Tuesday, December 02, 2008


My headache left me last night..woohoo! So nice to wake up and feel normal. Nothing like a little pain to make you appreciate your health a little more. Gary got home last night at 6:45pm and we decided to decorate the tree. Kai was SO pumped. We did it in 15 minutes so it doesn't look the snazziest. He had to go to bed at 7:15pm and was up til at least 8:30pm. He really has no idea what is going on, but, a tree in the house, with fun balls on it, is VERY cool:)

(I told him to say `cheese' and instead he yelled out `Max and Ruby!')

(A penguino!!!)

He saw a pretend Santa dancing at Walmart and was confused about who this person was. I did not grow up believing in Santa Claus and I'm not really sure how much I should tell him about Santa. We just bought him one small present this year and Gary and I aren't getting eachother anything. I just really think we have so much already and have purchased so much throughout the year anyway (camera and van)!

(We are using the chocolate countdown calendar that goes all the way to New Years as a countdown for the baby)

(34 weeks)

Our baby is supposed to be born in exactly one month from today. I have a feeling that with all the Christmas festivities, the time will fly by! I only have one day left of work and I'm so excited to use my days off to prepare for the baby by relaxing (READING!!!!), baking, cooking, and cleaning. Oh ya, having fun with Kaisie too. He's such a monkey. He can go from being the sweetest, funniest, most charming guy ever to...the opposite. Generally it is short lived but still, he does know how to drive me crazy. He is still wildy into letters...he wants to know how to spell every word, what it starts with etc. He does not understand the sounds that different letters make which would allow him to figure it out for himself but we are trying. He'll go `Guh Guh Guh Gramma!' but doesn't recognize that the Guh sound is a G. As for numbers, he still is not really recognizing them so that is what we are learning these days.
(Kai and daddy cuddling after he got home from basketball tonight)
Gary's beard provided a lot of entertainment for Kai. They would chant `Kai and Itchy, Itchy and Kai!'. Kai was sad when Gary shaved it but is glad that daddy still has two small itchies (his sideburns).
Ultrasound tomorrow!! I know they are usually off by about 1/2 lb but I think its way more accurate then the doctor just feeling my uterus! Last time at 32 weeks, they predicted that Kai was 6lbs and generally a baby gains 1/2lb per week which would make him 10lbs at 40 weeks. He was born 3 days early so it was pretty much right on with 9lbs 11oz! There's also something reassuring about them checking to see that everything looks okay still. One last thing, I have a pole by my bed. No, not for anything fun:) It is so perfect for getting out of bed during the night and will be wonderful after my C-section. It was my mom's (she received palliative care at her home the entire time) and I'm glad to put it to good use. If anyone ever needs it for their pregnancy or post C-section, let me know!

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  1. Louise I haven't seen you in two weeks, your tummy is getting big! & a bit lower? So exciting!
    At least Gary got some fun attention from Kai while he was "Itchy" :)