Saturday, November 29, 2008

Parents of three...for 24 hours:)

Today we have Ani and Bbelle over while Maria and Kris have a romantic weekend away. They are currently all in bed, although I think Bbelle is the only one sleeping. This is Bbelle's first sleepover (she just turned one last week) and I have to say that her crying flustered me. Thankfully it was only about half an hour. I'd say that based on my experience so far (no leaving the house and no meltdowns) that it wasn't bad at all. I mean, it was Gary and I taking them all on so it went fine. On my own, not so sure:) We'll see how it goes taking them all to church tomorrow!
On the move!

Blurry picture but they were pumped for Playdoh and played nicely with it!

No wonder it was easy, we just strapped them in in front of the tv:) Just kidding...they wanted to sit in their carseats...fine with me!

This kid is always smiling
Okay, a little embarrassed to post this scrapbook page as I may be getting into digital scrap booking. Well, basically just using free downloads. I tried last year, lost all my stuff, and just this week started up again. We'll see what I actually do with it...I've also made our Christmas cards using digital scrapbooking so I'll post it soon:)
In conclusion, I am extremely exhausted. I have been having huge issues with sleep. Falling asleep at 1:30 am or getting up at 5am, and having to go to work like that. Fortunately my report cards are done and I only have this week left for school. That means I can nap while Kai naps. Hopefully. I get to see my baby via ultrasound on Wed. Cool. We have a new baby girl name. Gary finally said to me,`Pick whatever you want' and I chose one that he only voted a 6/10 (which isn't bad, I think he gave one a 7/10?). We'll see how long I keep this one for. I really like what it means but I'm concerned people may pronounce it wrong which I never thought would happen with Kai but so many people call him Kia or Key or something.
I also had a major cry fest last night (phew, felt good to get it out...nothing like a good overtired cry!). I was so happy that I was not missing my mom these days because I was worried it would hit me hard when the baby was born. Well, it hit me last night. I feel like I need to adopt a mom. I don't mean disrespect to the memory of my mom but I just need the impossible role filled; someone who listens so intently and cares deeply for all I say. Someone who is so proud of me and lets me know it all the time. Someone who asks me the questions about me and truly cares for the answers I give. Someone who thinks I'm so funny and yet hurts when I'm sad. To those of you that are my friends or family, thank you for caring for me, but you know what I mean, the depth that I desire is one that I feel is only met by a mother for her child. I know that God cares for me in this way, but the interaction is different. Sometimes I wish Gary was a little more emotional and empathetic but I know that overall it is best that we are different. So, if you could remember me in your prayers that would be fantastic. Not only that this last month goes well for me and baby but that I will feel supported and loved and well rested:)


  1. Wow, that is soo awesome of you guys to take your nieces overnight! Glad it went pretty well tonight and hoping it goes well at church tomorrow!

    I am praying for you Louise!

  2. was it that easy with the three the whole time, or are you still recovering? :)