Monday, December 29, 2008

Last date for a while!

Today Gary and I went on a date. Maria watched Kai for 2 hours and Gary and I went shopping. It was nice to get out of the house without Kai, that way we could even hold hands:) We didn't buy anything but it was still nice to look!
Gary took Kai grocery shopping last night and I fell asleep in the recliner. I have been SO tired due to never sleeping more than an hour in a row (needing to rotate the hip I'm lying on or sitting up for a while because my hips feel like they are broken). Kai said he wanted to buy something for the baby so he picked out this `little monkey' shirt.
Kai loving his tool set...
(Here he is cutting Peanut Butter's (the monkey's) hair with a saw)
Gary's newest hair cut. I almost gave him a mullet in a moment of baby brain...good thing Gary doesn't care. I usually cut it when there's still a week left of holidays so that it can grow out and sort of fix itself before school starts again! It has been nice having Gary around. I've allowed myself to become completely lazy in order to get rid of this cold and be as rested as I can before Friday. Gary's had to do a lot but good thing he is willing and able! Kai has been a good boy lately, I think because his cold is gone. I'm sad that I will be away from him for 3 days while in the hospital but at least he will be able to visit. I asked him how he liked Sunday school yesterday and he said `We sang `Deep and Wide' and `My God is So Big'!'. He also said that they heard a story about baby Jesus. It's just so cool that he can tell me what he's been doing and how he feels about it. I will admit that a lot of what he says sounds a lot like me...he corrects Gary when Gary pronounces something funny on purpose or he'll say stuff like `Daddy, we need to clean up. It's important to have a clean house!'.
Tomorrow I'm having brunch with friends, going bridesmaid dress shopping and then going to the hospital to register and talk about Friday!!!!!
PS I don't think the baby is coming early anymore. Besides the Braxton Hicks (my uterus must be SO strong because it is constantly working out!!!) and the drop in my belly, no other signs.


  1. Sounds like you've had some good last days. What a cute workshop table for Kai, I want to come over and play with him ;)

  2. Kai is so very cute with that little table set!
    where will the onion be staying while you get the baby out of you? Nice you guys got to hold hands :)