Tuesday, December 30, 2008

C-section...and a dress!

I just went for my pre-op meeting at the hospital. So strange to have a baby this way! The one thing that I found very interesting (and if we have a 3rd, I will be soooo pumped for) is that in February they are going to start allowing the mom to recover on the maternity ward with the baby immediately. With Kai, I was apart from him for 2 hours and it was tough (because of all the drugs I was on). This time, it should just be one hour but if I can wiggle my feet, they will let me go as early as 30 minutes. I'm gonna try to move my feet as hard as I possibly can, although, will power can only do so much. I think that is the hardest part...the initial separation. Maybe I can attach a string to my toe and pull it or something:) Gary doesn't really understand it because he gets to be with the baby. I have the first surgery of the day so it will be an early morning. I'm currently praying for good night sleeps leading up to the day and that my cold will be completely gone. Last night I slept for 4 hours straight!!! Woohoo!!

This morning, while heading to brunch with friends, I slipped on our back sidewalk walking to the garage. So scary. I ended up in the snow and did not fall down but still, all the food I had in my hand went flying (and broke dishes) and my loose ligaments did not enjoy the slip and slide. I'm so thankful I didn't hit the ground.

Finally, I went shopping and got a bridesmaid dress for my friend Maria's wedding in March! I really like it and will be able to wear it again...cute black dress that was 50% off:) I couldn't try it on obviously but I'm sure it will fit just fine!


  1. That would be so hard, to be separated from your baby right away. Awesome that Gary will be with the baby from the beginning though. What is the difference between February and now that you can't talk them into it?

    Will pray for you that your cold is gone by then!

    I'm so excited for you to meet your baby. So what time are you scheduled for? I will plan to pray for you Friday morning (Jan 2, right?).

    I'm so glad that you didn't have a worse fall! Very scary indeed.

  2. Totally understandable about wanting to be with that new baby as soon as possible....you have been connected for 9 months! It was about a week and a half before I was able to hold Caelan (and longer for Ashlyn) and it was such a wonderful feeling to finally be able to hold him. So different that getting Shaylah the moment she was born. I pray that you will recover in less than half an hour so you can get there as soon as possible! We are very excited to hear all about the birth and to see the new baby. Take care!