Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taking a break...

*I know I've been updating too much but I have time now....*
I'm taking a break from editing as we did our LAST photo shoot for a while today. The weather was not ideal and driving around our house causes me to almost go in labour, however, we managed to get some good pics so that's good! Our neighbourhood snow is crazy and I always end up attempting to drive us out while Gary pushes the van and its all very stressful. I may have let out a few choice words...again. Already the puddles are oceans and I'm nervous about what it will look like in a few days from now. Gary thinks I overreact when he's driving in these conditions but I think its something inside me that is saying `Protect this baby at all costs!!!' and ` I cannot go into labour right now!!
(Thank you uncle Todd and auntie Karen...perfect gift for our little letter and puzzle lover!!!)

How am I feeling? Well, not ideal, but, not at the point of tears yet. I just know that this baby is ready. It's like I can feel it saying `Let me out!!!!' Six more sleeps folks, six more sleeps!!! My belly is so low now. It rests on the couch between my legs. I feel like a sumo wrestler. What am I looking forward to? Meeting and falling in love with our baby (obviously) and then selfishly, I'm also look forward to buying some new clothes and attempting to get in shape. I have all these dreams that I'll be a marathon runner, but honestly, I know I'll prob. just be a 5km runner for the rest of my life...nothing wrong with that:)
(He said `Mommy, look! I'm a princess!')
Okay, I should get back to the editing...Big thanks to auntie Nut for watching Kai while we went and did the shoot!!


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    i like the shout out i got for babysitting. its more like quality time. kai was just talking to waffles and we watched harry and his bucket of dinosaurs. it was splendid! cant wait for the next one to get here:)

  2. hey baby. relax. even if you go into labour, they'll move your section up and everything will still go as planned.
    It is more difficult to perform the surgery on a contracting uterus, but definately still something your OB/any OB is very good at. Don't worry so much!

    Your kid is so cute. I can't wait to meet the next one! If Brent is working I won't overwhelm you with all my boys, but if he's around I'll come see you.

    Will Gary have any time off?

    You are a trooper. That last month of pregnancy SUUUUUUUUUCKS AAAAASSS, don't we know it!

    Hang in there! Baby will be here before you even know it!