an owie when the baby is born so he will be at grammas. He is very excited to go to gramma's house (she has TONS of toys and TONS of food that I do not feed him). He said he would bring me a Diego bandaid to make me feel better:) Kai's latest contribution to the baby name is `Hamilton'. He thinks its hilarious.

Kai was an angel at going to bed. Now, it takes a little more work to get him to his nap (he wants to brush his teeth first...fine with me!) and at night, he has started crying when going to bed. He only cries for about 30 seconds but still, such a change! We had an incident last night. He was rocking my huge basket of folded laundry and I asked him to stop. He did not. He had made a mess of all his clothes the day before by taking them ALL out of the drawers and throwing them in the closet causing me to spend half an hour refolding. I yelled at him to stop. He did not. I went over to him and slapped the hand that was rocking it. He looked at me with the greatest sadness and fear and burst into tears. I felt so bad. I will NOT do that again. I was spanked growing up which was fine for me but I'm really trying to teach Kai to be gentle and that was not a good example. I explained that I was angry that he didn't listen but that I was sorry for hitting his hand. We had a big hug. Wow, I felt bad.
Gary will be home by 4:30 today and will stay until Kai is in bed. I am so excited!!!! Yesterday, I dropped Kai off at school so Gary could watch him for an hour and I could go to the pub for a friends birthday. Kai had SO much fun. He helped Gary get the water bottles ready and he played with basketballs and volleyballs. When I picked him up, he was sitting in a desk with the rest of the bball team in a team meeting. He said `Bye boys!' when we left. He loves hanging out with daddy and loves basketball.
OH YA: BIG WOOHOO FOR LOW GAS PRICES AND LOW INTEREST RATES ON OUR LINE OF CREDIT!!! WOOHOO!!!! Although, I did see that property taxes in Surrey were going up again:(


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    u r huge! so excited!?!?

  2. Giddee up Weezer!!! I'm sooo excited to meet this little one!! And I'm looking forward to seeing your family expand. Wow. Start out as two...soon enough you will have doubled to four in the Chapman household!!

  3. Louise,
    Jantina is correct: you are HUGE!!! I guess when you and Gary decide to make something, you make it solid (kind of like Kai). I'm very excited for another child in the family. Take care.