Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec. 10th

Today would be my mom's 56th bday. I got an email from a friend the other day reminding me how lucky/blessed I am to have had the mother that I did and the relationship with her that I did. How true this is. I have said many times that I am so thankful for the foundation that my mother laid and the relationship that we had. It was amazing. My mom did not have any sisters growing up so I think she loved having 5 daughters to talk with:)
I have no pictures from the past couple days so I will just post the two scrapbook pages I made yesterday. They actually only take about 15 minutes each (now that I know photoshop a little more) so it's a fast and easy way to do it! I'm not very artsy/creative so this is as good as it gets:) I will admit that I've been fiddling with making various birth announcements so that all we have to do is insert some pictures and the correct weight etc. when the baby is born. I'm excited to get studio baby pictures of this baby as we never got to with Kai.

This morning Kai and I got out of bed around 8am. Technically he had been up since 7am or so but he just talks and plays with Bubi in his bed until I get him. I feel guilty not getting him right away but he's not complaining so I'll do it while I can! I seem to be up from 4-5:30am each night. Guess its good practice:) Last night I was munching on Stone Wheat Crackers at 4:30am in bed...if Gary did that, I would've been sooooo mad!!!! The baby is moving less at night now which is nice but also a little worrisome at times because I will try to get it to move just to make sure everything is okay and it def. takes a lot longer! Tomorrow I meet with my surgeon lady to go over the details and I better think through if I have any questions. Oh ya, my appetite. Huge. Somehow I've started eating a lot more. There is no room in my belly. The stretch marks are expanding and getting redder:( Last time I was just very swollen everywhere due to the heat. This time, no swelling at all so far and my wedding rings still fit perfectly fine!
Kai wanted waffles this morning so I made some. We need to buy some whole wheat flour so I can make a healthier kind but this is the one I made this morning. Kai had 3 whole waffles and would've kept going but I cut him off. What a piglet. Then we went to Mark's Work Wearhouse to get free socks for Gary. They had a coupon on the flyers with no catch (go get them while supplies last...its in Langley!). Not bad, not bad! Then Kai and I walked around Costco for a bit (had to pick up pictures) and we picked up some hiking boots for auntie Trisha.
I did too much cleaning and laundry today but I can't stand a messy house. I'll have to work on my mindset a bit. I miss work a bit but I mentally and physically can't do it. How did I ever have time to take care of the house and work? I guess when you're not pregnant you have more energy?
We have our first babysitter ever coming this week. Well, Kai has been to 2 different daycares and has had every single family member babysit him so he has had many babysitters. However, we are actually paying someone we don't know to watch him. She was recommended by a friend from work so we will see how it goes! She lives just 2 blocks away which is a HUGE bonus.
I'm sure I'll post after the doctor visit tomorrow...

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