Friday, December 26, 2008

Pics from the last 3 days

The fun started on the 23rd when we went bowling for my sister Jackie's birthday. Kai had a BLAST.

(Niece B-belle who is one)

(Dekens family's tradition)

(My sister nut/Trisha and her man Steve)

(Ani providing emotional support to Kai while he bowls with Gary. Gary let him bowl every single ball of every single round. Wow, patience!!!)
On the 24th we went across the street to my dad's. Fortunately we didn't have to drive anywhere because we couldn't. The snow here is insane.
Kai's first chocolate letter...a great dutch tradition!!!

(Kai's new coat from auntie Jan)

He also got a bowling set and a power tools set. He LOVES it.
I thought yesterday, the 25th, was the day (baby day). We were packing to go to Gary's family's for the day and I made him pack all of our hospital stuff as well. We couldn't make it more than 10 feet down the road. Very dissapointing to miss the Chapman brunch yesterday. I also felt some stress because what if i did go into labour, how would we get there? I am doing everything I can NOT to go into labour (if i can help it, can I?). The reason why is because I am quite congested and I'm having a hard time coughing due to the current location of my diaphragm and lungs. I worry that if i had a C-section right now, it would be waaaaay to painful to cough and I would end up with pneumonia or something. The doctor said if I start spotting that I should call them and we'll figure out where to go from there (because they don't want me to really go into full out labour before hand). Both doctors have suggested that it would not be worth it to try at this point and I 100% agree. It's kind of hard because I'm waiting for real contractions to start (still have strong Braxton hicks every day all day) as a sure indicator.
(Kai eating soup with his power tool goggles...I love it, he looks like a scientist!! He's currently watching `Sid the Science Kid'...woohoo!)
That is the only picture we have from Christmas day. We were very dissapointed we didn't make it out to his family's and it was a very boring day here. We couldn't go to church or leave the house and it didn't feel very Christmassy. We opened our few presents from eachother. Gary got me a pair of chocolate brown boots which I ended up wearing the entire day because I couldn't get them off (couldn't bend over). I bought him a pair of pants and a shirt. We are going to get out of the house today no matter what it takes.

(Here Gary is digging out our car in case we can't get our van down the alley....AGAIN. I'm assuming we have about 50cm of snow.)

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  1. I read ya on the 'not feeling too Christmassy'. Sucky you can't get out...but I'm telling ya - home birth! It'll be just like Dr. quinn medicine woman when she gave birth to twins under the tree in the woods with Sully! :) k, maybe not quite. Anyway. Hope all is well!! it just keeps coming...I've shovelled probably at least twice a day since Monday. good thing my callouses on my hands are tough. HOpe all goes well the next week!